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The duoa€™s next hit single Me & U caught the ear of Sean Diddy Combs, who signed up his Bad Boy Records to partner with Cassie on her self-titled debut album, Cassie. Learn to stand up for yourself; be more forceful in demanding rights in return for the work you do. August 26 people generally make excellent parents, as they understand the importance of structure and organization in the lives of children. Many August 26 people enjoy working behind the scenes, and in exceptional cases can be the moving force behind a well-known individual or group. Sooner or later, however, August 26 people may stop (often in their fifties and sixties) and ask a€?Hey, whata€™s in it for me?a€? or a€?My God, whata€™s happened to my life?a€? At that time they are quite capable of giving up selfless activities and striking out on a whole new path.
Linking mental determination and structure with abundant physical energy will be the determining factor in such a process.
They are not usually cut out for solo leadership roles, but can make excellent partners and co-workers. These females can have a shy, demure appeal; the males are often taken for strong, silent types.
They tend to be fixed in their mental attitudes, and this is likely to arouse antagonism, particularly from those who prefer a more spontaneous, flexible or free-flowing lifestyle.
Since learning to loosen up is essential for them, their best relationships are often with those with whom they can just let go and have a good time. They can encounter problems when their service-oriented stance and practical abilities attract dependent, needy types, who drain their energies and exhaust their capacity to give.
Since living through others may be a temptation for those born during the Week of System Builders, they must learn to stand up for themselves and become less self-sacrificing.
Drew has made guest appearances on Without a Trace, Girlfriends, and The Game and was in the comedy films White Chicks and Wild Hogs. She was in four released features in 2009 but has been spending much of her time working on music.
In your lifestyle attempt to look ahead; once you have made your plans, dona€™t forget to act on them. Not only are May 1 people forthright, but they also show an active interest in the events of the world around them. The chief defensive weapon of May 1 people against those who would disturb their tranquillity is a pointed wit, and a sense of humor armed with satiric barbs; their tendency to watch and observe supplies them with plenty of ammunition.
Those born on this day are sensualists, enjoying heartily the delights of table and bed; they may in fact be more comfortable in repose than in motion.
Manifesting or giving shape to a concept might include setting up a home or family as well as a business or other organization. Although their leadership abilities are undeniable, it is less the kick of leading others that drives them than the vision of personally implementing their ideas through group endeavors.
As bosses but also as co-workers, they can be highly successful through their diplomacy and their understanding of their colleaguesa€™ needs. These individuals are intensely physical people; sex, food, comfort, and sports and recreation of all kinds are important to their mental and physical well-being. They can avoid many problems by adjusting their self-image to correspond more with reality. Of course, this peace can have its downside: they can be so happy with their living situation that they ignore its warning signs. In general, those born during the Week of Manifestation tend to preserve and hold on to what theya€™ve got. Cultivate emotional detachmenta€”this doesna€™t mean dona€™t feel; just dona€™t let it get to you. Their profundity of feeling causes them to be easily wounded by criticism, other forms of carelessness, or life traumaa€”particularly the loss or death of loved ones. Whether they, like Hamlet, choose to a€?suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,a€? or a€?take arms against a sea of troubles,a€? it is important for them to be less attached emotionally to what is occurring, no matter how painful.
Separating their feelings from what may be happening around them, controlling the urge to escape, and developing a philosophical approach will assist them in being detached. Intensely sensuous individuals, they find that a combination of physical activity while surrounding themselves with beauty helps to keep them in possession of their feelings and gives them peace of mind. Quite by trail and error, they will find those art objects, hobbies, and activities that give them a sense of balance. Without thinking about it too much, they will eventually find a way to surround themselves with all that calms, soothes, and heals.
Often, much like a butterfly emerging form its chrysalis, they spend quite a lot of time behind the scenes early in life only to undergo their metamorphosis and emerge into the spotlight. Fans remember him as Lance, the friendly neighborhood drug-dealing slime who ultimately saves Uma Thurmana€™s life in Pulp Fiction.
For the most part those born on this day are not schooled or scholarly trained individuals but rather people who have learned through the hard lessons of experience. Whether conventional or unconventional, September 30 people often use their appearance to attract attention; they can be masterful in presenting a public image and in holding the attention of family and friends. There is certainly a good chance that September 30 people will grow overly accusatory, judgmental or fond of pointing a righteous finger at those they believe compromise the truth in some way. On the other hand, those born on this day are usually quite capable of defending themselves, and although sensitive, can shrug off many an attack (due to their innate self-confidence). Fight the impulse to procrastinate, but at the same time resist interfering with things that work, even if they do not meet your expectations. Although biting onea€™s tongue can be difficult, it may be necessary if we are to avoid inflicting hurt on others. They have undeniable perfectionist tendencies, which may infuse every area of their lives with a desire to find out whata€™s wrong and to try to fix it. In their drive for perfection, they are prone to apply their often mercilessly high standards equally to themselves and to those around them. Do not be surprised if their hunger for perfection sometimes drives them to become obsessive and compulsive.
Their inability to share or discuss their feelings at a deep level, however, may ultimately prove debilitating to any relationship.
Swings between overinterest and disinterest may also have an adverse effect on the stability of their relationships.
Those born during the Week of the Perfectionist have a wry sense of humor and often a biting wit, which can express itself in many forms, but principally in irony and sarcasm.
The key point is that they are called to overcome their feelings of insecurity and low selfA­worth.
With the confidence to share their views and ideas, they have a lot to contribute since they possess a great deal of insight into the workings of both individuals and groups. Frequently, they find themselves thrust into the spotlight, even if they are wholly unprepared for it. Ironically, success will not come to they if they seek the limelight as a way to gain acceptance. Not surprisingly, their mates may have to accept the role of foot soldier, carrying out dayA­to-day responsibilities while they go about their work of leadership or command. An example from history that comes to mind that describes those born during the Way of Confidence is that of the Roman emperor Claudius. More highly evolved March 14 people are able to consider many different planes of existence simultaneously, whether emotional, physical or spiritual. Because they like to remain independent, and are usually not the first to rush to join a cause or ally themselves with a group, March 14 people must be careful that others dona€™t take them for aloof or superior types. In their personal lives March 14 people tend to be open, accepting and tolerant, since they know that anyone may be right in a given situation, and that all outlooks should be considered. The most successful of those born on March 14 evolve to the point where they can appreciate the merits of a given person or thing with less need for comparison. Be more demanding of yourself in your personal development, and contribute actively to the life around you. There is a limit to what you are capable of overcominga€”make life easier for yourself, and be willing to compromise when necessary. Being open to fantasy and striving to go beyond normal experience manifests strongly now, leading to ecstatic, onea€“ina€“aa€“lifetime experiences but also threatening disaster through excessive involvement that blinds us to reality.
In fact, discovering that there are several levels of reality, not just one, in itself is a realization that can send us off into hitherto uncharted waters. Although visionary in thought, they have an intensely practical side and often well-developed technical or scientific skills. One might accuse them of being unrealistic if they didna€™t prove to be correct so much of the time. Those who encounter these folks may well find them strange or peculiar, a trait that can make them either more or less desirable, depending on whom they meet.
Comfort-loving, they know how to make life pleasant for themselves and for others; in furnishing their homes, for example, they are often tasteful and imaginative.
Although these individuals usually seem very independent, they often foster dependencies in others. Those born during the Week of Dancers and Dreamers can be unstable and unrealistic in their romantic relationships and often get involved with the wrong partner. Clearly, there is great danger here for them to veer off and go down the wrong road, one filled with quarrels and conflict.
Often their success or failure, both in terms of their spiritual lives and their worldly positions, is dependent on their willingness to compromise.
These people will become more and more adept at couching their ideas in language that can be more readily accepted.
