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If this is your first time downloading a game from Big Fish, our handy Game Manager app will install on your computer to help manage your games. Welcome to Top Secret Finders, the government created special division to investigate archives of extraordinary highly classified cases. I love detective games but in this one you belong to a secret division of the FBI investigating archives of highly classified (think paranormal) activity, so it's definitely not a CSI style game. There is some back and forth but it's possible to use the hints to travel quickly to where you need to go. The developers of this game also made the Love Chronicles series so it's a definite change of theme for them. Just yesterday I was wishing for a science fiction mystery and here it is - and VERY well done! I really enjoyed this and played it practically straight thru in about 6 hours.The gameplay is non-linear but reasonably logical. The hint system is singularly helpful in that not only lets you know the place you need to be next, it gives you the picture of the scene and takes you directly there if you like. All the animations were great throughout the game and the music was pleasant and nonintrusive. I highly recommend this game, I am a HOG snob so I'm kind of hard to please, but this one did!! Well sort of, you're investigating a ghost town and its kind of a mystery how it got that way.
Don't misunderstand me, I played many HOG with main character are female, but every times I play a game with awesome graphic and storyline , then the character is male or gender is not identified; if character are female,then the purpose of their 's quest are their 's child, or their love or their fiance.
Then finally I saw this game, not so gorgeous graphic but fit with the environment , and a very helpful hint button allow me to go directly to area need to investigate. The graphics are sort of muddy with plenty of gray and brown but it is very clear to see everything.
I'm more of an adventure gamer than a HOG player - but this game has a good balance of both. Right from the start, you are finding objects and completing tasks to move the game forward.
I played many times and when I finished, it was by discoevering something tha took all the Villagers underground.
Even though the later VV series have a higher resolution and a better way to navigate the space, I still think this 3rd installment is the best. Cons: there is no clothing hut, and no after-game motivation to continue, since you cannot buy extra's with tech points. Prefer these classics to many of the newer games in which I have wandered too many hours as consulting a walkthrough goes against my gaming conscience. Every room you reenter is Different but I always love a challenge when it comes to games like this. This is outstanding from many viewpoints, so if you haven't seen this one and you like classic HOG, give it a shot.
Loved going in all of the rooms and just relax finding hidden pictures with know time line. For each room you start up with 2 hints, but you get an additional hint every three minutes. Out of the six rooms, one room will be in the dark so you use a flashlight and the third room is a spot the difference (not too hard once you get used to what to look for). Not the most exciting game and it will take a long time to get through all the rooms to get all the puzzle pieces. This is a classic older HOP game so the graphics aren't the phenomenal glossy stuff that more current games have. Game play involves a round of HOS with each being in a different room which you return to throughout the game. You receive pieces of a door key puzzle from the butler (1 per round of HOS) and when you complete this puzzle you unlock the final room in the house to discover the last secret.
The game is quite long and is probably best played in chunks rather than all in one sitting. Buy Haunted Hotel 11: The Axiom Butcher Collector’s Edition and get previous Haunted Hotel games for $2.99! The Order of the Keepers has been like your second family, ever since you discovered it tied to your own past.
Collector's Edition of The Keepers: The Order's Last Secret Mac game can be found here and includes many additional features for a more in depth experience.
The Keepers 2 The Order's Last Secret Standard Edition for PC available for download there - save the world again! This delectable The Keepers: The Order's Last Secret Mac game will be loved by any lovers of this classy and timeless Hidden Object genre as one of it's premium instances. Bloomingspring has always been your favorite place to visit, not just because of the year-round sunny weather, but because your little sister Emma, calls it home. This game was fun to play, but I must say it was extremely easy so I highly recommend this for a beginner. I have just conquered this icy adventure, while the entire country has experienced sub-freezing temperatures. Looks good but the story gets less interesting during the game and most of the puzzles are too easy, and the game is really short. Some may like the hint feature, but to me a hint is a hint, and not an exact direction where to go and what to do. Central University and Duke re-enacted a little-known moment that connected basketball to the Civil Rights Movement. The story and plot is well done, even if once again we are stuck in an abandoned place (this time a ghost town, complete with resident ghosts). It tells you where to check next and can take you there instantly, without using up the hint.

