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There’s been no prior announcement from TS Entertainment about a solo comeback for Ji Eun, so this is completely out of the blue. Secret’s Song Ji Eun just unveiled the first teaser video for “25,” a continuation of her first solo comeback in a year, following up on her recent pre-release of “Don’t Look At Me Like That.” According to TS Entertainment, this is Song Ji Eun’s first dance title track, produced by hit-makers Duble Sidekick. The new “25” teaser shows a concept directly contrasting that of “Don’t Look At Me Like That,” with bright colors and upbeat choreography, accompanied by a distinct saxophone sound.
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Last night, SBS played a comeback teaser for Song Ji Eun’s new solo single on Inkigayo. Judging by the teaser, Ji Eun’s going for another depressing, maudlin concept, which is totally fine by me. The Bang Yongguk-assisted hip-hop ballad was a huge hit back when it was released, closing out 2011 as the 38th biggest song of the year. I was horrified at the end, though… couldn’t she have dragged her boyfriend out of the car *before* she set him on fire?

I already know that Hyorin would promote a Brave Brothers or Duble Sidekick song with the typical sexy Sistar sound which is quite good, I must say. The upcoming music video was directed by Hong Won Ki from Zany Bros, who has previously shot music videos for artists such as TVXQ, 4Minute, and 2PM.

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