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I wasn't even going to watch this because it looked lame to me but I heard people saying how addicting it was so i did.
In Secret, episode 13, Jo Min Hyuk(played by Ji Sung) pretended to be injured in front of Kang Yoo Jung(played by Hwang Jung Eum) to receive attention. KBS2a€™s Wednesday-Thursday drama Secret (Also known as Secret Love, Written by Choi Ho Cheol, Yoo Bo Ra, Directed by Lee Eung Bok, Baek Sang Hoon) released some photos that Ji Sung hugs Hwang Jeong Eum back touchingly, which drew keen attention about the heart-sickening couple. The ending felt a tad bit rushed, but I'd rather that than stretching it out for 4 more episodes. La chaine americaine CW a revele le resume officiel et les photos promotionnelles de l’episode 13 de The Secret Circle qui sera diffuse le 2 fevrier aux Etats-Unis.

Cassie va demander de l'aide au Cercle quand elle recoit un avertissement terrifiant sur le retour des chasseurs de sorcieres. I mean he seems diseased from the chest, first I though it was a bunch of markers drawn to pretend he's sick but now he seems dead?
There was that mysterious thing in her purse she was trying to hide from DH like two episodes ago and they haven't explained it yet? A quelques jours de la diffusion d’un nouvel episode, la chaine CW a devoile le resume officiel de l’episode 13 de The Secret Circle mais aussi des photos promotionnelles. Dans le meme temps, ses sentiments pour Adam et Jake font surface au moment d’une fete d'anniversaire qu'Ethan organise avec l'aide de Diana.

Enfin, Faye et Melissa vont utiliser leur pouvoir interieur quand elles essaient un peu de l'esprit du Diable de Lee.
Sans plus tarder, vous propose de lire le resume de cet episode et regarder les photos promotionnelles de l'episode. En attendant, la diffusion de l’episode 13, vous pouvez d’ores et deja decouvrir la bande-annonce de l’episode 12 de The Secret Circle.

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