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In an early interview with Raven-Symone for the original Tinker Bell film, she noted that the role of Iridessa was given to her when she was eighteen.
Iridessa is first seen at Tinker Bell's arrival, alongside her friends and other light talent fairies. After training to become a water-talent fairy ends in failure, Tink attempts to become a light fairy. Later on, Pixie Hollow is preparing to go off to the mainland to change the seasons, but the preparations are destroyed by a stampede of sprinting thistles. In the finale, Iridessa and the others are able to go to the mainland on schedule, with Tink tagging along to return the music box. In the sequel, Iridessa is first seen at the opening, carrying on with her normal duties of changing the seasons on the mainland. On an ordinary day, Iridessa is carrying on with her normal duties when she heard Tinker Bell broke the fairy laws and crossed the border over to the Winter Woods and froze her wings. Like the others, Iridessa believes it was just the light from the sun, but Tink feels the Winter Woods was calling her. However, the hot climate begins to destroy Periwinkle's wings, forcing the frost fairy to return home. Iridessa appeared in the The Pirate Fairy, where she and her friends magically swapped talents because of the multi-colored dust that Zarina experimented with and made. At the beginning of Vidia and the Fairy Crown, Iridessa talks briefly when Queen Clarion asks everyone if they have seen her crown. Iridessa is seen briefly in Fira and the Full Moon when all the light-talents eat together. In Iridessa, Lost at Sea, she is attacked by an owl and than appointed by Queen Clarion to find a way to get rid of it. In the television special, Iridessa represents the light talent fairies and takes the position of team captain with Lumina as her team partner. This holiday season, toddlers will love opening up My First Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Secret Reveal Ariel Doll.
Little girls will be able to take baby Ariel for a swim and will be in awe when they see her tail magically change colors. When it is time to wash, children will use their Flounder poof to wash her up, just like they get washed. She would like the 3 in 1 Graco travel set to put her babies in or the Toddler Rapunzel With Enchanted Vanity with be another favorite. Disney's Hollywood Studios has some special treats especially designed for observant and curious Disney World guests. To the left of the entrance you will find a lashed together tripod over top of a construction scene with a rope that descends into a hole out of view.
This fits totally within the theme of Indiana Jones and its archaeological digging roots. This is just one of many Disney World Hidden Secrets that the majority of Disney World Vacationers never notice or even realize they exist. Finding a place to eat at Disney World is not hard, but sometimes it is difficult to know which restaurants are the best. Disney's Hollywood Studios has some special treats especially designed for observant and curious Disney World guests.
The Mickey Mouse Ear Hats have been a tradition since before Disney World opened almost 40 years ago on Oct.
The most popular discount offer of the year at the Walt Disney World Resort is back again for 2016! Choosing which Disney World Resort Hotel to stay at during your Disney World vacation can be a challenging process. The original Walt Disney World Resort theme park, aka Magic Kingdom, has many areas to explore. One of the video games sure to be sweeping the holiday season by storm this year is that of Disney Infinity.

Although not officially announced by the Disney Infinity team yet, players who have experienced the PC version of the 2.0 edition of the game have discovered who the two secret avatars will be. Sam Flynn and his partner Quorra from the live-action Disney film Tron: Legacy are the two individuals that these bases are made for. Sam makes use of his power disc as a frisbee-like offensive attack and also has the iconic light-cycle in his arsenal of attacks as well. The inclusion of these figures in Disney Infinity may seem a random one at that, but perhaps the creative team has their marketing plan right on the ball with these two. The secret characters of Disney Infinity have been revealed, although their release date still remains unknown. The Hidden Secrets In Disney Movies In the event you spend a few minutes over the article listed below, you'll meet an exceedingly handy item. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. She is a light talent fairy with a dark complexion and is often the first to voice discomfort about Tinker Bell not wanting to accept her job as a tinker.
She also noted that when she first approached the character, she gave the character a very high-pitched stereotypical fairy voice. She’s passionate about her work, but can also be a worrywart, even when she tries to see the bright side of things, but often smells disaster. Later on, she is seen with Silvermist at Fairy Tale Theater and was apparently spooked by the story that was just told. In the end, she is seen with her friends, celebrating Tink's successful duty to bestow blue pixie dust upon Pixie Hollow.
When Tinker Bell is captured by the human girl named Lizzie, she joins her friends on their quest to rescue her. Because of the harsh winter climate, warm fairies aren't allowed to cross the border that separates the Winter Woods and the rest of Pixie Hollow.
Later that night, Clank gathers Iridessa and the others, who learn that Tinker Bell crossed the border again and met her sister Periwinkle, a frost talent fairy.
Queen Clarion and Lord Milori, the ruler of the Winter Woods, force Tink and Peri to never see each other again. During the teacup challenge, Iridessa sparks too much pixie dust on her teacup that both Iridessa, Lumina and the teacup fly on top of the cave, causing them to get eliminated from the competition.
In the spring, a topiary of Iridessa can be found in Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival. From an early age, children learn to nurture, interact and “make believe” with their dolls. Baby Ariel arrives with a seashell cup and Flounder Poof for even more pretend play in the bath. They’ll communicate with her, wash her, play and be mesmerized with her tail changing colors.
The water does come out of the fin on her tail, so before bath time ends ensure the water is out, to prevent molding.
The game makes use of physical figures that represent certain Disney characters and by placing those figures on a special base, players can take control of the characters that are represented. There is a segment of the game called “The Hall of Heroes” where players can galavant about a coliseum-like setting and view all of the figures they have collected in one place.
Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde played the roles, respectively in the film and their digital avatars have been adapted to reflect a toy-like version of the actors. Quorra has a baton of sorts that she uses for melee combat and also has the power to use her light chord to swing across the landscape, similar to how Spider-Man can web-sling amongst the streets of New York. It has been stated that players will need to update their game’s software in order to play as Quorra and Sam Flynn, but the characters will still receive their own physical figures. The filmmakers suggested that she simply use her natural voice, which gave the light fairy a more realistic outlook.
It can take some convincing to get her to go along with a risky or dangerous plan (a stubbornness that Tink certainly has too). One day, however, while getting their supply of pixie dust, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist and Fawn are greeted by an excitable Tink who tells her friends that she plans on changing her talent, so she can be able to travel to the mainland alongside them.

