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Natsuki inspires a former salaryman towards adventures when she and Souta take part in an adventure school set up by Dark Shadow.
Akashi, Natsuki, and Shouta arrive at an 'adventurer school,' somehow linked to Dark Shadow under disguise.
BoukenRed call out the Golden Sword and throws it toward the hostages and break off the cuffs. Both Akashi and Sakura keep their positions as Red and Pink, thus respectively cosplaying as leaders Kai and Houka.
Shirubegami's costume was used for the episode "Once a Ranger Part 1" of "Operation Overdrive". Barbie: Princess Charm School is a feature-length Barbie film released direct-to-DVD in Fall 2011. On the TV, Blair, Emily and their mother watch as the lottery winner is picked: This winner was Blair! At the welcome ceremony, Miss Privet explains for the children, that they will get real crowns one they have completed the semester with high expectations. Blair becomes pessimistic after she sees Delancy walking with a stack of 21 books on her head without a problem, when she can't even balance one. Isla and Hadley try to cheer up Blair by telling her that Dame Devin was once a lottery winner like her. The next day, at a ballroom class, Blair knocks over Portia, Delancy's friend, and is kept behind after class. In the winter, the students are joined by young men from the Prince Charming Academy for a dance class. In spring, two days before the coronation ceremony where the princesses and lady royals will be crowned, Miss Privet announces that the girls will get to go to the palace for a table manners class. When exploring, the girls see a portrait of lot of kings and queens of this kingdom, but one portrait was the most unusual for them. At the class, Dame Devin explains her idea - which she says is Delancy's - is to bulldoze the poor areas of Gardania and create parks to make the kingdom more beautiful. Hadley and Isla want to help, so the trio plan to go back to the palace that night before the coronation the next day to find the crown. The girls are to be detained until after the coronation ceremony, but while the guard takes them away to be arrested, Delancy stops him. There is a keypad that needs a password to unlock a door, so they try the date of the coronation.
They are stuck in the room for hours as the coronation begins and Delancy becomes moments away from being crowned. The royal judge, who crowns the princesses and lady royals, takes her seriously, but Dame Devin tries to stop her. In the evening, at the graduation party, everyone dances to Isla's song "We Rule This School" which she DJs for. Barbie Movies Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Barbie: Princess Charm School. Barbie Movies Wiki has a collection of merchandise related to Barbie: Princess Charm School.
On the DVD menus for the special features, an instrumental for "Get Your Sparkle On" plays. In the scene where Blair travels to Princess Charm School in the carriage, it drives over a large rock on the road and shakes the carriage, leading to Blair to flying out of it.
In the scene where Miss Privet hands out books for a class with assistance from Blair, Prince the dog is typing on a laptop. Grace, Hadley, Blair and Harmony posing (with Hadley and Blair in cowgirl hats) while Delancy falls off a horse in the background. Blair, Hadley and Isla forming a human pyramid while holding pom poms, with Grace floating on one side, and Harmony on the other side with her dragon. A sprite, known in the credits as the Pawdicurist Sprite and not Harmony even though they use the same character model, giving Prince a pawdicure (a dog pun on pedicure).
Blair falls while everyone is focused on having good posture, and causes a domino effect of everyone falling down except Portia. On the DVD box, it said Hadley and Delancy were the first friends Blair met, instead of Hadley and Isla. The classical music piece playing at the dance class is "Minuet in G Major" by Christian Petzold. According to the security code Blair tried, the day of the coronation is June 10, 2011, and the day of the royal family's car accident was April 26, 1993. In the early A Panorama Sticker Storybook cover, Hadley wore Delancy's purple uniform and Delancy also wore Hadley's turquoise school uniform. Many character names have been taken from Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses such as Blair, Hadley, Isla, and Isabella.
Delancy and Princess Luciana are both the daughters of the main antagonists in their films.
Ro was separated from her family when she was six while Blair's birth parents died when she was one. Isabella's daughter is named Sophia, and one of Antonio's younger sisters is named Sofia, although the spelling is different.
It would be impossible for Blair to create the new uniforms for her and her friends from the fabric from their old uniforms. Blair told her mom that she bought her a blueberry scone, although the treat she picked up looked more like a chocolate cookie with pink icing.

