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A complete, step-by-step system that includes audio interviews, video interviews, online coaching, and a 100+ page workbook. Join us on January 26th, 2009 and deliver to your list exclusive video giveaways from the most respected, well-known Masters in success and self-development: individuals who have never before agreed to participate in an online product launch.
You could also sign up as an affiliate and be a part of the "The Masters Gathering" online campaign ! A cub of the Divine Lion, somehow I found myself confined in a sheepfold of frailties and limitations. I happened to catch that episode of Larry King live back in October while flipping through channels in a hotel room.
It seems that about half of the movie is available on YouTube but you can stream the whole thing from the official website for about $5. When I think about the law of attraction, it brings to mind that those who play this game scared are gonna get what they wish for. I would wish to seek your attention and enclose the following details for your considerate attention.
The Secret is the Key of Awareness; Awareness that has brought along with it an Miracle to each and every aspect of these Wonderful Moments of the meaningful adventure called Life. The fortune of having being bestowed and endowed with this priceless opportunity to witness and learn from the very well informative experiences featured in The Secret are amongst the finest examples and moments of Life, since they establish an consistent pattern that radiates an sparkle and glimmer of hope to each facet of Life, infusing it with a priceless treasure, namely the vehicle of Awareness to realize one’s own tremendous potential virtues and intellectual faculties.
Further, this in turn truly enhances the scope of each and every facet of every moment meticulously by acquainting us with a part of ourselves which we never knew and most importantly with a part of all the Wonderful People around us, who are amongst the greatest compliments of our Life. Each day has become more brighter and the strands of each moment are woven with an ecstatic sense of enthusiasm, a profound sense of joy, an exhilarating perspective of self contentment and most importantly, the aspiration to seek to Achieve Happiness and its Virtues in each endeavor for the immense benefit of our Wonderful Universe with its Wonderful People. Moments are Miracles with The Secret, Each Day is more Meaningful and Value Oriented with The Secret.The remarkable change that The Secret has brought along with it has created an transformation whose extent cannot be gauged since it has begun its ascent towards establishing it as a firm guide of exceptional value, that only wishes the very best for all of us, in all instances and from all aspects.
The tremendous benefits could not be extolled or described in the above few words alone since the above is a summarization and an brief prelude of the wonderful extent that The Secret has carved its impressionable hallmark onto each facet of this Wonderful Life. Thanks for this wonderful start to the Journey of Awareness, and Hoping very much that this will continue onwards ahead with additional updates and releases thereby accentuating the calibrated velocity with meticulous precision and consistently accelerating the pace of Appreciation, Greater Understanding and Progress for the Benefit of our Wonderful Universe with its Wonderful People always. As a Pennsylvania licensed psychologist, I have been conducting a private practice for over the past 12 years. There actually appears to be a recent, ongoing heightening awareness of the nature of existence. If you dont have this two, you are screwed, but if you have this two you can rule the world.
Concentration means such a level where you can think of a thing for as much time as you want without even disturbed or bothered for a second.When you have this level of concentration my friend, then u r invited to the billionaires club.Welcome home!!!
I would wish to take this opportunity to express the following few words of Appreciative Gratitude for the kind consideration to The Teachers and The Producer of The Secret DVD Movie.
I would wish to avail of the opportunity to express my Appreciation and Gratitude to to The Teachers and The Producer of The Secret DVD Movie, right from the Producer, the Participants who intellectually transformed the fabric of each moment miraculously by weaving each fibre of every strand of the thread of times with the wonderful gift, The Secret DVD Movie.
Each of The Teachers, who primarily took the initiative towards enthusiastically sharing their insights, articulating their notions and paraphrasing each of their experiences, in detail and through the medium of featuring the calibration of these moments with visual examples, that were empowering and advantageous from a beneficial standpoint of view towards achieving, Progress, Peace, Prosperity, Hope, Confidence, Joy, Enthusiasm, Passion to Excel, Purpose and Adherence of Practical Values, Motivation, Meaningful Strides in each Endeavor and rekindling the ignited spark of wisdom proficiently. The above views that have been expressed by me are obviously a very brief segment of this splendid and magnificent transformation that develops by understanding the teachings and principles in The Secret. One additional aspect associated with the feeling factor is to feel as if the contemplated objectives has already been achieved, perceiving and visualizing the blueprint and road map of the cherished objectives with an intensity and investment into constructive and meaningful endeavors each and every step of every precious moment. In this context, I shall include previous articles that I had written, which obviously is an extremely brief attribute to the wonderful virtue of Appreciation, since Appreciation and Gratitude are amongst one of the finest and exceptional virtues that are incomparable, of course the Moments of Life are complemented tremendously with these wonderful virtues, of being Grateful and Thankful for all the wonderful assets that each and every one of us have been so fortunately gifted with and are being consistently endowed, bestowed, rewarded and gifted with, moment by precious moment and this reservoir is spontaneously replenished and providing us with the most wonderful and treasured jewels of the assets called, Life and its Wonderful Moments. We have to appreciate with gratitude the precious moments that life bestows us with, each day, moment by moment. Each moment is wonderfully precious and we are extremely fortunate at having been gifted with so many wonderful treasures along with the priceless moments, let us consistently endeavor to Appreciate and be Grateful, to be Thankful always, always express Thanks and be Appreciative, be Thankful, for all that has been, for all that is and for all that will be, always Appreciate, always be Grateful. The Secret, Discover The Key To The Vehicle of Awareness, Recognize the Wonderful Assets That Each and Every One of Us have been Blesses, Endowed, Bestowed, Gifted, Awarded, Rewarded and Continually Provided With, Moment By Moment, Absolutely Wonderful Life and its Cherished Moments, Thank You Very Much, With Appreciation and Gratitude Always.