Tink puts her talent to good use once more and creates an array of inventions capable of restoring the preparations within a few hours. The next day, Iridessa is taking a flight with Silvermist and Rosetta when Tinker Bell approaches them and asks for extra pixie dust. At one point, Vidia gets trapped in mud and while Iridessa and the others are trying to pull her out, an oncoming vehicle comes right into their patch, threatening to crush them.
Iridessa, Rosetta, and Silvermist meet up with Tinker Bell, Fawn, and Vidia at the doctor where Tink is said to be just fine.
Tink plans on creating a snow making machine that will allow Peri to get a tour of Pixie Hollow. The next day, the snow maker machine goes out of control, so Iridessa and the other evacuate the fairies and animals to the warmth of shelters. They have a fight about what they should do, Tink goes to find a bottle and Iridessa goes after her.
In the Spring of 2010, Iridessa and her fellow fairies were featured in Fairies Primavera at Tokyo DisneySea.
Girls will love dipping her or pouring water from the seashell cup onto her tail to watch it change. Earlier in the year, Disney Interactive announced that there will be two secret characters that are to be made available to the game some time in 2015 and their identities have now been revealed. Each character has their very own base and when the designated figure is acquired, a statue resembling that figure appears on the base and changes from bronze to silver to gold as the player levels that particular character up in the game. The bases of each character in the Hall of Heroes allow players to view a short clip of the designated Disney Infinity figure in action.
Rumors of the next version of the game say that there will be the addition of Star Wars characters, a natural move as Disney now owns LucsArts and the new film Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be coming to theaters in the winter of 2015.
Like the rest of her friends, Iridessa is hesitant to follow through with such an idea and is actually the last of Tink's friends to accept the idea. After more failed attempts with Rosetta and Fawn, Tinker Bell finds a lost music box and begins to repair it. The reason why is unknown to Iridessa and the others, but they have to deny her request as they need all the pixie dust they can use for their trips to the mainland. After they depart, Tink tells her friends about how her wings sparkled and glowed when she crossed the border. Periwinkle and the frost fairies are able to save the Pixie Dust Tree by preserving it however, thus saving Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods.
The online PC version has two extra bases that are not seen in the console version of the game and they are what have revealed the names of these secret characters.
Unbeknown to her, Iridessa and the others were witnessing the event silently and are proud to see Tinker Bell putting her talent to good use.
When the driver exits the vehicle to see if anyone was around, they grab on to his loose shoelace to get themselves out of the mud.
Finally, Queen Clarion and Lord Milori allow Tinker Bell and Periwinkle to see each other, as well as allowing warm fairies to cross the border.
They encounter several creatures along the way including a sea turtle, the mermaids Numi and Oola, then a colorful crab. After finding and saving Tink, Iridessa and the others lend their pixie dust to Lizzie in order to save Vidia, who was kidnapped by Lizzie's father and taken to London for study.
They made a boat out of the bottle than washed along the shore when Beck found them and helped them back to Pixie Hollow. After the rescue, the fairies and humans make peace and are seen together, having a picnic and reading through Lizzie's research journal on fairies.

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