When Blair dances with Emily, the television was not on, but the voice of the presenters is stills heard from the television. During the joint dance class, Isla first gets the boy with blonde hair and glasses and when the fast paced music starts her partner changes to a boy with black hair. During the song "We Rule This School", it's seemed that Prince Nicohlas is missing but he suddenly appears dancing with the others. After the trio is accused of stealing and are walked back to their room for an evidence check, the backpack is gone from Hadley's back. She says its nothing because in the past, there was someone insistent she should learn to adventure. Shibruegami explains that a Precious lives in the ocean called 'The Ship of Light,' supposedly could travel the sea faster than flying in the sky. At the end of the clips, Satoru starts off by saying, "See you next time," and then the entire team in their Ozu Family counterparts' uniforms. It stars Barbie as Blair Willows, a poor girl living in the kingdom of Gardania, who wins an annual lottery to attend a school for princesses: Princess Charm School. The headmistress of the school, Alexandra Privet, sees Blair on the floor with Prince and takes her to her locker, explaining things about the school along the way.
A teacher named Dame Devin announces she will quit teaching after her daughter Delancy becomes princess of Gardania at the end of the semester. Many of the girls have problems, but when Dame Devin sees Blair's face, she becomes shocked. Miss Privet tells her that Dame Devin wanted her expelled, but Miss Privet knows about how Blair wants to become a lady royal to help her family, so she wants to personally tutor her.
Blair gets partnered with Nicholas, and they joke with each other before dancing like they're at a party. Blair, Hadley and Isla go with their sprites to pamper themselves in the school spa, while Dame Devin tells Wickellia to rip up their clothes. The person in that portrait looked like Blair, but it was actually Queen Isabella when she was eighteen years old.
Blair is shocked and informs her that her family lives there, but Dame Devin tells her she should leave immediately and move her family to a new home, not caring that they have no money.
She claims he will have to follow her orders in a few hours when she is the princess, so she orders him to give her his keys. They use a rope to climb up to the third floor window and take an elevator to the basement. It is incorrect, and so they use the password hint ("The day it all fell into place") to figure out the real password.
They fight over the crown before Delancy catches it and has to decide whether to give it to her mother or Blair. There are Outtakes, a music video for "You Can Tell She's A Princess", Camping with Barbie and Her Sisters, and a trailer gallery. But when the royal judge calls her as "Lady Royal Delancy of Gardania" and everyone claps, she is seen wearing her purple earrings again. But, when everyone was dance until the sprites dance in the end of the movie, the DJ box disappeared. Eiji jests, "If you take adventuring away, what will Akashi have left?" Akashi sits up and then asks himself the same thing outloud. Masumi (at SGS) rationalizes that Natsumi sees herself in him, that she remembers when he trained her. They then hear Shibruegami announcing through the loudspeaker to gather in the classroom for the final lesson. Yaiba explains that the ship will rise if you sacrifice the souls of adventurers into the sea. It involves princesses from other kingdoms coming in the original Princess Charm School to learn their full potential. She explains that she has lived at the palace since her sister-in-law, Queen Isabella, and her family died in a car crash. Blair receives a package from Emily containing some letters and a drawing of a baby Blair being left on her mother's doorstep. Isla and Hadley tell Blair about Gardania's magic crown, which lights up when put on the rightful heir to the throne.
Blair tries to talk to Delancy, but Delancy doesn't say anything even though she is concerned, worried about what her mother will do.
He leaves and she quickly tells Blair and her friends to find the crown because she wants what's right for the kingdom. Isla keeps humming the tune of the keypad buttons, and when Hadley accidentally knocks a cover off a box of electrical wires, they wire up Blair's phone to the keypad to use Blair's phone buttons to enter the password from inside the room.
She gives it to Blair and when she puts it on, it lights up and she transforms to look like a proper princess.
He is unsure of whether to call her Princess Sophia or not, but she wants to continue going by the name Blair.
Shizuka cuffs Natsuki and Shouta and takes their Accellulars, scolding them like children that have brought toys to school. A commoner is also allowed in if they win the lottery that wins them a scholarship to be a lady royal, a princess's most trusted advisor.
