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There's a drill around that can make a hole to enable him to give the elevator key to Nina. The man will inform Nina, that he can't reach the hole in the rock and give her an elevator key because it is too high.
Go to the parking lot and notice the loose chain symbolically separating it from the excavation site, hanging between two posts (right from cars). These are: bat sounds, rubble heap, engine sounds, wall relief, tree roots and smell of oil, which Emre has mentioned.
In each of them select a symbol from the inventory and click with it on a proper object on the surface - a drop of oil on the oil spot on the ground, an engine sounds on the pump, and tree roots on the tree or the wall relief on the pillar. You have to find a place with at least three objects which fit to hints from the Emre's video. You have to drill hole in the surface, so Emre can give Nina a key to the elevator from which he is cut off.
Return to sector E and use the drill to make a hole in the rock slab in the center of the location.
Our topics include the formation of the New World Order and the New Age Agenda, popular conspiracy theories. It should come as no surprise that with an annual military budget of over $610 billion, the United States invests in some gargantuan black ops and top secret facilities. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a hollowed out mountain in Colorado Springs that keeps track of everything in outer space and all planes in the North American airspace. In the event of a nuclear war, 800 personnel could survive in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex for 30 days, completely cut off from the outside world. Fredrick, Maryland was the home selected for America’s first biological warfare program, signed into existence by President Roosevelt in 1942, soon after Pearl Harbor. In addition to its numerous living quarters and recreational facilities, Mount Weather also has a crematorium and a radio and television station. Home to Project Blue Book and the infamous Hangar 18, the Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Dayton, Ohio is yet another hub for conspiracy theories. However, there is a large contingency that believes that after the Roswell crash, much of the wreckage of the UFOs and the alien bodies were taken to WPAFB and stored in a facility that came to be known as Hangar 18.
A more realistic explanation is that the CIA and Air Force used the flying saucer phenomenon and Project Blue Book as a disinformation campaign to cover up sightings of the U2 and SR-71 spy planes (and possibly stealth craft) that were being developed by the government in secret. Ostensibly, this includes any of the following: alien experimentation, reverse engineering of alien spaceships recovered from Roswell, alien interbreeding, quantum teleportation, advanced artificial intelligence, high tech propulsion systems, and time travel.
However, a litany of conspiracy theories, as well as some actual solid evidence, suggest more is going on there than mere adult science fair projects.
You can find the answers to questions about the hiding place in a hands-on way with the new historical construction kit of the canal-side house at Prinsengracht 263. The educational material with the 3D model of the Secret Annex is also available in Brazilian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish. Now that I know the battle has been won, I want to go my own way, follow the path that seems right to me.
Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim formed a committee of experts to investigate illegal excavations inside the Great Pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Cheops, after discovering that parts of the cartouche of King Khufu had been stolen.

The ministry aims to confirm whether a thieft has actually taken place, as well as what time and whether the team performing the excavation had obtained permits.
Osama Karrar, the founder of the Popular Campaign to Defend Antiquities, said he has also filed evidence pointing to secret excavations inside the Pyramid of Cheops.
The work—which started in 2006—has been so complicated that the entire project has been delayed. The scale of this project boggles the mind but yet, just imagine what lays below unknown to us peons! How can you link earthquakes elsewhere when there aren't even any at the place being tunnelled?? Very interesting, the second picture gives me the creeps if figure it is the red lights but non the less it spooks me.
Or makes you wonder about what the other 80% of the budget, since the military budget is not that much. I'm on board with Chadwickus on this one, the only strange earthquakes we've been having have been linked to fracking, not tunneling. Cities of 8 million people like NY require extensive underground infrastructure, the water tunnels alone are massive.
The US Government and private organizations are making hundreds if not thousands of miles of underground roads and more.
Vote against Front Runners on May, or expect a Duel of JR Ewing vs Alexis Colby for White House. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. These include warfare testing, nuclear bunkers, chemical experimentation, Continuance of Government (COG) command centers, and a wide variety of both known and unknown contingency preparation.
Twenty-five ton blast doors and over 1,319 thousand pound springs remain anchored within 1,700 feet of granite. It is the size of Rhode Island and there’s every indication that anything you can imagine going on in Area 51 does go on. In his book Top Secret Tourism, author Harry Helms notes that cell phones and GPS devices do not work near Site R, which suggests there is a blocking mechanism in use to prevent people from coordinating or communicating in the vicinity.
What we know for sure goes on there is aviation technology research, and with 22,000 people employed and 6,000 personnel and their families living on-base, it seems like it would be difficult for flying saucers to be shuttled in and out without notice. Area 51 is simultaneously one of the most cliched and most enigmatic subjects in American popular culture and has been since the Roswell incidents in the late forties.
The most recent theory surmises that whatever was taken to Area 51 from Roswell actually concerned a failed Soviet experiment. I’m giving in to my conspiracy side and including one of the more controversial government hideaways among fringe circles. The kit includes an instruction booklet, as well as background information on the time spent hiding in the Secret Annexe, the people who found refuge there and the helpers. Don't think of me as a fourteen year old, since all these troubles have made me older; I won't regret my actions, I'll behave the way I think I should! Yusuf Khalifa and two others, to inspect the stones that had been damaged inside the pyramid and to uncover the motivation behind these secret excavations.

Jessie Ventura even went and drove through miles of underground caverns that he snuck into. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.
The girl will notice some characteristic spots, which can be helpful in locating the room, where Emre is blocked. Following the man's suggestions Nina will take (automatically) the excavation site map from his jeep - the area is huge and without map it is not possible to explore it (you can use the map to move between specific sectors). Some of the facilities, like the infamous Area 51, are well-branded into our collective imagination; other are less known and considerably more vexing. Initiated within two months of Pearl Harbor, there are 60 years worth of reports suggesting this is the home of next-generation weapons systems, secret aircraft, particle beams, chemical and biological weapons, and much more.
Like many other top secret military bases, Mount Weather is tasked with protecting military elite in the event of a major disaster.
It begs the question: How could so little be known about something that is talked about so much? Spread out over 5,800 acres, Plant 42 is highly secured, meaning inquisitive civilians with cameras have absolutely no chance of even getting close to what goes on inside.
Others claim they are working on holographic technology that can be used to beam images into the sky. Others claimed HAARP as we know it has always been a front for the real facility, which is located in Poker Flats, North of Fairbanks, Alaska. According to these conspiracists, Area 51 is just a smokescreen for where the real above top secret experiments have been taking place: Dulce. It stirs and scares the mind to think about an entire underground network of tunnels connecting giant government facilities.
And the even more haunting question: If our government was secretly creating an atomic bomb in an underground city (the Manhattan Project) over 50 years ago, what epic deviousness could they be up to today? In fact, if you even park on a street adjacent to the outermost edge you are likely to be harassed by law enforcement. A rash of mysterious humming and booming sounds in the region have also been attributed to HAARP activity.
The base is allegedly a secret alien underground facility under Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado-New Mexico border. Yet they are out there, down there, controlling this nation’s future military responses and engaging in technological and weapons testing that most of us cannot even begin to fathom.
During the September 11, 2001 attacks, many high level officials, including Vice President Cheney, took refuge here.

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