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Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale is a computer-animated movie that was released in 2013.
The film follows Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea as they visit Marlene's equestrian academy in Switzerland, and Barbie finds a legendary horse that was believed to be just a fable.
Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea drive to Aunt Marlene's Alpine Academy in the Alps, Swiss for a month long horseback riding vacation.
On the opening day of the tournament, Alpine Academy and Ecole Montagne are tied for first place. The film was initially released on October 22nd, 2013 on DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack and digital formats.
A launch event in the US took place in New York City on from 2-5pm on October 22nd called "Pony Up" and girls of all ages were invited to receive a Barbie-inspired ponytail. In the UK, Barbie and The Pony Club collaborated to have a Barbie Pony Tale Experience Day on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October. Barbie Movies Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale.
Barbie Movies Wiki has a collection of merchandise related to Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale. Popcorn jumps onto a haystack that Sebastian is lying on, which sends Sebastian flying into the air.
When Barbie rides Majesty for the first time, Majesty jumps and then stops in mid-air and drops. Take 1 of Philippe falling off his horse during the Pacific Steeplechase is shown and he lands on the ground in front of some manure. While Barbie is riding Majesty, she gets knocked off by a tree branch and Majesty keeps running. As Etienne begins to talk to Barbie about the Majestiques, a horse hits him in the face with its tail. When Marlene tells Skipper she may have to sell Alpine Academy, a horse tail whips her in the back of the head. Take 276 of Philippe falling off the horse is shown and he finally lands in the manure as planned, but is told to try it once more with "feeling". Take 957 of Philippe falling off the horse is shown and it has become dark outside since Take 276. This is the first full-length movie which was animated by Arc Productions, following by Barbie & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure.
The Majestique breed was inspired by a real breed of horses which Hannibal used to cross the Swiss Alps.
The movie is similar with Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, because the conflict was the same, the places were almost bankrupt and planned to sell with to the other side. Marie says "konichiwa" to Monsiur Etienne in the dance party, which means "hello" in Japanese.
In the episode "Mission Impawsibble" from Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse series, there is a poster of this movie's logo in the movie theater.
When Barbie and her sisters are giving Marie a makeover, none of the clothing or shoes they use end up in her final outfit for the dance. Jonas appeared to wear his riding suit after Chelsea fell off a big horse, even though he was wearing his tuxedo during the formal dance party. The direction of Skipper's face is wrong when she asked "Why on earth?" to Chelsea, and yet her mouth didn't move in the first 2 seconds.

During the race, Barbie's sisters wear their casual outfits but when the race is finally over, the sisters' clothes changed into their riding outfits. Stacie appeared between the people when they were trying to stop the big horse on, but when which Chelsea sat. Chelsea's drawing has sun in left side, cloud in the middle, and the mountains, as seen in the beginning of the movie. Skipper brought her tablet when she came to Marlene and asked what was wrong, but when she sat on the white sofa her tablet had disappeared. When Marie brought Stacie's suitcase, it seems the suitcase's color was pink, but when Marie let the suitcase in the bedroom, the suitcase's color was changed to blue. At the ending when Marie said she and Popcorn packed the bags and when Popcorn came out of one of the bags, there were no clothes in and it was just empty. As a mother, I have shared those memories with my own daughters and been part of that same creative imaginative process my girls have shared with Barbie over the years. Barbie™ stars as Alexa™, a shy princess who discovers a secret door in her kingdom and enters a whimsical land filled with magical creatures and surprises.
Discover what happens when Alexa finds the courage to stand up for what’s right and learns that the power of friendship is far more precious than magic. Barbie™ the Secret Door is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. If you haven’t had the chance to watch this movie with your kids, I highly recommend it. My fave Barbie memories was sharing our barbies together with my 2 sisters and creating a whole new world with them. Miss R has really gets involved when playing with her Barbie horse Tawny and trying to recreate the storybook she has read.
When I was young my three sisters and I would get new Barbies for Christmas and it was like getting four.
They are greeted by their cousins, Max Roberts and Marie Roberts, who present the sisters with a room. She is saved from the wolves by the Majestique horse she had seen the day before, and it runs away.
She tells Skipper and Jonas to keep them a secret and they start going back to the academy with the horses. Philippe makes the saddle come off of Majesty, so Barbie and Majesty race without it and manage to win. There were five options from Barbie's Look Book that were illustrated by designer Robert Best. It was a free, interactive day for children aged 3-11 years old to learn about horses and horse-riding. Interestingly, both movies have the same protagonists and the owner of the places are the protagonist's aunts. But, when Chelsea give her drawing to Marlene, the drawing was different, the sun and cloud was draw in the right side, and there's no mountains. From moments of sadness to joy, Barbie has been there for me allowing my imagination to work through my feelings, learn and share with family and friends and all with some pretty wildly creative scenarios.
Inside, Alexa™ meets Romy™ and Nori™, a mermaid and a fairy, who explain that a spoiled ruler named Malucia is trying to take all the magic in the land.
It’s full of all things that make movies magical and allow you to lose yourself in your imagination, much like I remember making up my own Barbie scenarios when I was a child.

Readers can enjoy the many recipes, DIY projects, consider a product review, win some giveaways and grab a laugh every now and then with Stacey's posts.
I had a huge collection, mainly of secondhand Barbies and associated accessories, that I played with endlessly. Barbie feels that her winning the Pacific Steeplechase, an event in the Inter-Academy Equestrian Tournament, will depend on her finding the right horse for her. The following day, Barbie and Finian went riding again and found the Majestique horse with its leg stuck under a rock.
Meanwhile, Marlene tells Skipper that she may have to sell the academy to Bridgette Cheynet, the mother of Etienne and Philippe and the owner of Ecole Montagne, if they don't win the tournament. While everyone is distracted, Philippe sneaks out and releases the Alpine Academy’s horses in order to sabotage them. Barbie and the Secret Door has already graced our TV more times than I can count, finding myself glued to the TV just as much as my three daughters. To her surprise, Alexa™ has magical powers in this world, and her new friends are certain that only she can restore their magic. She meets Etienne Cheynet, the riding master, and then gets to choose her own horse from the thoroughbreds in the stable.
Etienne explains that the horses Barbie has seen are from a fable about an ancient herd called the Majestique, and that there is no proof they are real.
To relax the horse, Barbie sings the song she heard Etienne singing and manages to move the rock. Skipper finds Barbie with the Majestiques and encourages her big sister to run for Alpine in the tournament instead of Etienne, but Barbie is reluctant to run in the steeplechase on Majesty in case Philippe finds the Majestiques and hurts them. Chelsea sneaks out to ride a big horse and attracts attention by screaming when she is overwhelmed. Bridgette congratulates Barbie and Barbie gets a photo of herself and her family with Majesty and the trophy.
Philippe Cheynet, the riding master of Ecole Montagne and Etienne's brother, interrupts them and says that the Majestiques don't exist. She uses her scarf as a bandage to tie around the horse's bleeding leg and names her Majesty. Philippe tells Barbie that he knows the Majestiques are on Alpine land, and that the land and the horses will belong to Ecole Montagne after the tournament.
She thanks Marlene for letting her stay at the academy, and Marlene reveals that they have many people interested in the academy now. The winner got to meet Charlotte Dujardin, who won two gold medals for her horse-riding in the London 2012 Summer Olympics.
The only way to save the academy and the Majestiques would be to win the tournament, so Barbie competes instead of Etienne. Barbie wants to take Majesty home with her, but sets her free to be with her herd because she loves her.

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