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Sinbad: Sora Tobu Hime to Himitsu no Shima is an upcoming Japanese animated family adventure film inspired by Arabian Nights. Imagine if an action movie fr0m the 1990s fell into a time tunnel and popped out in 2013 India, and was given modern fight choreography. Commando is very much a man’s movie, Vidyut Jamwal is basically Superman without the suit, and Jaideep Ahlawat is a maniacal gang leader who sends dozens of goons off to do violent things with a flick of the finger. Commando features one other thing that we won’t be seeing much of in modern American cinema – Chinese villains! The retro feel of Commando comes from the blend of mindless action and old school attitudes about women and politics. Commando – A One Man Army is a fun blast of the past that suffers whenever nonaction is happening on the screen. Captain Karanvir Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal) – Elite commando crashed and abandoned in China, escapes after 1 year of torture and promptly gets involved in a local dispute involved a thug and his gang of thugs. AK 74 (Jaideep Ahlawat) – Local thug Amrit Kawal Singh calls himself AK 74 because all villains need cool nicknames. The movie features sea vampires that look like flying manta rays, which makes some goofy imagery in the trailer above.

Cassie Scerbo and Jonathan Lipnicki play sibling prospectors who disturb a colony of amphibious sea vampires in an underwater cave. Lake Placid and Anaconda are both monster films from the 90s that eventually churned out a whole slew of DTV sequels that often had their big premieres on SyFy. Who is visiting who has not been revealed, but with the recent talk of pythons being invasive in Florida, it is less crazy if Anacondas show up at Lake Placid. Sleepy Hollow has been absent from the airwaves the past few weeks, giving us some time to digest what has been going on. One type of movie news story I love hearing about is formerly lost films being found, restored, and screened around the world.
Much of older Chinese film is long lost, due to various reasons – poor storage, fires, bankruptcies, Japan invading China, censorship issues.
As you are probably aware, The Cave of the Silken Web is an adaptation of the story from Journey to the West where a cave full of spider women plot to eat the Monk Xuanzang, and Monkey and Pigsy have to save the day.
Even more remarkable, all this information about Obdurodon tharalkooschild comes from just one molar. The structure of the tooth suggests the animal was capable of eating not only the small insects and crayfish on which modern platypuses dine, but also small vertebrates such as certain fish and amphibians, and even small turtles, the team reports.

That expanded diet is also interesting news, and puts a new perspective in what ecological niche older platypus species served.
As they return from their honeymoon, Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley face yet another adventure: Elaine disappears (again) and is being declared dead - her mansion is scheduled for demolition and a scumbag politician with a suspicious name is after her job as governor. Guybrush Threepwood: I find it hard to believe that the SCUMM Bar is owned by someone named I. The film is produced by Nippon Animation and Shirogumi, directed by Shinpei Miyashita and written by Kaeko Hayafune.
The Anti-LeChuck is three meters tall, has a prehensile tail, a forked tongue, and the number "1138" stamped on his forehead.

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