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Like other spin-offs, The Sims Medieval offers new features, such as armed combat and religion. EA has discontinued the DVD version of The Sims Medieval and only the digital release version remains on Origin[3] making it Windows, only but the OS X version is now downloadable through Origin. The game is not compatible with Windows 8 as of Patch 2.0, due to switching from SecuROM to Sony Content Protection DRM, which does not work on Windows 8.
Support for Windows XP SP2 and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition was removed in Medieval, although Windows XP SP3 is still supported. The storyline of the game is to build a successful kingdom, by fulfilling the player's "Kingdom Ambition," which the player chooses at the start of the game. A player can create Hero Sims to control, each one having a profession (monarch, knight, merchant, etc.). With the quest and the Hero Sim(s) selected, the game unpauses and the player is able to control the chosen Hero Sim(s) during the quest.

A player's main goal is to complete the quest by following the indicated quest-related actions.
Besides the quest and quest performance, players' Sims have various jobs, and each job has its own duties (called responsibilities) that they will be given to fulfill daily (two per day). Some of the actions in the game, including completing quests, give the Hero Sim experience points. In addition to completing quests and doing their job, Hero Sims can also marry and raise a family. Once an ambition has been completed, the play will unlock new ambitions for future playthroughs as well as unlocking freeplay for that specific kingdom. With the game stopped, the player has to choose a quest (quests are required to fulfill said kingdom ambition), and then choose which hero Sim they want to use.
When the quest is completed, another quest must be selected and another choice of Hero Sim(s) must be made.

Doing so will raise their focus, the game's mood, which has a major involvement in the way the Sim performs many interactions, as well as in the quest performance itself. A Sim's spouse and children are NPCs (although the player can decide to marry two created Hero Sims).
During quests other non-controlled Sims (even the Heroes created by the player) live in the kingdom, and will continue their life while the quest is going on., like in the story progression feature in The Sims 3.
Aging is mostly the same as The Sims; babies grow into children, but children don't grow any older. The one exception is if a Hero Sim dies in the course of a quest, in which case a player can choose to have a child grow up and inherit their role.

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