Inevitably, they are attracted to those who can help them achieve their ambitions but, deceived by self-interest, may cut themselves off from those who really love or care for them and whom they most need. The importance of opening lines of communication for those born during the Way of Translation is observed in the story of the Tower of Babel. April 18 people are aware of their appearance and their public image; how others see them in daily life is very important to them. Those born on this day have a strong sense of loyalty and their defensive instincts extend not only to friends and family but to professional colleagues or clients as well.
April 18 people often have an emotionally deep and complex bond with one of their parents (usually a boy with his mother or a girl with her father). A crucial area of growth for April 18 people lies in fully unlocking intimate affection and love. They may also choose the path of sacrifice, which their family or social group is usually expected to share. Both iconoclasts and traditionalists, these people sometimes change roles when they move from one activity to another, or from one period of life to another. They are passionate about more than just their ideas: sexual energy runs high in this group, and their mates and lovers may be kept busy in satisfying them or living up to their needs and will not hesitate to find satisfaction elsewhere if it is denied at home.
In relationships, their principal problem is the habit of forcing their ideas on others, putting abstractions ahead of personal considerations. The protectiveness of these people toward their friends and family is generally valuable as long as it does not smother, or run out of hand. Another problem for their intimates is that, although they are usually ready to listen, and are generous with their energy for fixing things, they may be unable to express true sympathy or to empathize. The benefits of involvement with a person born during the Week of the Pioneer, on the other hand, can be great. They naturally exhibit a desire to learn about larger or more universal concepts and issues and will eventually learn to live according to such higher, broader, more expansive views.
As much as they may be distracted by amusements or other passions, by keeping their minds fixed on one true thing in their lives these men and women will, in a mysterious way, actually amplify and propel themselves into a mythic realm. For these people, the arena in which this process manifests itself most clearly is their career. What is best for them, and perhaps even essential, is having the elbow room to move and grow. Regardless of career, the bottom line for those born on this day is social involvement, for they are highly averse to an isolated lifestyle. October 11 people must not allow themselves to be imposed upon or manipulated by more intense, better directed types who know what they want and will do what they have to do to get it. When October 11 people are truly satisfied with what they have, they experience a kind of bliss unknown to most people. We may also gain satisfaction in taking the lead in family and social matters, perhaps emerging as a force to be reckoned with in our professional lives also. By sharing the spotlight with other individuals, we will assure appreciation of our efforts and help build a reputation as an active, yet unselfish, participant in group activities. Hardheaded, they may stick to the same course for years, whether it is right for them or wrong. Leadership qualities are often highly developed in such individuals, who typically find themselves at the head of a social group or business.
Worldliness is perhaps their greatest strength; their know how, knowledge and experience give them the confidence they need to enjoy the challenges of their chosen field. Difficulties arise in their personal relationships when their lovers or mates feel neglected. Their friends or mates may have to play a subordinate role, since these folks usually take center stage.
Probably the best thing that can happen emotionally to those born during the Week of Theater is to be or become an active member of a family group that can provide the affection, support and appreciation these hard-driving individualists need. Learn to protect yourself from your environment without cutting yourself off; remain open, but attentive. Because March 10 people are so sensitive, they experience the highs and lows of life as few others do, and therefore are more likely to turn inward and search their souls, to try to understand themselves. In putting emphasis on internal rather than external values, March 10 people are oriented toward an idealistic, non-materialistic value system.
Continue to strive for trust and acceptance, but remember to stand up for yourself as well. Undeniably, our feelings come to the surface at this time and should be channeled into both loving and creative activities. There is nothing wrong with spending more time alone, perhaps retreating from certain harsh realities, but healthy social bonds should also not be cut.
They have a strong soulful side, apparent in their love of music and in their empathy for all forms of human suffering. They see a distinct difference between being lonely (which they rarely are) and being alone (which they are often). Dangerous areas for them include anything with a strong habituative or outright addictive qualitya€”drugs, drink, sex. Generally speaking, they ask only one thing from the world, and that is to be accepted as they really are. In love, perhaps because those born during the Week of the Loner have a greater ability to enjoy or appreciate such areas than others do, or perhaps their resistance to the lure of physical pleasure is lower; they are more prone than others to be snagged by a pretty face, sensuous voice or alluring body.
Their core lesson is the development of a real desire to share what they know with others, while allowing them to have their own thoughts, ideas, and theories. These individuals have a certain fearlessness, one that permits them to attain great heights. Ita€™s lonely at the top, and usually these folks would rather be surrounded by loved ones. They must also learn that a certain amount of theatricality should go into the educational process; that is, entertainment can be one of the greatest ways of making a point. Obviously, the arena of life that is most fated for these people involves career or social standing. People born on the Day of the Supportive Partner often end up in the hands of a powerful mentor to give them the boost they need to come out of their shells.
It is true that some August 26 people are possessed by feelings of self-pity and become ultrasensitive to all forms of negativity and rejection.
Those with little ambition are usually pretty relaxed in the demands they make on their offspring.
Not only team players, they actually take satisfaction in remaining unseen and anonymous; rather than fretting for lack of attention, they may actually luxuriate in the freedom, as they see it, of doing their work without much ego interference. Although this can come as a shock to those who have depended on them or perhaps taken them for granted, such August 26 people will probably feel that they deserve their new-found freedom, suffering little or no guilt when making the change. Although they may be thoughtful people, who generally take the time to make intelligent choices, fears of health problems or doctors may keep them from seeking a physician or therapist.
Since Saturn carries a strong feeling of responsibility, and an accompanying inclination toward caution, limitation and fatalism, the tendency for August 26 people to remain in a supportive role is enhanced. The queen symbolizes the female Magician who can master rebellious energies and stands for moral as well as physical strength.
Holding to a strict daily schedule, regulating good sleep habits, instituting short rest periods, and being more constructively critical of onea€™s performance could all help. In their family role, similarly, they often care for those who need help, or provide the bulwark of dependability in everyday life. They like to sit back and watch, preferring to observe carefully before acting; this quality of objectivity, and the evaluations that result from it, can make them extremely valuable to a company or family. As dominant family figures or parents, they may be prone to making excessive numbers of rules, and to enforcing them overdiligently. These relationships with fun-loving types can prove mutually advantageous, with them providing structure and dependability and the other party providing the unserious, relaxed attitude that these folks may lack.
Fostering such dependencies may be a subtle form of self-destructive behavior for them, for although the need to share and to solve problems may initially provide positive common bonds, relationships with insecure and needy individuals can ultimately bring out a corresponding negativity.
Building a truly independent lifestyle, one less dependent on the needs and wishes of others, whether parents, clients, friends or lovers, may be the greatest challenge they face. Drew has worked with the Hip-Hop Literacy cause and signed a deal with Slip-N-Slide Records.
Even the shyest take a stand within the family, business or social group of which they are a member.
This talent for humbling pretention or arrogance usually succeeds in earning them respect in their circle. Generally, those born on this day will not take big risks but follow good sense in backing a winner. They are not given to wild flights of fancy when it comes to business, money dealings or even artistic expression.
The first hint of a cold should be immediately treated with vitamin C and a soothing herbal steam inhalation, such as camomile. People born on the 1st generally like to be first in what they do, but the competitive urge of May 1 people is blunted by the influence of Venus (ruler of Taurus). Over his head is an infinity symbol, which in some Tarot decks takes the form of a hat, in others a halo. A feeling for structure, particularly of a hierarchical kind, comes naturally to these individuals. These people prefer sitting and ruling the roost to vying with others for power or seeking new worlds to conquer. One way to get close to them is to share a daily regimen with them, perhaps jogging, swimming, squash or tennis. What they think they are (tough, no-nonsense, stable) and what they really are (sensitive, emotional, tending to exaggerate) are too often at variance. A much more sensible method, particularly when they are your parents or mates, is to appeal to their need for affection and harmony. Prone to procrastination, they often downplay matters needing attention, whether a squeaky door, a drafty window or the needs of a family member.
