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We are now at a point where more and more industries realize the economic benefits of integrating mobile technologies into their services. In previous posts we’ve already covered opportunities mobile apps bring to fashion and luxury and banking and finance. Today we'll focus on apps for businesses in the food service industry and explore fundamental questions such as why do they need an app, and what does it take to design an app that generates business for them? Detailed user analytics and data – Statistical data generated from mobile devices is invaluable.
Direct influence on customer buying decisions – Targeted, relevant and timely promotions and special offers that are delivered via mobile perform substantially better than blind SMS mailing and even e-newsletters.
Savvy brand image – A well-polished, convenience-centric app that provides up-to-date content generates massively strong brand presence – in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, no less – at an unbelievably low CPM.
Welcoming guests to a cafe or bar begins long before they ever set foot inside – via mobile. Easy in-out shopping cart capabilities are essential if your restaurant serves take-out or you run any sort of food delivery business; designing for the fastest, easiest way to order food from mobiles is of critical importance. Order history browsing delivers convenience made possible by saved past order information – and thus customers can reorder items in a few taps. Easy, secure payment is a must, and the more payment methods you can offer your customers, the better. Credit card scanning for in-person transactions using a mobile device and credit card reader plugged into the microphone jack makes transacting with customers even simpler, and the app securely stores payment information for order processing. Order tracking takes some of the sting out of a customer’s waiting and wondering when their order will arrive. Exclusive content delivered via an app provides your customers with first-class delivery in its own right when it comes to informing them with messages about “insider” and “special” offers available, seasonal menu changes, etc. Unique features such as determining customer’s location to display the nearest restaurant of the chain can be a life-saver for tourists – while others can boost a company’s cachet with an added “wow” factor through features such as providing tips on healthy eating and lifestyles; built-in calorie counters – your imagination is the only limit. The development process for this app – from prototype to integration with the company's order management system – spanned two months.
While having quite a few interesting projects – the sushi restaurant app certainly is not the only example – most of Azoft's products are under NDA though, like the one done for a famous pizza chain, so we can't share any details. When we talked with managers after the app had been developed and integrated, we found that they were very pleased with the results: waiters were able to work and server customers significantly faster. So, as you can see from our experiences, mobile apps both for customers and employees have been shown to increase profit and improve employee performance. And the best thing: restaurateurs don’t have to get involved in the application development process themselves in order to wield a sharp, effective culinary blade in the highly competitive food service marketplace.
Listening is such a powerful and beautiful spiritual practice which can do so much to your being effortlessly. The agitation caused by incompletions leads to blood-pressure, diabetes and degradation of the body which is the root cause of all the diseases and disorders.

My father was an incredibly brilliant man but frozen in his self-criticism and fear of failure. We were struggling to figure out how to land this big rover, the size of a Mini Cooper, on the surface of Mars. Like a splatter of blue paint, this color-enhanced spot is where the Sky Crane crashed after delivering Curiosity to Mars. It takes seven minutes from the time we enter the Martian atmosphere until the vehicle is safe on the surface. Thousands of people had been involved in the mission, across 37 states and foreign scientific contributions. As chief engineer of the 2020 Mars mission, Steltzner is in charge of developing a system to bring samples back to Earth.
You have been variously described as a a€?loose cannona€? and a€?arroganta€? by your colleagues. One of the profound questions that hangs in front of us as humans is, a€?Are we alone?
In 2012, NASA scientists erupted with cheers, tears, and fist pumps at the successful completion of one of the most complicated spacecraft landings ever attempted. With a vast and growing number of potential customers accessing information on their smartphones and tablets, practically anyone serving or selling food or drink without a mobile app is risking to loose audience.
Azoft has successfully designed and developed several particularly successful websites and mobile apps for restaurants and food delivery services – and here we’d like to share some of our experiences developing for this particular business sector. However, calling, texting, emailing and geo-locating can all be done simultaneously with one tap on a smartphone. Additionally, knowing how customers access their information helps to determine the course of further marketing efforts. The exposure from this alone could lead to appearing on tech and app review sites, in turn attracting more new customers.
Don’t rely on providing just a phone number (nobody wants to deal with a phone call these days): allow users to place an order in just a tap or two, ideally, utilizing one-click shopping cart addition while browsing the menu – with all order processing happening unnoticed by the user in the background.
Despite the thrill of experiencing something new, people tent to order similar or the same dishes over and over. Enable the app to recall delivery address and you eliminate the need for users to type it in every time. And if your goal is developing top-level apps for your clients, make sure they’re not just useful: make them irreplaceable. Within the first three months after launching the app in AppStore, the company’s sales jumped by nearly 5% and its client base was showing solid, steady growth.
Another Azoft project was producing an app turning an iPad into a robust point-of-sale system – part of an innovative solution for waiters taking tableside orders enabling them to instantly transmit them to the kitchen or bar.
But no matter how you want to interpret the results, I think we can agree it’s an opportunity too big to gamble with in not launching a useful and handy mobile app to further connect with your potential and loyal customers.

Right listening is nothing but allowing words to enter you as a natural flow without your attention being diverted towards your incompletions.
He was very pushy; he wanted to see performance and success from his children, the likes of which he could never get because he could never risk failure in pursuit of that success. The ridge in the foreground of this composite image teems with iron oxide, while the rounded buttes are full of sulfate minerals.
Is this life that we see pluming all around us on Earth, the only life in the universe?
The follow-on mission will pick them up and bring them home to a facility where scientists could interrogate them with greater flexibility. No website – even the easiest-to-navigate ones – delivers customer orders and feedback this fast.
What really makes a conversation successful is not how well you can talk, but rather, how well you can listen. Incompletions such as a fight which you had with somebody, depressing thoughts, feeling tired, bored or restless will disturb your cognition process and will not allow listening to happen. Your so called ‘stress’ is nothing but the interference of your incompletions during your listening.
Then, about 60-75 feet above the surface of Mars, we lower the rover below the jet backpack and the two descend together separated by about 25 feet of cable until the rovera€™s weight is taken up by the Martian surface. When you are able to perceive things internally without incompletions (hangovers from the past), life starts in you, relationships are built around you.
Just like how you switch off your cell-phone when you do not need it, while you are listening, you can tell your inner space that you will attend to all its questions, worries and thinking later on.
For example, when you are angry, you think that by not listening to the person you can show your disrespect for them or take revenge on them. Life starts with listening, happens with listening, continues to exist with listening, and ends when listening stops. We were also a little bit fearful of trying hard because if it was scary for Dad, maybe it was something we should be scared about, too. The landing of Curiosity was an expedition of epic and novel proportions, which represented true exploration.
In the big book of engineering, the world in which I live, I am attracted to the problems that are the most challenging, the most risky, the problems for which success is the least guaranteed. In the modern-day, the ability to hold a conversation decides your success in your career and relationships.

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