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It’s been a very long time since the site has seen a truly personal post, since one of us has shared how we’re really feeling. Shoulda Woulda Coulda is back and this time I have decided to focus this week’s edition on the talents of one particular artist.
A few weeks ago I posted the Willow Smith song ‘Whip My Hair’ in my Music News Weekly post and stated that it is a club banger. As ever it has been a busy week trying to keep up with all the music related news, in this weeks edition we have news of a bankruptcy, letter to the boss and news of some record setting. My old college friend Bryan Gibb called me on a quiet June 19th evening and told me that John Rodman had passed into the great outback beyond a few nights before. As I reflected on what I'd learned from Professor Rodman, I did not remember classrooms much. As I reflected on Professor Rodman's influence on me and his passing, I was moved as I considered impermanence. In the summer of 1988, after too many suffering bastards at a Beacon Hill Chinese restaurant and a midnight trip to Buzzy's roast beef with Ben Pomicter, my new friend, I returned to my room at Kirkland house on the Harvard campus to find another letter from Rodman. Professor Rodman was fond of dark, hoppy, malty micro-brews before microbreweries were popular in the same way he was talking deep ecology before anyone had invented the term.

I remember the day I had arranged for Rodman to give my mom, her sister, my father, and his--uninvited--girlfriend a tour of the Arboretum before my graduation ceremony. Professor Rodman once told me that his favorite common name was for a prairie flower in the parsley family called "Rattlesnake-Master, Eryngoes yuccifolium. Honestly I haven’t been keeping up with regular updates of this post due to time issues and I suppose laziness but its back and today it is bigger than ever.
The post was delayed mainly because of the Y&Y one year celebrations and I spent most of yesterday recovering from the night. I have put together three songs from talented entertainer Chris Brown that I feel could and would have been hugely successful. At present I still stand by that comment, although having slightly overplayed the song I do find that I have grown a little tired of it. Music News Monday is here with an extensive list of news stories in the world of music that has surfaced this past week.
Initially a piano based broken down version of the track was recorded but then drums were added to give the song a new lease of life. Two songs are tracks Chris appears as a guest feature and the other is indeed fully fledged Chris brown track.

However my enthusiasm for the song returned with a vengeance today as the accompanying music video has premiered and it is a gooden. Nicki Minaj, Nas, Chris Brown, Toni Braxton and Rihanna all feature in this weeks post so check it out. This week’s edition features new from Drake, Rihanna, Dr Dre, Pink, and a few more but to start things off I have a huge announcement from Janet Jackson. You can expect to see the song placed on the upcoming Rihanna album Loud which is due for release here in the UK on November 15th.
Love the vivid colours in the video and the concept with the giant balloons floating down the hill, reminds me of the rainbow coloured Sony Bravia advert a few years ago. I mean there's like 20 other people credited for vox and he has nothing else above F4 so it's a bit suspicious to say the leasthm i see your point.

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