At some point in their lives, however, they may have to learn to walk away from a relationship instead of trying to hold it together or patch it up: if it falls apart, something better may emerge. This core lesson, once learned, will have many ramifications since it allows them to emerge gradually from their self-imposed retreat and to carry on a more public life. Throughout their lives, they will find themselves attracted to the beauty of the physical form.
Often they are extremely unaware of how sensitive they are to their environments, but, in fact, the balance of the elements around them can have extreme consequences for their emotional states. Perhaps this is their inner response to the often turbulent outer world to which they are subjected.
It is here that basically private, even escapist people learn to leave their worries behind and put their energies to work, often in the service of others.
In 2010, he received rave reviews for his performance as a death row inmate and enigmatic serial killer on Greya€™s Anatomy. Their appearance is important to them in public, as far as dress, speech and demeanor are concerned. September 30 people can also assume scholarly status through their own form of thorough study and in their field can come to be regarded as experts. Highly attuned to the human condition, those born on this day understand people and their motives very well. This tendency to be an accusing angel can really get out of hand, and can even make others adopt an instinctively defensive posture in their presence.
Since they are largely self-taught at what they do, and have graduated from a€?The School of Hard Knocks,a€? they have an essential toughness which will always protect them. In fact those born on this day must usually make a great effort to avoid alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, coffee drinking or indulging a sweet tooth. Those ruled by the number 3 often rise to the highest position in their sphere, and September 30th people may well be driven toward the top in their search for financial and material success, as well as independence.
She is the perfect woman: the ultra-feminine Mother Earth nurturer, who embodies our dreams, hopes and aspirations. Moreover, our tendency to butt into other peoplea€™s business is apparent now, and this too should be kept under control. Our ability to express ourselves using the written and spoken word is pronounced during this period and should be taken advantage of both in our work and private lives.
This theme of putting things right reflects their knowledge and technical know how, and also their conviction that they know whata€™s best for those around them. At the heart of their perfectionism may well lie a voice from their childhood constantly telling them that they arena€™t good enough. They are extremely thorough in carrying out their plans, and in bringing their activities to a successful conclusion. Yet they can be torn by indecision, even spending years trying to make up their minds what course to follow. Those personally involved with them would do best to keep feelings out in the open from the start, even to the point of insisting that they vent their emotions, whether positive and negativea€“not only happiness, joy and love but anger, jealousy, dislike and even hatred.
Their lovers and mates may enjoy their sexual intensity but may ultimately need to withdraw a bit in order to establish a private space.
Their humor is not generally intended to hurt, however, or even to make others laugh, but to make them think. Since early childhood, they have known, deep down, that they march to the beat of a different drummer.
Though they tend to simply want to fit in and live quiet lives, they must instead learn how to be commanding, even heroic.
One day, quite suddenly, the universe may force them into leadership roles by creating power vacuums in their groups that only they can fill. This would make them ineffectual as leaders because their actions or decisions would be predicated on approval seeking.
However, partnerships of such inequality are not ideal for them since their innate sense of fairness will cause them to feel guilty.
Early in his career as a politician, though quite intelligent, he was considered to be mentally deficient due to a physical disability and to his rather likeable, accepting nature. They are also interested in the relationship between the personal world (concerns of here and now) and the universal world (unchanging, eternal principles). Though they have a fine sense of humor and are not afraid to express their opinions forcefully, they are somewhat wary where offering deeper friendship is concerned. They do, however, have a tendency to idolize objects of affection who they are unable or unlikely to attain. Since they are family-oriented, they will usually be concerned about the health of other family members, and not infrequently take a strong interest in medicine and the healing arts.
However, for March 14 people, Mercurya€™s influence is shaped by Neptune (ruler of Pisces) which makes for a marked sensitivity and appreciation for surrounding stimulia€”particularly colors, smells and sounds. It is important to them to take an active hand in whatever is going on around them and to help other people solve their problems; they have a tremendous need to influence the lives of others and often manage to do so. Making the unbelievable believable, or the impossible possible, is perhaps their greatest power. Although much that they say is true, and of a high order of thinking, their omniscient manner can antagonize people. Some have an air of self-importance, others radiate a kind of ineffectuality; both types may become complacent, however, figuring that wherever they are at that moment, whether in their career or in their living situation, is the best or at least the safest place for them to be.
Yet a curious wanderlust or impermanence in their lifestyles can make for frequent moves, in which they leave a string of well-furnished and improved dwellings behind them. Often highly empathic, they are good listeners and are quite able to relate to and make sense of other peoplea€™s points of view. Yet if they make the commitment to a love that is positive and nurturing, they are quite capable of making loyal and devoted spouses. Eventually, they may develop roles in the world at large actually serving as interpreters of sorts for others.
There is no doubt that faithful life partners would be worth all the gold in the world to them, were they only to realize it. The confusion engendered by people speaking different languages to each other was sufficient to put an end to the building of the edifice.
As a result, they may misjudge their best friends while seeking approval from those who would like to control or otherwise manipulate them. If this aura of nobility and honor is in any way besmirched, they will suffer very deeply and will stop at nothing to put it right. They should beware of making enemies in this way, and sometimes must allow others to fight their own battles.

If love is bottled up, an embittered personality may result that will always feel a victim of the blows of the world.
Since their strengths lie in the areas of forcefulness, will and imagination, rather than reason, their willingness to submit to a rigorous mental training of some kind is essential.
Since the sign of Aries is also ruled by Mars, April 18 people have to beware of their aggressiveness getting the better of them, and since quarreling can make enemies, they should avoid conflict when possible.
Because they often look to a€?do good,a€? and can be overly generous with their resources, these giving individuals can easily be taken advantage of. If their ideology calls for a certain type of health diet, say, or for a drastic reduction in the importance of food altogether, then so be it.
They sometimes see having children as a way of creating their own following, and this view of parenthood demands an agreeable, understanding and capable mate.
Their children can have special problems in this regard; they sometimes hurt childrena€™s feelings, either by overlooking them or by refusing to recognize them. Better on defense than offense, they know how to disable an unreasonable opponent effectively with only a few words, or even a swift physical counterattack, though their proficiency in the fine art of diplomacy usually forestalls such out-and-out confrontations. They have much to teach, and since they do so by example, they leave little doubt about their honestya€”they put it on the line each time.
Born with a pragmatic orientation, they must take care not to be bound down or tethered by the mundane details of life but rather to dare to dream and to reach for the stars.
They can easily expand their lives in many directions all at once in a rather willy-nilly fashion. By abandoning a series of immediately gratifying but ultimately unproductive actions and instead making a significant contribution to large scale projects, they will increase their growth exponentially.
Once the process of growth has been undertaken, the life path chosen, and the core lesson of focus learned, those involved with them may feel slighted when they apply themselves to their own great cause.
This is mainly because family members and colleagues are those who are likely to see them the most and also are usually the only ones they feel comfortable turning to in time of need. Their fate is intimately tied up with that of their fellow human beings, so much so that they may perform well in the role of group or personal representative. Part of the reason for their career indecision, or for their tendency to settle for whatever happens to come along, is that they do not have a whole lot of intense and directed (or for that matter, selfish) ambition.
Their likeable personality makes it possible for them to move freely from one social or work stratum to the next. Admittedly, those born on this day will generally give friends and even acquaintances a second (or third) chance when trespassed upon. Not having big problems with acceptance, however, does not guarantee that other areas of their spiritual life are so well developed. They must take care of their backs and kidneys if they sit for long periods, and make an effort to drink plenty of fresh water each day. Since those ruled by the number 2 often make good co-workers and partners, rather than leaders, the social talents of October 11 people are likely to be expressed in family and group endeavors.
She reminds us of the order of the universe and that balance and harmony will be maintained in our lives as long as we continue on our path.
