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A mysterious underground facility called “Site 911” is being planned by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
Site 911 also includes six other buildings to be built above ground there on an air force base near Tel Aviv. The Washington Post reports that only American firms can bid on the construction contracts, and the guards will only be Israeli Air Force veterans.
Barbie CraftsTri-Cities Politics ExaminerBarbie Crafts enjoys pursuing her freelance career by writing on a variety of topics here at the Examiner. Frigid customer sues Starbucks $5 M over too much ice in iced drinksRaise your hand if you remember the comic strip "They'll Do It Every Time." It showed people executing predictable fails and cringe-worthy behaviors, as if on cue. Seamless Transitions, a new work by James Bridle, visualizes secret sites of the the UK immigration system. The Special Immigration Appeals Commission courtroom, which facilitates the presentation of secret evidence. The artist’s new work, Seamless Transitions, is a computer-generated tour of three restricted sites within the UK immigration system. Bridle became interested in his country’s immigration system after reading about Isa Muazu, a Nigerian deportee who was shipped out of the country on a private jet after a three-month hunger strike at a holding center in south London.
Bridle worked with Picture Plane, a studio specializing in architecture visualizations, to bring the hidden areas into the light. To Bridle, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission courtroom has the most noteworthy architecture.
There are even restrictions that will be placed on non-Israeli employees; they can only come from certain countries. The Washington Post reports that a representative of the Pentagon says that only an IDF defense minister would be able to answer questions about the purpose of the facility. She has also been published on Associated Content, Demand Media, Triond, and Crafts 'n Things magazine.
Using planning documents and first-hand recollections, Bridle and an architecture visualization studio digitally recreated an immigration court in London, an immigrant removal center at London Heathrow Airport, and a private deportation terminal across town at Stansted Airport.

Muazu’s case, like others before it, offered a glimpse into what many see as a troubling, inhumane system.
They’re shown in pristine form, as is typically the case with architectural renderings, giving them an eerie institutional sterility.
While artists like Trevor Paglen have gone to great and ingenious lengths to document in photographs the infrastructure of the modern surveillance state, here we see how new technologies can offer other ways of reclaiming these spaces.
22 that this project, first reported in November by Walter PIncus, will cost over $62 million. According to Walter Pincus in November, there are plans for classrooms on Level 1 and an auditorium on Level 3. But mostly they’re just banal, presumably like so many off-limits rooms where the unsavory bits of modern governance transpire. Though there’s public seating, a walled, curtained witness box allows bureaucrats to give evidence anonymously. Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge.
Imagine if you could tour the prison within Oculus Rift, walking its halls or spending time inside a cell. Most people have heard of the amazing Civil War battles that took place in and around South Mountain. But we also could use it to interrogate our world in ways never before possible—if we care to look.
Union Major General George McClellan countered in Federick, Maryland before heading to South Mountain.
Considering the historic and military importance of the site, it is no surprise that there are rumors of a secret government installation in South Mountain, Maryland. Where is the Secret Government Installation in South Mountain, Maryland?Why would anyone make the claim that there’s some sort of secret facility within this mountain? Throughout 1942, South Mountain was used by the War Department as the American training ground to prepare U.S.

Almost 20,000 World War II troops were trained there, including a significant number of intelligence personnel. Today, the entire area of Northern Maryland is rife with alleged secret government facilities, mostly underground locations bristling with dishes, antenna and communication towers. There are three access roads, one dirt road from Fort Ritchie, one dirt road from the southern part of Range Rd, and one paved from the North. As you zoom in closer to the facility, you can see the amazing size of the tower (check out the length of that shadow) and the various transmission dishes and second communication towers around the facility. The half-full parking lot indicates that this is a fairly busy facility with a decent staff. This facility is revealed best by a local hiker writing about the Bear Pond mountain range.
The hiker reported that Cross Mountain has a communication antenna that was allegedly used to send microwave signals during cold war. They are bearing North from the south mountain facility which may suggest they are heading towards to at&t facility and others nearby.
He is an IT analyst, blogger, journalist, and a researcher for the truth behind strange stories. Freelance writer and editor for over 17 years, she loves to read and loves fringe science and conspiracy theory.Top Secret Writers Gabrielle is a journalist who finds strange stories the media misses, and enlightens readers about news they never knew existed. Whittington, from Houston, Texas, frequently writes on space, science, political commentary and political culture.

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