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SECRET GARDEN KOREAN DRAMA EP 1 ENG SUB FULL EPISODESub watch glasssecret garden series episodes .
Nikkei Asian Review is the only publication that brings you Insight about Asia, from the inside out. Around the same time, "Secret Garden," a coloring book for adults created by British illustrator Johanna Basford, became a phenomenal hit in China, with social networks playing a big role in increasing its popularity.

The 96-page collection holds elaborate black-and-white outlines of flowers, plants, insects and animals, with only 264 characters. Although 'Secret Garden' is filled with beautiful and complicated designs, I feel a real sense of achievement if my painting looks nice. At one point, China's big e-tailers ran out of stock of popular watercolor pencil brands like Faber-Castell, Marco and Staedtler.

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