Their drive to move ahead at any cost makes them mistrust silence and repose; they prefer doing to thinking. Once again, however, in leading a family or assuming an executive role they may act with a certain hubris or sense of infallibility, neglecting to gauge the effects of their actions on co-workers, employees or relatives.
Such world-weary individuals can be revived through love and affection, but these are the very qualities they usually find most difficult to share. Almost invariably specialists or experts of some kind, they are quite capable of dominating their professional field. In truth, they are not terribly interested in other people, or in their feelings, and although they suffer exceedingly when misunderstood, they seldom go out of their way to understand others. Yet they also have a needy side, and they often do best in relationships with strong, even dominant personalities whom they can lean on. They can be extremely intense in the bedroom, an area that permits their full range of emotional expression.
The problem is, many of them are not particularly interested in familiesa€”whether spouses, children or their own parents.
Being involved with a family, partner, school, or other organization that blocks this process can have disastrous consequences. Robin continued writing for others artists including Lil Wayne, Jennifer Hudson, Usher and Mary J.
They are easily hurt, feel rejection keenly and want little more than to live in peace with their fellow human beings. Through this inner development they cultivate empathy to the pain and suffering of the misfortunate, and for this reason, many born on this day opt for a service-oriented career. Also since they are so highly developed in the emotional realm, they may not develop their willpower and mental toughness as fully as they might. Yet they nonetheless display a great need for security and a marked desire for simple comforts, which becomes more evident with advancing age.
Many are not only prone to various allergies but are also a bit too sensitive to the negative energy of others, which can work to their detriment.
Those ruled by the number 1 generally like to be first, which in the case of March 10 people may mean putting their feelings first. Showing empathy and sympathy for disadvantaged person who need our help or for younger people who need fostering and guidance are also suggested as outlets.
They mistrust loud, aggressive or pushy individuals and find it hard to work with colleagues who lack sensitivity.
They generally believe that life is not just there to be enjoyed, and that one must in some way pay onea€™s dues with a certain amount of suffering before obtaining any real benefit. Their own best companion, they are capable of spending hours and days alone with a good book, or with their work, without needing to talk to anyone. On the other hand, their ecstatic highs, spiritual insights and emotional joys can be incredibly intense and rewarding. Many do not like large family gatherings or social events; intimacy is really their thing, and sharing intimacy with others, whether mates, friends, lovers or valued family members, is perhaps their most cherished activity.
Once attached to a person, their addiction to his or her company can be even more severe than their attraction to physical substances. These folks eventually discover the truth in the well-worn saying a€?Knowledge is power.a€? Thus, in their long, hard struggle to become top dog, one of their weapons may be withholding information and keeping what they know to themselves. Thus, once they achieve a position of rulership, they are apt to struggle with feelings of loneliness and deprivation.
Generally serious in outlook, they would do well to learn to take themselves less seriously and to incorporate more playful or expressive qualities into their nature. Meetings of all typesa€”whether business, club, academic, recreational, parental, or othera€”will acquaint them with the social skills needed to lead such groups.
If, however, these loners have a strong will they will hang in their for years, and whether they receive any great reward or not, will toil on in a steady, uncomplaining fashion. If, however, they are frustrated due to lack of talent or recognition in their own career, they must beware of placing the burden of their dreams on their more gifted children and pushing them too hard.
Also, while greatly attentive to the health of their family and friends, they are quite capable of ignoring their own. Those ruled by the number 8 generally build their lives slowly and carefully, true in both career and finance for August 26 people. This carda€™s positive attributes include charisma and determination to succeed; the negative qualities include complacency and the misuse of power. Not all of them are well cast in such roles, however, and despite their tendencies and talents to help others, they can find themselves resenting heavy responsibilities loaded on their backs.
Writing reports, stating conclusions verbally, and chronicling in different media what they see around them are often some of their best-developed abilities.
This behavior is powerfully ingrained, since they thereby avoid rejection and reinforce their power to choose. Should they believe that people must be free to choose and act according to their own dictates, on the other hand, they may implement such beliefs with equal zeal. In love relationships, alas, they may not prove so dependable, for if their emotional state is unsettled they can feel they have little to give.
In the long run, then, close relationships with highly independent people, particularly those who can demonstrate how to set limits in human interactions, may prove the most productive and rewarding for them. Her debut album is reportedly on the way and she has been romantically linked to fellow recording artist Trey Songz. Those born on this day are not everyonea€™s cup of tea, nor do they particularly seek to please others. May 1 people know the power of laughter in deflating a big ego or poking holes in an overblown theory. This good sense does not extend to the realm of love, however, where they will often demonstrate a remarkable lack of good judgement, even going so far as to consistently pick the wrong partners.
In this respect they are difficult to fool, anticipate disasters and have a sixth sense for con artists.
Because of a fine knowledge of food and well-developed palate, maintaining a well-balanced diet is not a problem for most May 1 people, but they may still have to watch their weight.
The Sun tends to grant the qualities of warmth and a well-developed ego, along with a distinctly human and positive orientation to life. Many interpretations may be drawn, one of which is that the Magician recognizes the cyclical and unending nature of life and is empowered by this understanding. Technically oriented, they love to find out how and why things work, not hesitating to take them apart and put them back together again. Among the most stubborn of all people born this month, they are impossible to convince of the need for change, unless you can demonstrate that they will gain an unequivocal advantage by modifying their plans. The Week of Manifestation boss stresses employeesa€™ need to get along with each other and to work as a team. This kind of activity will help build a bond of mutual trust, allowing them to open their hearts and share their secrets.
Unfooled by their cool, often gruff exterior, those who know them well know how emotionally vulnerable they are, and instinctively seek to protect them.
Emotional manipulation or appeal, particularly at moments of good feeling, is likely to work better than knock-down, drag-out argument. Their desire for peace and quiet, and their resistance to change, can become oppressive, even stifling, to those who live with them.
Should they fail to learn this, their inability to let go may leave both them and their partners in limbo. However, they possess tremendous inner resources, including empathy, seriousness of purpose, and strength of character, which are often put to the test.
Despite their sensitivity, they are fighters by nature, and fiercely protective of their loved ones.
In fact, movement of all kinds fascinates them, including dance, athletics, and horsemanship. Raucous sound, poor architecture, jarring design, or other disruptive influences will eventually be banished from their living space, quite unconsciously, because these elements dona€™t a€?feel righta€? to them.
Some of them may involve themselves in fashion or the arts, given their finely honed aesthetic sensibilities.
Perhaps this is because they want to appear invulnerablea€”it is often true that September 30 people are concealing some truths about themselves that they do not wish to have revealed. It is usually very difficult to disagree with their arguments since they are able to amass such an impressive body of knowledge to back up what they say. They must beware of becoming manipulative in this respect and of using others to further their own ends.
September 30 people should try to remain sympathetic to others, however, by displaying this toughness in defense rather than offense, since they inevitably turn people off when they get too aggressive. September 30 people are encouraged to apply their love of investigation to ways of improving their own personal health. Jupiter lends an optimistic and expansive social outlook to those born on September 30, and combined with the influence of Venus (ruler of Libra) accentuates their idealism. This card represents positive traits of charm, grace and unconditional love, but also negative traits of vanity and affectation, as well as intolerance for imperfection. Their critical attitudes can certainly run out of hand, and this can make them extremely difficult to live with.
