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Neste jogo de plataforma crie clones ao pegar as moedas e tente levar pelo menos um deles ate a bandeira de saida.
Sky Jump e um jogo de plataforma bem simples no qual o objetivo e sobreviver o maximo que conseguir.
Chaos Faction 2 e um jogo de luta muito bem feito e divertido que e a continuacao de Chaos Faction. Neste jogo de plataforma voce precisa resgatar o seu seu cachorrinho, que foi pego por fantasmas.
Secret exit (sortie secrete) Secret exit est un jeux de reflexion dans lequel vous devez diriger le personnage vers la sortie.
Secret Exit is a 100% independent game development company founded in 2006 by Jani Kahrama and Jetro Lauha. Therefore, effective today, Secret Exit denies all facts about the ongoing development of such a game, Stair Dismount Touch. Reviews Stair Dismount Universal Review Stair Dismount is exactly what the title suggests: you send a ragdoll flying down a set of stairs, gaining points proportional to how much damage you inflict.
The realistic ragdoll physics engine that Stair Dismount is built on is easily its best selling point.
Also important to note is a bug that occurs when your ragdoll slows down enough to trigger the end-of-round countdown. Unless you fit into the niche audience that Stair Dismount is aimed toward, you can skip this one, especially for $2.99.

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And it of course should go without saying, but we'll say it just to make it 100% clear -- we will never share your email address with anyone. Starting out on a European map, the game combines multi-level train routing puzzles with quick thinking and collecting. Crossover e um jogo do Mario muito interessante, pois possibilita que voce jogue com personagens diferentes do Mario como, por exemplo, o Link (Zelda) e o Mega Man. It is not in a playable shape, in late stages of development or available in the near future at a recession-friendly price point. As satisfying as this can be in small bursts, the fun of harming inanimate objects only lasts so long due to a lack of levels and incentive to do better. While there is scoring, this is more of a novelty physics toy aimed toward a niche audience.
Everything from friction to the velocity at which you push the ragdoll makes each fall a little differently while still being predictable. There are a mere six stairways to push your ragdoll down, and after spending about ten rounds on each, we felt we had seen everything there was to see.
Even if the ragdoll slides off an edge and begins to drop at high speeds again, any damage taken won’t count since the round already ended. It’s a great suspension of belief type puzzler with new and interesting mechanics and is just plain fun.

The gameplay boils down to choosing where you want to hit the ragdoll, pressing the dismount button when the moving power bar is where you want it, and watching your ragdoll smash its way to the ground to satisfy your lust for points. Secret Exit obviously spent a lot of time on this aspect of the game, and it really pays off. We’d love to see new content in the future, as well as a level editor of some sort since Stair Dismount feels like the perfect app for this. The story that goes along is a little weak, but then again that’s just a small part of the game. It’s a really well thought out puzzle game that turns the level map on it’s ear by letting the player control where to go next by where they lay the train track pieces.
Dirac is a puzzle game that focuses on connecting quantum particles in an atom smasher puzzle game.
Jump King Rabbit around to find a path to the jailed bunny citizen, avoiding traps and unlocking passages.
And DeNA really only hits our radar these days because they are making mobile games for Nintendo.

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