They are of the usual dark and dreary abandoned junk pile variety, but nicely done with some great interactive items that are fun to solve. While some things felt overly familiar - abandoned gas station, abandoned diner - the great cut scenes and unusual story made up for the deja-vu in the setting. I hadn't done everything in the same order as was expected but the gameplay was unperturbed by my odd playing order.
I was happily surprised to find that this game was challenging, entertaining, and beautifully drawn with great HOs.
As a top secret agent you have to discover why a town has become ghostly, and stop the villain who caused it. These are not too hard to do as items can be seen clearly and you don't spend too much time on them. The ending finished satisfactorily with all loose ends tied up BUT I WANTED TO CARRY ON PLAYING as I was having such a good time. It is everything you want in a game - good graphics, great HOS and mini-games and a story line that you can follow. Some of the puzzles are quite interesting and just difficult enough to keep the grey matter working and despite what some reviewers have said the story is compelling and I really want to see it to the end. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or logos are the property of their respective owners. Grow your little people in real-time as you embark on a journey to re-populate the city ruins of Isola.
I never did get into that door put that statue back up because my villagers turned into spoiled teenagers that would not work or be trained. Objects were good size and just enough of a challenge to find--not too easy, not too difficult. Am a stubborn gamer--no hints, no skips, no walkthroughs gets frustrating at times and so I really enjoy a good old-fashioned HOG. In between the rooms, you'll find torn up paper that you need to put back together to get the story. In addition to the game, after you complete each room you get an object to add to your collection. Try the demo and after you complete the first six rooms, you'll know how the rest of the game will be and if it's for you.
They range up to moderately challenging and a few contain one or two items that are difficult to find. Those who are looking for an inventory collection component will probably not find what they're looking for here. Travel all over the world, escape tricky traps, and save the world in 3 Days: Amulet Secret! But when you're summoned to Spain to investigate a dead archaeologist, you're swept into a confrontation with ancient evil forces that have been waiting five-hundred years for revenge.
You're planning a secret visit for Emma's birthday, but your surprise is ruined by a freak blizzard in the middle of July! I usually have trouble with puzzles, but most of these had very clear instructions and were easy to finish. However, with the brutally cold weather here and me absolutely despising cold weather, I sat down and played the SE. Use your Hidden Object skills to uncover the truth about a government conspiracy and stop the villain in his tracks!
The journal is excellent and necessary reading if you take an interest in the unfolding story. I recommend the easier mode as I often missed things I needed, and I did not complete the demo in the allotted hour.
Lots of voice-overs, a responsive cursor, fast animations and a helpful journal promise several hours of enjoyable yet challenging investigation. Next time I expect to see an sequel with a little more bright atmosphere graphic (I don't expect it gonna be like Surface but I still wanna see it).
There are a lot of them though, but honestly I was having so much fun that I really didn't notice when playing them. They are not too hard or frustrating, but some do take a while to get in the right order or to think about.
The hint button is a very good addition, allowing us not only to see where we need to go, but giving the player the opportunity to jump to that place if you want to, a great touch!
Along the northern island shores, find new sources of food to nourish your villagers and make a variety of unique potions from hidden herbs.
Just give a dictionary to children and encourange them to find out what stays on orange notes.
I have a six year old village chief and so enjoy when she lectures then plays in rain puddles.
I have to confess I had to get help in the forums as some of the puzzles were beyond me, but this is the sort of game you have to complete.
You don't need 20 villagers in order to finish the game (like in VV4) and this one has a way to find all the collectibles - something the other VV episodes don't have.
When you're done the game there will still be more items to collect if you want them all, but you can keep playing the same character and continue searching the rooms. Because the game design is rather simple it is no problem to pick up where you left off even if you don't play it for several days between sessions.
Unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge and plunge yourself into a curious blend of Egyptian symbolism and Tibetan spirit, in this challenging Hidden Object game. Explore the colorful streets of Seville, Spain, gathering clues that span across the eras of history. During playing rattling The Keepers: The Order's Last Secret game from starting to omega you will be glued to your computer. You arrive just in time to watch her frozen body being kidnapped by a madman who vows to keep her forever, and time is of the essence ( I'm frozen too!).

Beautiful scenes, the HOS were good, not very many puzzles or rather mini games and they were a bit too easy.
