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Tales from the Secret FootballerA With the football season underway, all eyes are firmly fixed on the playersa€™ performances on the pitch.
Her Ladyship's Girl by Anwyn MoyleSUFFERING the scowls and grunts of a baboon-like cook, 5am rises and very little food to eat, life as a scullery skivvy between the wars in London is a far cry from 16-year-old Anwyna€™s rural existence in South Wales. In his article about Gary Lineker’s tweets on England last week TSF revealed that his second book has recently been submitted to the publishers.
Dave Kitson had been most people’s favourite for a long time having finally ousted Danny Murphy from the the top spot a few months back. I never heard the first part of the interview this morning but before the second part was played Ms. Today danish television, Kanal 6, brought an interview with Dave Kitson where they, not directly asked to the book, but asked if he’s been in Denmark. I know it is in Danish, but for those who can’t translate it, the bottomline is that Sheffield United threatened with a lawsuit.

I believe I’ve read about an elbow TSF (or one of his teammates??)got from John Terry. TSF talks about the revelations in Sir Alex Ferguson’s book and their repercussions on the footballing world and indeed on TSF himself.
The real repercussions across the rest of the footballing world were felt most by the likes of David Beckham and Roy Keane. The Secret Footballer has been providing snapshots and opinion on football for 18 months, and the frequent articles with The Guardian have kept people guessing at the identity of the man behind the series.
In July, The Guardian secured the global rights to produce a book by The Secret Footballer and it has been one of the most hotly anticipated ahead of its release this week. Thanks to the good folk at The Guardian, we have a review copy on its way in the post and can’t wait to sit down and read what is no doubt an excellent insight in to modern football. In the video the fan basically asks Harry Redknapp if Frank Lampard is really any good and doesn’t believe himself that he is.

Well done Harry, and well done The Secret Footballer for digging this one up …whoever you are! She arrives in London in search of greater financial prospects but, before long, shea€™s dismissed from service following a dalliance with the master of the house.Her fortune changes as she takes up the position of a ladya€™s maid at a house in Belgravia, covering up her mistressa€™ affairs and attending the glamorous events in the high society calendar.
In a huge difference of opinion Harry responds that Lampard will be a world beater and of course everything he said in this video came to fruition. I’m barely 60 pages into the book but there are too many passages which have the whiff of a journalist tease. But, after being expelled from the house for having a young aristocrat in her room, she works in Londona€™s pubs.This charming book is brought to life through the stoic and convivial voice in which Moyle tells her adventure-packed story.

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