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Its no secret that I love taking candid shots of the ladies so this campaign is for sure is strong enough for a man but defiantly PH balanced for a woman.
As a brand that has always supported fearless women, Secret Deodorant has created the Mean Stinks program; a supportive Facebook community that gives young women tools, tips and support to stand against bullying. I was approached by Secret Deodorant to create ads for three demographics of women ranging from ages 16-23, pregnant women from ages 28-34 and also ages 40-60 plus.

To help this cause, Secret is partnering with—Amber Riley, best known as Mercedes on the hit FOX show Glee, and Rachel Simmons, nationally renowned relationship expert—to start a movement of “nice.” Together they are giving young women the strength to face challenges associated with bullying and mean behavior. Secret is also partnering with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center by donating a portion of proceeds from select Secret Clinical Strength purchases to it’s prevention efforts.

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