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We expect you are all eager to hear who will be playing one of your favourite UK festivals this year, Secret Garden Party. Luckily we have the initial 2013 line up for you that includes headliners, Soulwax, Django Django, Bastille  and The Strypes. There are still of course more to be announced but we also have new news about the site landscaping and the first bookings for the Secret Forum. For 2013 the Garden’s beloved Artful Badgers have been given their very own new landscaped Amphitheatre to frolic in.  This will be a dedicated space for feral theatre and games throughout the day and at night will be transformed into a space full of wild gatherings, ceremonies and ferocious celebrations.

This year’s theme, ‘superstition’ brings the Black Cat Bar, which will be offering up the very finest of cabaret & cocktails, into the seductive spotlight.
There will also be new aerial walkways throughout these enchanted woodlands so that Gardeners can take a leisurely stroll amongst the towering trees – and spy on fellow Gardeners below. Along with a creme de la creme line-up of surprise guest DJs, this will include the new nearby Yacht Club Bar on the lakeside where Gardeners can sip on a sea breeze or take a boat out for a row. With a history spanning 10 years, WJ London was out of the print publication Who's Jack, founded by Lu Orcheston-Findlay.

For those who have not yet witnessed the Pagoda’s infamous allure, expect to be completely hypnotised by its magic this summer. We aim to deliver an informal and alternative take on lifestyle covering news, fashion, film, art, design, food & drink.

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