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Get away from the daily grind and treat your team to a day of fun-fulled activities followed by some rest and relaxation at Kualoa’s own Secret Island. Don’t be fooled by the beauty and serenity, Secret Island also has volleyball nets, ping pong tables, stand up paddleboards, kayaks, canoes and a 24 passenger glass bottom boat, the Ani Ani. Great for Corporate, Incentive and Social Events, Team Building activities, or just a fun filled day at the beach!
I couldn't resist a quick nap on the porch overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in this Don Pedro Island beach house. Hilton Daytona Beach – Even though I stayed here on a very busy summer holiday weekend, my room was quiet, clean and supremely comfortable overlooking the Main Street Pier. The Wyvern Hotel in Punta Gorda is surprisingly stylish and comfortable for a relatively small-town property. Our room at the Hibiscus Coffee and Guesthouse in Grayton Beach was unique, charming, Old-Florida, and best of all--clean and quiet. Cedars Tennis Resort, Longboat Key – This place was so quiet and well-appointed it was a dream. My townhouse at The Cedars Tennis Resort on Longboat Key turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.
Hidden Beach is named as such because the beach itself is hidden by towering karst cliffs that surround it.
Another secret of El Nido was unveiled as we swam through this small opening to enter another beautiful version of paradise. I had to know what this place was so I searched online and discovered Diego Garcia is a US Navy facility also known as Camp Justice.

Garcia being a military installation it was home to the Chagossians who inhabited Diego Garcia along with a few of the other surrounding islands.
Today, there are no Chagossians that live on the island of Diego Garcia, as it is now the site of the military base Camp Justice. Not only does this little island, in the middle of nowhere, house the USN but it also alledgely houses terrorist suspectsin a CIA black site. The little-known British possession, leased to the United States in 1970, was a major military staging post in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. It continues to be, in effect, a floating aircraft carrier, housing 1,700 personnel who call it Camp Justice.
But intelligence analysts say Diego Garcia's geographic isolation is now being exploited for other, darker purposes.
Islands] within the African nuclear-weapon-free zone" without consent of the British government.
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Guests are brought to a private dock at the edge of our ancient Hawaiian fishpond where they will board a flat bottom boat and are then taken to our Secret Island Beach. Once docked, guests follow a mangrove covered pathway where they come to a secluded, serene white sand beach.
Whether guests come for games and fun or peaceful relaxation, Kualoa’s Secret Island Beach is a place that will not be forgotten. And the rooftop deck is just the thing to relax and get a bird's-eye view of the city and the Peace River. Standing on the third level of my town home, I could step out onto the secluded deck and look over dozens of acres of mangrove forest.

It’s a three story wooden structure with various configurations of accommodations caressed by towering coconut palms and breezes off Charlotte Harbor.
As our boat could not dock directly on the beach itself, we had to swim a few meters to find paradise.
Thanks to the British Governemnet making this a marine protected area, the chances are low. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Matinloc Shrine is located in Matinloc Island, a small island surrounded by crystal clear blue water. We spent about 30 minutes snorkeling at Hidden Beach before heading to our next destination. I never thought I’d want to live on Longboat Key, but staying here for two nights changed my mind. Stay here in the summer or fall and you’ll think you are one of the first settlers on the island. Aside from the shrine lies an abandoned mansion that used to be owned by one of the locals of El Nido who married a German.

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