Overall this is a great game and I would have used a token to get it but I had a free game coming so it's been a nice surprise for me. Discover real-time weather with clouds, fog, and sudden rain storms in Virtual Villagers 3, The Secret City.
One boy grew up the only child in the village playing see-saw by himself and spent his entire childhood gathering mushrooms to keep his village from starving.
I liked how the developers threw in the extra puzzles of the torn notes and clippings at intervals to tell the story along the way. The items will be in different spots each time you visit the room (and different sizes and orientation). You can also unlock rooms and play each room separately (you'll be graded on how well you do). The story is also supplemented by written dialogues your character has with the butler of Margrave Manor. Find the hidden pieces of the amulet quickly, as you only have 3 days to catch the crooks and save the entire world!
All aficionados of aforementioned capital Hidden Object games genre will undoubtedly like alluring The Keepers: The Order's Last Secret game, as well as newcomers, who just met the dimension of palmary casual games.
But the lack of story development and dialogue are what put me on the fence of whether to buy. You go to meet your sister for her birthday in July, but alas, a freak blizzard strikes, your sister gets frozen, and is kidnapped by a raving lunatic weathermaster.
Margrave Manor is the only Hidden Object game that changes the positions of the items every time you visit a room, so you`ll always have a fresh challenge. The good thing is once you learn what the item looks like (some of the terms are the English version and not American) the item will look the same for the rest of the game.
3 Days - Amulet Secret is interesting game which will impress all fans of this intimate Hidden Object genre.
I played the CE version which contains bonus adventure, saving Emma via secret trail a 2nd time.
Robot’: Behind-The-Scenes Photos Tease Possible Season 2 Spoilers While admittedly thin, USA Network has written a blog post listing Instagram photos taken by the cast of Mr.
Colourful graphics, relaxing music, various tasks and small games will capture your attention for a long time.
Rescue Emma and bring summer back to Bloomingspring in Secret Trails: Frozen Heart, a gorgeous Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game. Everything is clear, no fog (I really hate foggy game, where everything is shrouded in something like mist). Concoct magical potions, find delicious honey and figure out how to scare away the sharks so your peeps can fish , plus much more! The two main highlights include the return of Frankie Shaw, who played Shayla Nico or Elliot’s short-lived girlfriend, and filming at the Coney Island hacker den location. I think the scene for this game(the ruins, coral reef) is the prettiest one yet I highly recommend this game! The mini game I enjoyed the most was where you had to exchange colored balls on a rotating disc until they were in the correct color matching grid and you could use the empty space in the middle to achieve the goal. Photos by Jon Gardiner Below, Kevin White, Duke director of athletics, and player watch the action. I usually recommend the CE because of bells and whistles but this is still a great game without the extras, enjoy!
I may eventually purchase if there is a DD or some other sort of very very inexpensive special on this game. I have found only one nuisance - when you take or get something, so the thing does not go directly to tools, but stay a while on the screen - so this was mildly boring.
I would recommend this game for those, who like snowy scenes, nice graphic (it sooo nice only to look at it) and pleasant game play - for deep and intricate stories I read books, so I do not need one here necessarily. Not long after that we see Melisandre’s confusion: She saw him in the fires, fighting at Winterfell. However, according to a report from Motherboard, these car icons  representing drivers may in fact be figments of imagination, phantom cabs designed to make a user decide to order a car through Uber instead of a ride-sharing app competitor.
Her throwaway line about her visions of Jon Snow in the future are an obvious sop to the audience.
And it doesn’t tell us too much about what the future could hold.The other clue is harder to spot, but more definitive. It requires you to know the primary theory floating around out there—that on Jon Snow’s death, his consciousness moved over into Ghost, his direwolf and warg companion.
From there, Melisandre could bring him back to life, as other red priests have done with other men.And the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere also gives us a hint that maybe Jon Snow really is trapped in Ghost’s body now.
And in the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere, the normally silent direwolf is very loud indeed. He growls and howls and makes a ruckus, and appears several times in the episode—after being noticeably scarce for most of the last few seasons, because he wasn’t that important.
And all of a sudden the silent direwolf is noisy.Is that because he’s just grieving for his master, in a way that’s very uncharacteristic to him?
That’s a pretty compelling reason for him to suddenly start acting totally differently, isn’t it?

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