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I like the photo with all the models together, but everything else looks pretty average.So are you saying I should go see Fast and Furious 6?
Hi Kim, I have recently lost my faith in Dior, I have to sadly admit it, and this photoshoot will probably add another reason to that. Captured by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the advertisements star Daria Strokous and other models in a French forest near Petit Trianon.
Secret Garden 2 – Versailles devoile une facette bien plus sombre du Chateau de Versailles. On retrouve successivement Daria Strokous souriante, extasiee, inquiete, hagard mais aussi accompagnee. La fleur omnipresente se glisse entre les levres, dans le decollete, en couronne mais aussi a terre, jetee violemment, la fin d’une histoire d’amour ?

I am such a Dior fan, but I may have to agree with you on this one, however I did love Dior's powersuits, perhaps they took a brief yawn on the styling judging by the (long version)video! The location, of course is beautiful but the models seem so out of place, more robotic than romantic. This one, is beautiful but such a almost verbatim copy of that famous Grace Coddington spread for Vogue with Galiano, etc. The images showcase Creative Director Raf Simons’ ladylike designs with a dreamy and mysterious quality.
On the one hand I want to love this, mainly because I recognise the parts of the Grand Trianon where the first two shots were taken and I always love seeing familiar locations elevated to magical worlds for a fashion editorial.
For example, Hollywood can come out with as many Fast & Furious movies as they want because all the guys look so damn good in the movie!

Though is nice also the second but not as much as to stare at it for hours as happened for the first last year:) Kisses dear! Toutes arborent des levres magenta comme au defile Dior Croisiere 2014 et portent des vetements Dior Couture et pre-collection 2013. The place is stunning and dreamy and flows, they don't, so they stick out like sore thumbs.
HaHaHa Secret Garden 2 was nice, but it just didn't come together for me like the first one.

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