Those involved with them on a daily basis will appreciate their savvy but may come to resent their inability to leave things alone. Thus, while they are often seen as highly successful, those around them do not always appreciate how unsettled their inner life actually is. At times they may put so much time and exertion into a nonproductive effort, perhaps a hobby or a relationship, that they leave themselves little time or energy for more positive endeavors. They have a tendency not only to get bottled up inside but to resist the attempts of others to help them out. Once both partiesa€™ feelings are made known, and the air has cleared, issues of vital concern to each person can be reasonably discussed rather than being avoided. On the other hand, they are just as capable of ignoring those they live with, particularly when absorbed in their own work, leaving their partners a tad frustrated. They can make scathing criticisms that may wound those close to them deeply, yet they probably dona€™t fully realize the emotional effects of their statements. This understanding seems to befuddle them a bit since they cannot quite grasp the reason for it. Each of them is like a sun operating in a universe of its own making with many satellites revolving around it. They must be willing to give up their anonymity (something that will never be entirely comfortable for them), put themselves forward into the public eye, and offer themselves and their innovative ideas or techniques to the world by stepping into leadership roles.
To do so, their intentions must be pure and their natural generosity and desire to help others must come to the fore.
They may well hesitate or show signs of acute insecurity when it becomes obvious that they should step into the vacuum. Rather, so confident must they be in who they are and what they think that they are wholly immune to issues of popularity. Thus, friendships may always be preferable to more restrictive relationships like business partnerships, or familial or marital pairings since friendships leave them freer to act, with fewer binding expectations or fixed responsibilities. Not being taken seriously enabled him to survive the poisonous and homicidal atmosphere of Roman politics. Most March 14 people do believe in some absolute principles, whether they be of God, science or humankind, but they can struggle a whole lifetime trying to define where they themselves stand. Less highly evolved March 14 people often get themselves into trouble by playing favorites with their family, and are in general prone to indulging in relative evaluations where one person suffers by comparison to another. It is fortunate for March 14 people that the number 5 bestows a resilient character, which can recover quickly from the hard knocks of life.
They may seem to be quite down-to-earth, pragmatic, even ordinary types, yet their achievements at times border on the miraculous. Developing humility and admitting mistakes will only add to their credibilitya€”an important lesson, since they can become highly frustrated if their words fail to have the desired effect.
To an unusual degree, however, their lives are ruled by fate, and at a certain point, perhaps between the ages of twenty-eight and forty-two, a call will come to them in the form of a great challenge. Those who do manage to stay in one place for a time may periodically need to refurbish or renovate their living space, whether those who share it with them believe this to be necessary or not. This need to be needed may be one of their most vulnerable points: if their children, parents, colleagues or lovers assert a degree of independence, or cease to rely on them, they can fall apart.
They know well that the world is made up of many subjective viewpoints, each true for its author, and perhaps actually true also, in a relative sense. Thus, they strive for success, perhaps hoping to realize the acceptance that, deep down, they dona€™t feel they have been given.
In order to do so, it is imperative for them to find ways to create and promote understanding in their relationships. Before they can bridge a communication gap, they must be able and willing to see things the way others do. Here their ability to penetrate to the hearts of issues and to quickly size up what others are saying stands them in good stead.
Initially, as they attempt to reach out to others in a spirit of cooperation, they may miss the mark due to inexperience and spend too much time and energy trying to convince others of their worth rather than standing confident in themselves. Blessed by friends or family members loyal to them through thick and thin, they will have the necessary emotional support to go far in implementing their visions. Symbolically, it may be seen as putting a stop to unbridled egoism and stressing the importance of understanding. Cultivating greater objectivity and a less generally dependent attitude will be most beneficial to their development, as will finding the courage and personal strength to stand up for their ideas and convictiona€”even if it means risking rejection or reprisal.
In like manner, they are extremely careful to present themselves to their business associates or co-workers in a sober and reasonable light. However, during this period of suffering they may get quite deeply depressed and it can be quite some time before they have regained the energy and composure needed to take action. If, on the other hand, love and affection are free-flowing, there is no limit to the positive energy April 18 people can bestow on those around them.
In order to keep in good health, those born on this day would do well to order and structure their lives so that energy can be put to use constructively, rather than dissipating itself in idle pursuits and wasted energies.
In addition, the excess martian energy of those born on this day means that they may be apt to lead themselves and their companions off in a wrong direction. Adults born this week can engender rebellious attitudes in their children or other young people under their sway, from whom they constantly demand sacrifice. Their often high degree of creativity may express itself in the discovery, development or sale of useful products, particularly those that improve on methods used in the past. They need to surround themselves daily with children, family and communal or social groups, which they invariably seek to infuse with their dynamic idealism. Such a partner will inevitably be called upon to shoulder enormous responsibilities, and without complaint. Such attitudes can apply also to their mates, who may be left at home feeling neglected while their partners are off challenging the world.
Indeed, they will see the storm clouds gathering miles off, and will prepare for them well in advance of their arrival. Such a€?negativea€? expressions, however, can be highly useful in a relationship for blowing off steam and, if denied, can result in a buildup of frustration. They also convey a nobility and a depth of conscience and commitment that are highly admirable.
Of course, the hardheaded, commonsensical attitude that is their blessing is a fine gift and should never be abandoned, particularly in financial matters. Amplification requires the selection of some particular aspect of self or some causea€”preferably a higher causea€”that is worthy of cultivation and growth. The first step in accomplishing this is redefining their self image, specifically seeing themselves not so much as struggling individuals but as part of a larger whole, be it a cause, group, or team. Although the core energy here is exploratory and riskA­taking, this does not by any means guarantee a good sense of timing. Moving up through the ranks and growing in confidence and stature as part of an organization are often typical of them.
Understandably, they do not always have the time, energy, or inclination to invest in building friendships, marriages, or abiding love affairs. Because they do not enjoy complications, they may not choose to present themselves with challenges. They have a way of feeling at home with the highest or lowest level of society, and those who have had the advantages of wealth or education rarely appear snobbish or elitist. Therefore, they must summon the energy needed for self-understanding and personal evolution, or they will surely stagnate. They will have to beware of overeating and the addictive powers of tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. The highly imaginative and graceful side of October 11 people is enhanced by the influence of the Moon and of Venus (ruler of Libra), but those born on this day must guard against vanity, passivity and complacent behavior. The positive aspects of this card are integrity, fairness, honesty and discipline; the negative aspects are low initiative, impersonality, fear of innovation and grievances.
Their mistakes can consequently be big ones, since they may give themselves wholeheartedly and sometimes prematurely to an endeavor without either analyzing and planning it or tuning in to their intuitions about it beforehand. On top of this, if they are finally forced to face failure they may be confronting something they had hitherto considered an impossibility, and the shock can prove too much for them. Opening their hearts to a trusted friend or family member is essential to their psychological well-being. They have a need to be well informed, and if they are ignorant in some area, they characteristically make this a challenge to learn. They are uncomfortable when heavy emotional expectations are put on them, and they either withdraw or flee.
When someone becomes partially or completely dependent on them, on the other hand, they can become uncomfortable and restless, longing to escape. Once released, however, these passions may well spill over in anger and upset, which they vent on their partner in the form of arguments replete with recrimination and blame. As a substitute, they may seek to live, work or play with a group of long-standing friends whom they trust and respect.
However, those born on this day who have experienced traumatic childhood episodes, deep psychological wounds inflicted by a hurtful parent or overly rigid moral systems placed on them early in life, can retreat from the world into a private, inaccessible emotional space and stay there. The more highly evolved of March 10 people show great sympathy and kindness for others, even to the point of being self-effacing and saintlike. Consequently they can drift or stagnate, not having the strong desire or ability to better their circumstances. The danger here is that they will stagnate and fail to carry their personal development any further. Building a strong ego is the basis of their psychological development, even if later in life they wish to dissolve it in selfless pursuits. The Sun often grants the qualities of a warm and well-developed ego, with a distinctly human, positive orientation to life. Rarely will they escape at least one severe trauma in their lives, perhaps involving physical injury, disease or the untimely death of a parent or friend. Their friends will know when they want to be left alone and when they want company, and will learn not to intrude on their privacy. They often crave peak experiences, which are not bad things in themselves as long as those who seek them can handle them without undue attachment.
