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Secret Files of the Inquisition tells a story of epic proportions and powerful themes of Holy Wars and Crusades, of torture and terror, of the struggle for human rights and dignity. Filmed in High Definition, this production spans medieval France in Episode 1, 15th century Spain in Episode 2, Renaissance Italy in Episode 3 and mid-nineteenth century Europe in Episode 4.
The 4 x 60 mini-series reveals how the most powerful church on earth created the Inquisition to attack its enemies and preserve the unquestioned authority of the Pope. Describes the western world's most potent religion, Catholicism, and its determination to maintain power at any cost in medieval France, 15th century Spain, Renaissance Italy and even into the 19th century. Scary Good: IMDb's Guide to Horror Can't get enough of movies and television shows that scare up a good fright?

EPISODE 1 - THE LAND OF ERROR - In the 12th century, an upstart Christian sect called Catharism challenges Church doctrine and the absolute power of the Pope. Based on previously unreleased secret documents from European Archives including the Vatican, Secret Files of the Inquisition unveils the incredible true story of the Catholic Church’s 500 year struggle to remain the world’s only true Christian religion. Historians, experts and Church authorities advise on the handling of this controversial subject matter.
One man, Bishop Jacques Fournier, becomes one of the most skilled interrogators of the Holy Inquisition.
EPISODE 2 - THE TEARS OF SPAIN - Fernando and Isabel proclaim themselves the Catholic Monarchs.

In the war to drive the remaining Muslims from the south of the Kingdom their scapegoats become the Conversos, Jews who have converted to Christianity and who are now accused of being traitors and heretics secretly trying to undermine the Church. EPISODE 3 - THE SWORD AND THE SHIELD - In 16th century the rise of Protestantism weakens the Church's spiritual control and its political influence.

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