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I remember hearing the band, Love X Stereo for the first time at Rockdo Music Festival, a free outdoor concert on the Han River. Love X Stereo’s sound mixes electronic music with ‘90s-inspired alternative and punk and is incredibly danceable.
Love X Stereo was officially formed in 2011 when Toby (guitar) and Annie (vocals, synth) decided to go in a completely different direction from the punk sound of their previous band, Skrew Attack. They were kind enough to answer some questions about going to South by Southwest, their recent tour in the States and their future plans.
Out of all the Korean bands, which were there, we were most diligent in terms of watching shows.
We saw Peelander-Z, Foster the People, London Grammar, Sam Smith, 1975, The Kooks, Bear Hands, and so many others.
If you are interested in Love X Stereo, these are great places to find out more and listen to some great tunes.
There will be interviews from bands, people involved with this scene, reviews of shows and other music events.

Rockdo was the first K-indie festival I attended and it really cemented my love affair with Korean indie music. Their song, “Soul City (Seoul City)”, from their Off the Grid album, is a soundtrack for Seoul.
It’s like little Hongdae but with so many more people, more than you can even imagine, because everywhere you go there’s a gig happening.
How was it touring and playing with other Korean bands instead of just on your own like last time? There were a lot of fans who initially came for other bands, but they eventually send us great energy anyway.
It consists of four members and released their first single in 2009; they released a full-length studio album in 2011.
The most impressive was The Kooks, their live show was way better than their albums, which we didn’t expect. The lead singer with her amazing voice and short bright red hair, interesting lyrics in their songs and danceable beats were all factors to make them memorable.

The music video for their song “Fly Over” on their album, Glow, not only takes you musically to a new place but also visually, especially if this new place includes singing mannequins and giant walking bags. In 2013, they completed their first tour of North America and performed at CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. This spring, they performed at the South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and then continued touring around the country. Now that they are back in Seoul, you can find them constantly playing shows around Hongdae.

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