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365 days is a long time to spend without doing something you never thought you would have the nerve to do, joining a tribe, dancing around a fire, cheering at the bright lights in the sky. Set in the beautiful, landscaped garden on the grounds of a Georgian farmhouse with a lake and river, the secret garden is 70 miles outside of London and a million miles away from your day to day life. This is your chance to be a part of an ephemeral community, held together by the very things that make us human. Subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity and freedom, these are the fundamental human needs, and each one is catered for at Secret Garden Party. All this will take place to the soundtrack of some of the most vibrant and new independent artists.

TFF believes that festivals are worth talking about for what they are: we don't really believe that "bands X and Y were great whilst band Z was rubbish because they only played songs from their new record" constitutes valuable festival coverage, instead we believe in covering festivals for what has made them successful - the vibe, the atmosphere, the feeling. This is what we are made to do, and for four days of the year Secret Garden Party offers you the chance to get back in touch with these fundamental desires.
Independent, that means there are no silent business partners, shareholders or wooden colleagues of any kind.
When you pitch your tent and share the warmth of a fire with your 26,000 new family members you will be reminded how little of your life in the outside world is necessary for your happiness. You will be joining parades, taking part in the infamous paint fight, sock wrestling in the mud and joining in with the secret night games.

This is your party, your experience, your salvation, which is why you will not see a single sponsored ad when you’re in the wilderness.

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