To comfort themselves, and to shield themselves from disappointment and rejection, they may surrender to the pursuit of money, or retreat to a fantasy-full interior life, often devoted to beauty and imagination.
Highly personal interaction is their forte, and the sharing of joys and sorrows is essential to their happiness.
They will run the gamut of painful emotions, from jealousy to hatred, yet if they decide they want to get free of their love object they will feel powerful separation anxiety. Highly idealistic, they are born with a pioneering spirit that, when harnessed, can be transmuted into an extraordinary capacity for leadership. Luckily, their intimacy needs are dependent not on deep connections with others but rather on numerous ones. However, once the worldliness and success they work so hard to achieve comes to them, they are apt to relax and the rest of their journey will fall into place.
Three singles have already been released from the album: Official Girl featuring Lil Wayne, Must Be Love featuring Diddy, and Leta€™s Get Crazy featuring Akon. An observant and helpful family member or colleague can be invaluable to August 26 people in alerting them to symptoms. Although those born on this day may be warmhearted, saturnian and mercurial influences (Mercury rules Virgo) may make for a cold or detached exterior. Although they seem to do well living and working with people who know how to cooperate and to share the burdens of everyday life, it cannot be assumed that they want to be team players. They may benefit from personal involvements or working relationships with more easygoing types, who just take things as they come without needing to rely on planning them out in advance. Even if such personalities initially seem selfish or egotistical to them, they are especially beneficial as role models. They are, however, respected for their honesty and though outspoken on issues of importance to them are nonetheless venusian in their love of harmony and beauty. Not overly intellectual, they have a well-developed critical faculty which shows contempt for vague generalizations and spurious facts. Not in any great hurry to make a success of themselves, those born on this day will often wait years to achieve their ends.
A moderate amount of physical exercise, along with vacations which feature swimming or skiing, is recommended.
Those ruled by the number 1 have individual and clearly defined views on most subjects; though May 1 people will try to avoid open conflict, their obstinacy is apparent. The positive traits suggested by this first card include diplomatic skill and shrewdness but, negatively, lack of scruples and opportunism. This penchant for practical analysis applies to artistic and financial models as well as mechanical ones. These people are not always psychologically prepared for infighting, or for situations in which they are ignored, belittled or unappreciated. These people usually know when to stop in the area of physical endeavor, but overindulgence in sedentary pleasures can be damaging and dangerous to them. In business and social affairs, they can easily be knocked off-balance, particularly when they put on a big act for the benefit of others, who may perceive them as blowhards. Since they like to run the show, shouldering huge burdens all day at work, they may feel that the relief of the peaceful home environment is worth protecting at all costs. Their conviction that problems may get better, or may go away, only makes painful issues harder to deal with.
Ironically, accident or coincidence plays a large role in their lives and they are no strangers to tragedy.
Due to their instinct for physical proportion, they have a natural feel for feng shui, the Chinese art of placement, and will positively blossom in simpler settings, with well-thought-out designs, perhaps even those influenced by the principles of Zen Buddhism. Others may be athletes since many perfect a certain grace of movement, not to mention their instinct for distance and measurement.

Ultimately, they may exhibit leadership skills, whether in managing in a family or professional group.
Those born on September 30 are generally good with money, and can make shrewd investments which guarantee their financial stability. Those born on this day often show great talent for the kitchen, where they may learn firsthand the value of fresh food both for enjoyment and health. In areas of their daily lives, from the workplace to the kitchen to the bedroom, they may have checklists that they apply exactingly, leaving little room for failure or neglect on the part of the other person. Their inflexibility in laying down rules for themselves, and their refusal to compromise their ideals, puts them under tremendous pressure, which may drive them equally to success or to despair. Highly challenged by problems, they may find it difficult to give up, fail or even admit that they have been wasting their time. Mastery of their feelings is usually a high priority for them, the danger being that their conscious self-control may over time become unconscious repression, a difficult state to rectify. If they want to live harmoniously with those who care for them, they must become more tactful and gentle in expressing their dissatisfaction. Because of their sense that they are not like everyone else, they crave approval and acceptance, if not understanding.
However, whether in the family, job, or social sphere, they must learn the skills of leadership, often in the form of on-theA­job training.
They are not afraid of responsibility; it is just that their worldly goals leave little room for emotional investment in others.
Finally, he was manipulated into the role of emperor since everyone perceived him to be so weak as not to be a threat to their constituency. She worked a miracle on her own career, and her legions of fans agree, her workouts make for miraculous results. They recognize that even the simplest fact can be viewed from many sides (everything depends on how you look at it), and thus can experience great frustration trying to reconcile their varying points of view. They themselves are prone to problems with fluid retention and circulationa€”particularly in their feeta€”as they get older.
Positively seen, Temperance modifies passions in order to allow for new truths to be learned and incorporated into onea€™s life.
Those around them may come to view their interest as meddling, mistrusting or resenting their good intentions.
It is as if, although not actually believers in miracles, they were somehow able to realize or experience them. They often see themselves as teachers, a role they arena€™t necessarily at all cut out for, and their disappointment over not having students, followers or disciples can bring them a measure of unhappiness. Whether they respond to this unsolicited invitation may well determine the course of the rest of their lives.
A family, whether biological or metaphorical, is usually essential for them, and the degree of responsibility they assume in it may be quite impressive. At the same time, however, they tend to feel that behind these differing viewpoints stands an absolute that is not dependent on subjectivity at all but is objectively true in all situations and for all time. Often brilliant, a large measure of their creativity is due to the unusual way they think, allowing them to see solutions to problems or generate ideas when others would fail. They must learn how to put themselves in someone elsea€™s shoes, grasp how they think, and hear how they word things. Moreover, due to their ability to see larger issues and broader concepts, once they find their mediums for translating these ideas for others, they may find themselves highly in demand as writers or speakers. Frequently these attempts merely backfire as they appear sycophantic and they are viewed, instead, with suspicion as to their real motives. The question is, of course, how much they are willing to give in return, and how faithful they are willing to be. The more successful may be viewed as intermediaries who, working for the common good, facilitate the ability of others to communicate. Yet if they refuse to allow their independence to devolve into mere wanderlust, or their great versatility into a shallow view of the world, they can recognize great accomplishment and even a measure of adulation along this lifea€™s highway.
It is also important to them that their families not only love them but respect them as well.
It is therefore of the greatest importance that problems (for it is often a difficult and stormy relationship with this parent) be worked out by adolescence so that those born on this day can get on with their lives and not get stuck psychologically.
In the same way that regular work habits and exercise patterns can structure the will and imagination of April 18 people, so can regular meals of a well-balanced nature produce beneficial effects.
Perhaps they can somehow keep a handle on impulsive urges, yet find healthy outlets for their considerable energies. Small loans or donations to good causes may be granted with increasing frequency, turning into major financial support. Should these males choose to apply their ideas to their living space, their wives or lovers may come to feel completely disenfranchised and lost. In their lack of sympathy for complaints, they may only be postponing a problem that may one day bring their partner to a depression, or a volcanic explosion of anger, or even, eventually, may end in the breakup of the relationship. Finally, they are not solemn moralists but truly fun-loving people who revel in activities like cookouts, summer vacations, outings and parties of all sorts. But unless they are ready to go for greatness when the opportunity arises, they will sell themselves short and fail to achieve what they are capable of.
After making such a choice, these men and women must apply the focus necessary to guarantee productivity and to create growth. This reorientation of their viewpoint may actually have rewards in the form of a rise in rank within a group over time. Both impatience and fussiness must be guarded against, since the former will lead to striking too soon, the latter too late.
