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The drama takes place in the Joseon Dynasty and documents the conflict between King Yeongjo, played by Han Suk Kyu, and Crown Prince Sado, played by , Lee Je Hoon. And now for the Editors’ Picks, which closes out another Year in Review series (and another year, which hardly seems possible, but apparently time stops for no one, no matter how we beg). The end of the year marks the beginning of awards season, where everyone hands out shiny trophies for the best of the best.

Despite being thrown into what seemed like a pit of quicksand leading straight to hell, our hero digs deep to solve the impossible problem, and to keep his soul while doing it.
It definitely feels like we’re at the peak of the first half of our story, as every single conflict comes to a head in one gruesome trial, with one side willing to die to expose the truth, and the other determined to kill if they have to, to keep it hidden. The conflict arises as King Yeongjo pursues strong royal authority, while Crown Prince Sado insists on equality for all.

It’s refreshing (and exciting) to see our biggest players developing into stronger, smarter, and shrewder people, marking a departure from the innocence and idealism that made them such heartbreaking victims.

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