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Top Secret Files Front Page With Red English And Black Russian Stamps Isolated On White Background.
Nina is torn from her day-to-day routine when she discovers that her father has disappeared without a trace.
What if the Trademark Office took Taylor Swift’s controversial new trademark applications and stalled examination of them, preventing them from getting approved, despite having no legitimate basis to refuse their registration, because of the potential for public scrutiny? Taking that a step further, what if there was an unregulated government program that in cases like Ferguson and Eric Garner essentially stalled the case, kept it from reaching a decision, and made sure that no charges were brought to avoid public backlash? And what if that was all being done in secret with administrators denying such a program’s existence? The US patent system originally was supposed to protect inventors, as ownership and the right to file for a patent application was reserved for the inventor, but following the America Invents Act, corporations have much more control over this process.  It appears that they also may have some additional influence within the Patent Office itself. Steve BairdJust so you know, I'm all about brands and the law, both professionally and personally.

Wes AndersonAs far back as I can remember, I've been fascinated with graphic design, visuals, and branding.
Tiffany BlofieldAlthough my initial career path was to be one of the Supremes (not the musically talented ones with platform shoes and sequins, but rather, the nine wearing sensible shoes and pressed black robes in DC), I will likely stay in Minnesota as I have never lived anywhere else. Martha EngelI’ve always been passionate about smartly designed, cleverly branded, and well-crafted products – from cars to craft beer to fashion to gadgets.
Brent LorentzAlthough I wish I could say my path to the law was the result of a lifelong dream or calling, it was more the result mere curiosity and an affinity for leather-bound books. As the police seem reluctant to help her, Nina sets off to look for clues relating to her father’s whereabouts.
181.   In SAWS however, the US Patent Office is self-selecting applications for this program, with no notice to the applicant, and no subjective, transparent regulations to explain why some applications are selected and others are not.
These are all of the reports found after searching through thousands of files that have any refrence to Unidentified Flying Objects, extraterrestrials, and flying saucers.

While we did our best to extract as much information as possible, documents that are still labeled Top Secret or Classified, cannot be released to the general public. She joins efforts with Max Gruber, a young colleague of her father who impulsively offers to help the attractive young lady.
Together, they quickly determine that Nina’s father was involved with a research expedition to Siberia in an attempt to reveal the causes of the mysterious Tunguska catastrophe of 1908.
In that mysterious event, a mighty explosion triggered an inferno that decimated the land of Tunguska.

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