While they always have a bit of insecurity inside, this tends to give them the push they need to get to the top. It is really not necessary or advantageous for them to seek out other high-minded and bighearted individuals, who may in fact contribute to the risk of overexpansion of thought, word, and deed that characterizes some of them. Being basically comfortable and happy, developing a lifestyle where they may easily divide their attentions between their career, love life, family affairs, and forms of relaxation and enjoyment is fulfillment enough. The pleasures of the bed and table are important to October 11 people, but they must remember the price of excess. The number 11 lends a feeling for the physical plane (for October 11 people an attraction for idealized or sensuous beauty due to Venus) as well as a possible interest in doubles of various kinds and symmetry. Those who can cultivate true humility with respect to their fellow humans will be much happier in the long run.
Although hardheaded, they will give consideration to any idea, no matter how far out, not out of a sense of fairness but because of the chance that it will contribute something to their knowledge. They see themselves as serious, responsible and ethical, but they may relate more immediately to other peoplea€™s ideas or values, and what these represent, than to who these people actually are. They must feel able to assume and discharge responsibilities generously and of their own accord, rather than being forced to do so. Their anger is violent but for the most part mercifully short-lived, for they are not inclined to bring strife into their daily lives. Even so, their workaholic tendencies will often prevent them from spending a great deal of time with whatever group or individual they choose to live with, and may in fact reflect their true preferencea€”to live alone. However, understanding parents, teachers, and bosses will make the process less painful and more productive for all concerned. Secretly, they want nothing more than to become a titan, but often, lacking focus, they become disillusioned by their daily life. Called a blue-eyed soul singer, he is a mentor and judge on the ABC singing competition Duets. As parents March 10 people tend to be nurturing and understanding, but must beware of a tendency to be overprotective and subtly manipulative.
For the less talented or gifted of March 10 people, qualities of acceptance and passivity may not be so desirable.
It is true that their exploration of inner emotional worlds (theirs and othersa€™), deepens their sensitivity and makes them more soulful, but they must not use this activity as an escape from expressing themselves outwardly or making crucial decisions.
March 10 people can suffer from a variety of chronic disorders, usually involving the nervous and circulatory systems. Since those born on March 10 are Pisces they are also influenced by Neptune, which lends a romantic cast to the Suna€™s radiance, and may indicate a tendency to be a bit scattered, impressionable and fanciful. For them, however, the way a thing is done is often more important than what that thing is, and the end therefore rarely justifies the means. They are often struck by such catastrophes without warning, but they are resilient and have an enormous capacity to bounce back from disaster.
In the workplace they do well as freelancers, operating outside the office, but if employed by a company or business they will probably need a certain amount of time each day for working on their own. If they remain free to move on, such experiences will leave them greatly enriched in their personal development. Whenever possible, they should follow occupations that make solid and grounding demands on them without depriving them of creativity.
Another problem is that there exists an ingrained habit of forcing onea€™s ideas on others. Donning such a mantle, however, does require the development of greater sophistication in the ways of the world. They will master the grand gesture and the ability to command an audience, and ultimately, they will have a desire to share the fruits of their hard-won wisdom. However, patience is warranted, as many years of maturing in such contexts may be required before they are ready to exert effective leadership. The natural orderly tendencies of those born on this day make them likely to have healthy and regular sleep patterns, eating habits and exercise routines. They need to spend a lot of time alone, and do best when their contributions to the well-being of a social or family group are made on their own terms. Yet they are capable of making unfortunate choices in lovers and friendsa€”in personal matters their decisions are sometimes disastrous. They may need to free themselves from the constant demands of other people if they are to gain the space they need to develop their own expressive, creative and financially productive side.
Therefore, they do not go out of their way to pick quarrels and demonstrate the capacity to avoid confrontations for the sake of peace and quiet. There may be a moment, however, a chance coming only once in life, which seized will guarantee their happinessa€”only too often, May 1 people allow that moment to pass out of excessive caution, not daring to dare. All balanced forms of physical activity, including regular sex, will keep May 1 people energetic.
Number 1 people are typically ambitious, but those born on May 1 may manifest this quality in more subtle ways. They are quite capable of getting rid of troublemakers but may also withdraw, or even fall into a depressive slump. Often passionately interested in food, they can have major problems with overweight, alcohol, high cholesterol and related physical disorders. Sticking to the issues, being themselves, and avoiding personal involvements are essential for their relations with fellow employees. Such avoidance may lead both parties to feel trapped: unable to work things out yet unable to leave. Under the gun, they have two choices: to revert by becoming angry, defensive, resentful, jealous, or to rise gracefully above the fray, providing proof of their great inner strength.
Thus, it is imperative for them to learn how to detach their feelings from any fight if they are to keep their psychological health intact. The overall effect is one of confidence and presence as they begin to exhibit great charm and personal magnetism. Then there are a few whose great compassion and empathy will cause them to embrace their place in the spotlight as an opportunity to present their views or promote their favorite causes. Frequently known for their fairness, they will be sought out for their highly objective opinions and thus make particularly good consultants and troubleshooters. The challenge of penetrating to the emotional core of these fascinating and challenging individuals may keep their intimates busy for a lifetime. In a way, they must begin to see that what they have always perceived as a weaknessa€”that which makes them unusuala€”is, in fact, their greatest strength.
They will receive an education in the ins and outs of power and how to lead others with forcefulness and determination. All of which can result if they have not eliminated all vestiges of insecurity or the need for approval or adulation from their psychological makeup. Because Temperance may indicate negative qualities of passivity and ineffectiveness, March 14 people should work to establish certain absolute principles which they believe in strongly and stick to them.
There is a marked tendency to the paranormal in the personalities of these folks, who may manifest clairvoyant or telepathic tendencies at an early age.
If they try to scale the heights, they have a better-than-average chance of succeeding, no matter how daunting the endeavor. Thus their underlying philosophy is a curious blend of subjectivity and objectivity, the relative and the absolute, the believer and the skeptic.
In short, they think a€?outside of the box.a€? However, they are often stymied in their abilities to then communicate their concepts or theories to others because their manners of speech are highly individualistic as well. If they work hard, they may truly find fulfillment for their natural versatility and quickness of mind.
Those involved with such individuals will have to understand their need for action and change. If the wilder energies of April 18 people are not channeled they can lead to fights and accidents; at particular risk are the head and face.
The highly imaginative influences of the Moon can create illusions and set all kinds of traps, ambushes and deceptions for those born on April 18. A few minutes given each day to visit an invalid or to do volunteer work can lengthen to hours. Typically, they will experience a great sense of relief if they proceed along such lines, since moving upward also means moving away from an operationa€™s day-toA­day concerns. A steady, solid mate, one who has patience and understanding in abundance and a large dose of practicality besides, will prove to be the most beneficial. An understanding family member or colleague may be able to give help in a subtle manner without either party acknowledging it as such. Vigorous, but properly performed physical exercise is here highly recommended not only for its health benefits, but to help strengthen alertness, willpower and drive. In times of trouble, the loved ones of these folks must often assume a heavy load indeed, knowing that they and they alone are keeping their partners going. As adolescents and young adults, these individuals will have a special need for professional tools that must be satisfied, whether special cameras, computers, design materials, or other tools they need to express their visions. Finding the right pair of a€?bootsa€? will set them on their path and enable them to become the giants they always imagined themselves to be. Hea€™s married to his high school sweetheart, Precious actress Paula Patton, and they have one child. Retaining fluid may be a particular problem for them, for which they should seek medical or homeopathic advice. Grace, honesty and an unassailable aesthetic and moral code prevent them from acting underhandedly or, in particular, hurtfully. Like a cat, they are blessed with nine lives, at least a few of which they are sure to use up.
On the other hand, should they be unfortunate enough to get hooked on their own personal suffering or self-pity, they may wallow in such states for alarmingly long periods of time. Meanwhile, children will help them share their sense of wonder and awe at the natural world.
