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In fact, if you can handle the occasional iAds or missing functionality, there are actually some decent journals for the iPad that are absolutely free. Note that these descriptions are from the developer and I have not personally tested every one of these.
This simple to use and intuitive application allows you to keep a track of your life, what you have been doing, how you have been feeling and further it allows you to capture your moods, contemplate your achievements and reflect on what now, what next, whatever you want…. Use it as you need to keep notes, capture pictures, load music – and it’s private so no pressure, no criticism – your place be yourself on your iPad.
Stylish diary with high quality graphics, advanced page navigation, sketch, handwriting, analog clock, sticky notes, bookmarks, lock and more. All notes are neatly displayed on an elegant home screen for easy access, and by default are sorted by date of creation.
Upload a photo of yourself, add basic information about you, and personalize the home screen.
Click here to learn about Modern Journaling which is the first and only ebook guide dedicated to keeping journals and diaries on your smartphones, tablets and computers!
Use pictures, text, notes and music that reflect your mood and then decorate the page with stickers. Subscribe! Receive occasional updates from Nathan on digital journaling tips, plus our mini guide immediately for free.

Not too long ago, my friend Sam threw down the proverbial gauntlet, and challenged me to discover for myself whether all the great benefits I'd experienced in 30 years of journal writing could still be achieved using a keyboard instead of a pen and paper. Since then, I started building this site to help you find the best digital journaling apps, services, tips and tricks. BookAdda is an Indian online bookstore with collection of over 1,30,00,000 books at extremely attractive prices from more than 34,12,622 authors.
Besides a large collection of general books in various categories like Fiction, Non Fiction, Mystery, Self Help, Reference, Biographies etc, we also have a huge collection of Management, Computer, Engineering and Medical books catering to many university syllabus in India.
We offer our vast collection of books at very reasonable prices backed by prompt delivery & proactive customer support services. Bookadda Bookshelf is an easy-to-use , 'free' facebook application that allows you to create a virtual personal bookshelf. All the titles clearly mention the approximate dispatch time from our warehouse from date of your order receipt. Books normally get DELIVERED within 1-3 days after dispatch by our couriers within major metros in India.
For other areas not covered by couriers, orders will be sent by Registered Post through the Indian Postal Service which may take 1-2 weeks or more depending on the location.
Users can even get a subscription that backs up the diary entries in case the device is lost or stolen. You can try selecting from a similar category, click on the author's name, or use the search box above to find your book.

If you have ever wanted to turn your iPad into your own personal journal, you are not alone.
We are always trying to improve our own personal journals and are committed to helping you reach your journaling goals. The Secret Diary also bundles software for diaries such as My Stars, Dream Catcher, Thinking Deep and Mood Art.
Write your dreams and secrets (for your eyes only), detail your favourite outfits, create wild new hairstyles and have hours of fun playing the games and activities in the Glamour Girl Secret Journal. There are dozens of great apps available, and fortunately, they don’t have to break the bank to get started.
If you have tried any of these, please sound off in the comments below describing your own personal experience. The journal works like magic: simply write in the book with a regular pen, or use the special blacklight pen and the writing will be invisible until you shine the blacklight on it!
To keep everything extra secret, the book has a lock on the cover that can only be opened with a special key.

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