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Booktopia - Secret Japan, Colouring for Mindfulness Series by Zoe de Las Cases, 9780600632122. Capture the beauty of colourful kimonos, the intricate designs of fans, the peace of an ancient temple and enjoy the uniquely elegant Japanese way of life in the course of these pages.
Yojiro Takita directs this witty, understated comedy about the clash between generations and the different facets of love. Based on famed mysterious writer Keigo Higashino's 1998 novel "Himitsu" - winner of the Mystery Writers of Japan Prize. In my teenage years, I would read about a man doing crazy engine swaps, doing burnouts on highways, and insane high speed runs away from cops.

As you focus on colouring in and forget the stresses of everyday life, you'll find calm returning. Naoko (Kayoko Kishimoto) and her 17-year-old daughter Monami are hospitalized after their bus plunges off the edge of a cliff. Kazuhiko Nagata - widely known as "Smokey" - is the man behind Top Secret and a legend in the underground racing world. When you meet Smokey, he's a calm and gentle dude, a huge contrast to his infamy and the monster cars he builds.
Just as Naoko is about to die, she manages to transfer her soul to her daughter's body so as not to be separated from her husband Heisuke (Kaoru Kobayashi).

Some of his memorable builds include a VQ30 Nissan 350Z, VK45 Skyline CV35 (aka Infiniti G35), and probably his most famous build, the V12 Toyota Supra. We didn't want to take a lot of his time, so we respectfully excused ourselves, but before we left he handed me a Top Secret keychain.
Just a cool little token from a giant of a man, but one I'm never letting go - thank you, Smokey!

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