Blair doesn't want to leave her responsibilities behind, but her mother sees it as a good opportunity and this'll change their lives forever. Delancy later on makes her assistant, Wickellia, tuck a tablecloth into Blair's skirt and Blair ends up being further embarrassed when she drags it off the table.

One without the other is a problem, and she tells Blair that no one can make her feel inferior without her consent. When they are done, the men leave, but Miss Privet tells them they will come to the graduation ceremony at the end of the semester. Hadley and Isla thought that Blair could be the baby in the photo, because Princess Sophia apparently died in the car crash when she was 1 on April 26th.
Delancy finds her and becomes suspicious but her mother changes the subject by asking her why she has a customized her uniform like Blair's. She tells them she will leave a window open on the third floor and runs off so her mother doesn't find her with them. There are invisible beams that will set off an alarm if they are broken, so Blair blows some makeup powder over them and they become visible. Dame Devin exclaims that she killed Queen Isabella just so Delancy could be the princess, so she is arrested, while a disappointed Delancy watches her get dragged away.
The Barbie Movie Collection includes the first the 13 Barbie movies, excluding The Barbie Diaries. Shizuka announces the teacher, saying that despite his appearance, he is a great adventurer. Blair asks her sister if their mom is okay, but Emily tells her the doctors just said she was "comfortable". They have a curtseying class after the welcome ceremony, and Blair gets distracted by Hadley and Isla and bumps into Delancy. With help from Miss Privet, Blair greatly improves in her balance, grace, dancing and more.
This is because they will have to see Delancy, the future princess of Gardania, be crowned.
Without their uniforms, they will not be allowed in the class, and missing classes gives you an automatic fail. Blair was found on her adoptive mother's doorstep at that age, so they realize Dame Devin and Delancy are unfair to Blair because she is the rightful heir, but Dame Devin wants Delancy to be the princess.
She packs her bags back at the school, but decides to stay and find the crown so she can prove she is the rightful heir and stop Dame Devin and Delancy.
Hadley shows some impressive gymnastics skills by flipping to the other side, but Blair and Isla have to slowly make their way across with help from Grace.
Blair and her friends find the magical crown but Dame Devin finds them, and makes Brock, her guard, take the crown. They arrive at the graduation ceremony just in time and Blair makes a claim to the throne, saying she is Princess Sophia.
Blair makes a quick speech, telling he people of Gardania she is honored to be their princess. Emily then asks since Blair is a princess does that make her one too to which Blair replies "there's a princess in every girl". Shirubegami enters, everyone freaks out except for the Boukenger and Shimada, who bows to him. She grabs Shouta by the shirt and says they will be helping with their lives in an omnious way. Blair wishes that their mom would get better, and wishes that Emily could grow up in a better neighborhood, as the family lives in the poor part of Gardania and has no money.
In the carriage, Blair's arm gets jogged as she tries to put on lipstick, smearing it on her face, and she knocks over a cup. Blair uses her magical locker to change into her school uniform, and Grace takes her to her dorm room to get settled. Blair refuses to let her or her friends fail, so she and the sprites fashions some new, personalized uniforms using fabric from the old ones. 45 minutes later, the students finally can go back to their rooms, but Blair and her friends are stopped by a guard, Dame Devin, and Miss Privet.
She changes the password, with Isla memorizing the tune of the buttons she presses, and locks them in the room. Miss Privet tells her she can have time to pick a lady royal, but she quickly picks Delancy, and she is crowned. Hadley and Isla tell Blair they will be her friends, and that Blair can do anything Delancy can do. They are accused of stealing Dame Devin's jewellery, so the guard searches their room and finds necklaces. She calls him out on only being nice to girls and that he doesn't understand because he can do almost anything he puts his mind to. He says he could tell from his smile that 'just training made me happy.' Shizuka makes them walk faster. Before he dies, he asks 'that is endless Bouken Spirits?' Afterwards, they all talk to Shimada. Shouta concurs, saying him jumping into the sea made him think it doesn't matter if adventuring is for him or not. He can't take it anymore and shouts 'shut up!' He then says 'I wouldn't have anything left.' They all point at him saying 'he said it' and start running.

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