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A free phone app that lets users anonymously confess secrets, from extramarital affairs to invasions of a loved one’s privacy, earned as much criticism as it has fans in China since its launch two weeks ago. Developed by Shenzhen-based Wumii Technology Limited, Mimi (which means “secret” in Chinese) encourages users to share their innermost thoughts without fear of being exposed, according to its description. Users can log on using a cellphone number, then will be led to a screen where they can either post messages, read other people’s posts and comment or “like” them.

Many have pointed out that the app bears strong similarities to US-made application Secret. But Mimi did not sit well with netizens who think it encourages negativity and irresponsible behaviour. Wang Guanxiong, a venture capital investor and influential opinion leader with more than one million followers on Weibo, said he was pessimistic about the app’s future.

Nevertheless, the app has enjoyed some success since its debut on app stores, where it was downloaded more than 1,000 times on Android alone.

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