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We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
Mega Omega SUPREME delivers 1 600 mg of omega 3 per two-capsule dose A?mostly DHA and EPA.What else?
The two-step distillation process guarantees the lowest possible levels of pollutants, environmental toxins, heavy metals, trans fats and oxidation products. In fact, in certain categories, Mega Omega SUPREME is up to 500 times more pure than other fish oils.
HOW DOES MEGA OMEGA HELP YOU?For all the do-good detail and big health benefits, visit our WHY YOU NEED OMEGAS page now.

So weA?ve partnered with the world's leading supplier of ultra-pure, marine-derived omega 3 EPA and DHA fatty acid concentrates.
Step one siphons off free fatty acids, coloured components and protein residues, while the patent-pending second step eliminates pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, bromintated flame retardants and other complicated sounding organic pollutants. This protects the precious omega 3s, which become unstable when exposed to oxygen, high temperatures, light and alkaline or acidic substances. But it also complies with our own highly stringent limits for environmental pollutants that go way beyond the authoritiesA? requirements.
The fish oil in Mega Omega SUPREME has been used in about 100 clinical studies involving more than 4 000 patients.

Plus itA?s been studied in a variety of contexts, including cardiovascular health, rheumatology, dementia, depression, obstetrics, immunology, bioavailability, digestion, weight reduction, infections, male infertility, migraine and physical performance.

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