Part of the lesson here is to actively encourage students to draw their own conclusions; in other words, not to lecture so much as query, allowing students to formulate their own views. Though these individuals are gifted natural diplomats, they are by nature also rougher, more outspoken types, who tend to approach others on a a€?take me or leave mea€? basis and are certainly not willing to change or soften themselves for anyone. Both as cooks and eaters they should make an effort to expand their culinary horizons, experimenting with new and exciting foods, rather than settling for bland or unimaginative fare.
Their objectivity about the world does not involve a corresponding realism about and awareness of their own emotions. In the same way, they become bewildered and confused when their generosity in personal relationships goes unappreciated.
Above all, they should avoid trying to show how generous and big-hearted they are; they should learn to let their actions speak for themselves. As conflict or tragedy arises, they remain calm, aware, concerned for others, and do not devolve into self-pity or self-involved hysterics. Other times it has been consciously cultivated due to a long-held belief from childhood that they are in some way awkward. Soon, they are discovered by such a host of admirers that they can virtually write their own ticket for whatever they wish to do with themselves. As freethinkers committed to the truth, so that even their lives become more public, they will be true to themselves. Their magnetic qualities often place them at the center of broad circles of friends or other social groups. Though many will become leaders in the traditional sense of being in positions of authority, a number may not enjoy being in command. Not fearing power, but using it as a tool to achieve common goals may require some battles at first, both inner and outer ones. Dictatorial tendencies can only harm their spiritual development and, worse, harm the people they are supposed to serve. Accepting the mantle of authority thrust upon him, he went on to become a capable, if not excellent emperor, ruling without exhibiting the tyrannical behavior that typified his forbears, taking the power conferred on him as leader of the greatest empire in the world at that time, and using it wisely.
They often find the kitchen, therefore, an important creative outlet in their lives and a social focus for most evenings.
If those around them downplay, scoff at or suppress their abilities, they may not feel secure enough to acknowledge and reveal these talents openly until later in life. They often interpret words differently from the ways others do and use certain terms well outside the realm of standard English. They love action and, because they so crave acknowledgement, they will often place themselves at the center of things, grandstanding and trying to dazzle the audience. They must find a bridge between their many forms of thinking and expression and that of others by cloaking their ideas in the fashions of the times. They do, in fact, possess a great deal of psychological insighta€”if they choose to use it. All sorts of occupations involving language and communicationa€”notably journalism, creative writing, law, and teaching, to name a fewa€”are areas where they may excel. Moderate exercise, on a fixed schedule, will do wonders to keep those born on this day relaxed.
By doing so, they may at last be able to occupy themselves with higher thoughts and expansive plans and leave the worry about petty details to others.
Part of the problem is that they may not even be aware they have made a miscalculation because they have difficulty acknowledging failure. Ultimately, however, this may prove to be a tall order, since potential partners may find it difficult to live in the shadows of their largerA­thanA­life companions.
Since they are comfort-loving individuals, March 10 people generally enjoy a wide range of sensual experiences. On the other hand, they may express their dislike of societya€™s mores through blatantly antisocial deeds, acting, as it were, in defense of their own right to individual expression.
These types of people, unfortunately, are unlikely either to stand up toa€”or challenge thema€”to see other points of view, something that is sorely needed for their development. Consequently, they can suffer from acute nervous instability and depression when they meet disappointment. Initially, this may not always be the case and a€?keeping it togethera€? is apt to be difficult for them because, as feeling oriented as they are, they take all their own troubles and those of their loved ones to heart.
As they progress, the fact of becoming increasingly comfortable in their bodies and exhibiting greater ease of movement is often symbolic of their development of inner grace.
They are quite social individuals and, consequently, surround themselves with people, forming more superficial relationships, in the hopes of blending in with the crowd and receiving the approval they crave. Their sense of selfA­worth is built on a foundation of shifting sand because it often depends on what others think or on other egoA­related issues such as job performance.
Once established in leadership roles, however, they can consolidate their groups, encouraging all members to work for the highest good and best interest. A group led by someone like that will inevitably come unglued in times of crisis when the inadequacy of its leader becomes startlingly apparent. Since they tend to be relaxed and comfort loving, some March 14 people may find it difficult to summon the discipline necessary to institute a daily or weekly program of exercise.
People sometimes accuse them of saying something other than what they intended, if not of outright lying. Finding better ways to communicate is a tall order for these people because they, and their egos, are usually significantly invested in their natural modes of speech and thought. Usually the result of their efforts to compromise is that they find the bridge to understanding that has eluded them all of their lives. Some may find metaphorical languages with which to touch peoplea€”for example, occupations that deal in visual imagery such as photography, painting, sculpture, or filmmaking.
After all, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and proceeding ahead demand the recognition that you have fallen down in the first place. The other is to leave corporate life and go off on their own, ultimately establishing themselves as consultants, entrepreneurs, writers, performers, or other authorities in their field.
A word of warning: their children may feel neglected or extraneous, so they may want to think carefully about having children at all. Those born on this day must pay close attention to their diet; particularly recommended are whole grains, fresh vegetables and a lowering of dairy and meat intake.
A certain elegance and grace are evident in most things they do, and they are finely attuned to many kinds of physical expression, whether it be sports, dance or more sensual forms of movement. It is best for them to keep the attitude that instructors can learn as mucha€”if not morea€”from their students as their students learn from them.
Feelings of inadequacy or failure are prone to surface and can prove to be too much for them to handle.
Learning not to take things personally, and particularly not to feel let down or betrayed when people disagree with them, will increase their effectiveness. More important, at their core, they dona€™t believe that they are entitled to acceptance because they think something is fundamentally wrong with them. Sometimes by simply acknowledging publicly how they are different, they will inspire others. Alternatively, should their confidence in themselves be undermined in any way, they may begin to question their every decision, thus weakening their capacity as leaders. Particularly recommended are milder forms of physical activity such as walking and swimming. Because their minds are highly inventive and expansive, their ideas may fly from one topic to the next resulting in a barrage of verbiage.
Deep down these individuals may never feel fully understood or believe their own press releases. Their will to win means that they prefer to insist on othersa€™ seeing things their way, rather than coming around to the ways of the rest of us. They will be able to put forth their ideas in more straightforward and conventional language, thus avoiding misunderstandings. Their nature is really very direct and natural; expressing it in some more socialized or reined in form is far preferable to discarding it in favor of a false front that is an attempt at sophistication. In this respect, having an objective friend, mate, or relative who can be totally honest is often lifesaving.
Regular physical exercise is strongly suggested, particularly long walks in the open air, swimming, yoga or milder forms of aerobics. They are great admirers of sensuous beauty, particularly in people and paintings, and their homes and surroundings generally show some kind of special touch. First, it enables them to hide the fact they are different and, second, it serves to seduce people to become part of their circles. Moreover, they are bound to use their psychological savvy to influence and persuade rather than dominate.
It should also be noted that such careers do not develop along traditional paths but tend to grow out of some passion or leisureA­time activity. Rather, they are presented with opportunities that, once accepted, lead to worldly recognition. However, equally as important is that they must believe they have a€?the right stuffa€? to be in charge. Ultimately, they will integrate their decisive and commanding energy, fulfilling their destiny with passion, vigor, and pride. Yearning to be understood and admired, while feeling misunderstood, they can be very defensive and attack othersa€”in particular, verballya€”without warning. Having grappled with the pain of feeling separate, there is little that shocks or frightens them, so they have the knack for making people feel accepted for who they are.
Craving attention as they do, sometimes they create conflict since any kind of attention is better than none. They would do well to remember, a€?the less said, the better.a€? As they gain confidence in their ability to make themselves understood, their natural defensiveness will melt away, and others will become more open to what they have to say and trust them more. They rarely let anyone in too close and do not remain in intimate relationships for too long, however, for fear that their idiosyncratic nature will be discovereda€”and rejecteda€”thus fulfilling their worst fantasy. Ultimately, they must learn that attention is not acceptance, success is not validation, and that neither buys you love.

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