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I’m currently traveling around Asia, so far made a pit stop in Tokyo and Bangkok and now exploring Vietnam. I like your picture in shorts, you look so comfortable but yes I can totally relate to Juliet how at some places people start staring you when you wear shorts or any such clothes and the worst part is that girls cant even enter in some temples. I’ve never been there before but i love to pack printed rompers, light fabrics and maxi dresses for dinners! Could you please tell me where you got that top (white and magenta pink at the very bottom of the top)!!!! La La Mer is a lifestyle blog where I share my personal style, beauty tips, travel adventures and more. New Forest - One of the country's newest national parks, the New Forest landscape is something special.
A National Park since 2005, the New Forest offers a slice of largely wooded England that has changed little since it was created in 1079. Cool Places celebrates the glorious diversity of Great Britain, promoting the very best places to sleep, eat, drink, see, and shop.

I am taking too many pictures to flood my instagram feed so the ones that didn’t make the cut are going on here. Being clumsy me, I leaned against a hot motorcycle exhaust pipe and burned the back of both my legs. Relatively flat and criss-crossed with gravel tracks, footpaths and even a disused railway, the woodland and open heathland is perfect for walking and cycling.
Residents were prohibited from erecting fences or doing anything that would get in the way of his hunts, and in return they were allowed to graze animals on open land.
We particularly love the independent businesses that make the UK unique, from artisan bakers to farm shops, canoe trips to gastronomic tours, cool cafes to high-end restaurants and the tiniest B&B to the grandest boutique hotel. One is pretty bad and the other bad too, this put a damper on the trip for sure but I’ll be fine.
The park also supports a healthy population of wildlife, including deer and its most famous residents, the New Forest ponies, which roam at will. To this day, New Forest residents – known as commoners – retain their right to graze animals (mainly ponies, cattle and, in autumn, pigs who eat the acorns that can harm ponies); ancient rights that look set to continue after the creation of the National Park in 2005.

The forest also flanks a large section of coast, and although much of it is outside the park proper, you’ll find some great beaches and harbour towns nearby. Timber from the New Forest supported a thriving shipbuilding industry in Lymington, a wealthy town filled with handsome Georgian buildings.
The best of these is Lymington, once a haunt of smugglers and now a yachties’ favourite and gateway to the Isle of Wight.
Though shipbuilding has declined – along with its other main trade, smuggling – the town remains extremely well-to-do thanks to its harbour, which is home to hundreds of yachts and small craft.

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