The information featured herewith is provided on the condition that the review of the information by the viewer will be at the sole discretion of the person who may be reviewing it. As it may be noted and should be hopefully understood that, although it goes without saying that the intention associated with expression of views and comments are an expression of Best Wishes for one and all, consistently, Thanks.
I watched the Secret DVD a few months ago and got another book on Law of Attraction, but it didn’t really start happening for me until I wrote down my intentions. Actually, given the billions she’s worth, I think Oprah herself has more than enough to give everybody.
People have been asking for scientific evidence for the Law of Attraction ever since the movie The Secret hit the Internet four years ago last month. I was in Utah last week visiting my Miracles Coaching team when I decided to walk off dinner by going to a bookstore. He goes on to explain new theories of the brain, and of reality, and states you can influence reality by holding a thought with emotion and imagery. In other words, if you believe that the brain is like a computer (called a Turing Machine), you look at it as you do your Mac or PC. But if you trash that model of reality and say the brain is more like what physicist Roger Penrose and anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff say, that human consciousness is a Orchestrated Objective Reduction (a type of quantum computer), then you now have a new, empowering theory: that the human mind impacts reality. This fits with the concept that photons and other particles don’t organize until they are observed. By focusing your energized thought on the finished goal of what you desire, you send a type of cosmic order into the Universe. It may not be considered a law (yet) by strict scientific experiment, but it definitely works.
Those are my thoughts too but in one of your audios you say that we need others in order to create something new and if we want to do it alone then it’s a very egotistical way of doing things. Joe: I first found out about you by reading Zero Limits and that changed my life by adding a new element I use moment by moment.
Maybe the reason is that I am ready now, or just maybe your coahing program is the real deal.
If you recall your heated debate with Skeptico some time back, you were very insistent that LOA is, indeed, a scientifically provable law, yet in response to Taylor’s comments, you seem less certain.
You began with, “People have been asking for scientific evidence for the Law of Attraction ever since the movie The Secret hit the Internet four years ago last month. The universal law of attraction is to learn how to begin manifesting more money in their life.
Joe, your attempts at condescension notwithstanding, I *have* read and fully comprehended the post, and have not missed anything. Perhaps you mistakenly made these claims, or perhaps you’re counting on your readers to either overlook them or blindly accept your dismissal of the incongruity between your claims (past and present).
Hi Joe – Thank you so much for BEE-ing one who raises the Law of Attraction flag so high. It makes sense to me that manifesting might be simply learning to control which state you wish to observe, focusing on that reality (a la Neville Goddard) and seeing it come to be part of your reality.
I have been reading alot about the book you wrote and it would be great if i can meet u up. You say that people have been asking for scientific evidence for the law of attraction and say that this book is it. Empirical evidence is evidence that is based on trial and experiment and means the outcome can be predicted. Purportedly James Allen who made this video died of supposed radio isotope poisoning (about as suspicious as it gets). Military-aeronautical Illustrator Mark McCandlish was riding the wave of success making images of classified projects for the military-industrial complex. Then he made a drawing of a top secret project that he wasn’t supposed to know about. Mark McCandlish was an internationally-recognized artist who has specialized in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries for the better part of the last thirty year, serving the needs of many of the top American corporations in this regard. One of his former art school friends named Brad Sorenson had gone to an air show at Norton Air Base on November 12, 1988. Mark met with Brad after they talked on the phone and Brad told Mark the smallest of the three saucers had panels removed so everyone could see the inside of the ship and also had cutaway drawings on display. Mark McCandish after his meeting with Brad Sorenson draw a cutaway blueprint of the ARV (Fluxliner).
Capacitors charged to one million volts, causes the vehicle to hover, by stress-energy tensor of high voltage. The power system start up is believed to be two deep cycle marine batteries that supply power to the primary coil. The TR-3B vehicle’s outer coating is reactive to electrical stimulation and can change color, reflectiveness, and radar absorptiveness, thus making the vehicle look like a small aircraft or a flying cylinder- or even tricking radar receivers into falsely detecting a variety of aircraft, no aircraft, or several aircraft at various locations.
Sandia and Livermore laboratories developed the reverse engineered MFD (Magnetic Field Disruptor ) technology. The plasma, mercury based, is pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin and accelerated to 50,000 rpm to create a super-conductive plasma with the resulting gravity disruption. The mass of the circular accelerator and all mass within the accelerator, such as the crew capsule, avionics, MFD system, fuels, crew environmental systems, and nuclear reactor, are reduced by 89%.
Our modern civilization is likely to be confronted with the biggest paradigm shift in the perception of reality ever, and through our productions we wish to bring insight from the forefront of this development. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video is for research and educational purposes only with the purpose of promoting environmental, human rights, social, economic and scientific awareness. The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light.
For centuries, we have been conditioned with the axiom, “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck,” but is it really a duck every single time? Due to the extensive amount of data, I will be writing a multiple part story designed to go in-depth covering three major areas in the order of importance that Dr. Today I would like to give you an overview and begin by sharing a story: A true story not about a 13 centimeter specimen nicknamed Ata with DNA factors yet to be determined, but a story of a man who has been inspired over the course of his life. I had a very clear sighting with one of these objects when I was about eight or nine years of age, and it coincided with the time when my uncle was designing the lunar module for Guimond and, of course, I had a great interest in space from him.
Allow me to interject some vital aspects that may better help you understand the nature of consciousness. Because these two terms are exchangeable, it has become difficult for science, namely physics, to properly distinguish and articulate things in a way we can all grasp.
Here is where this story gradually begins to morph from a man seemingly chasing after UFO’s to a story about the environment. What I tell people is, these objects are not using oil or jetting fuel or rockets to move from one star system to another or to move non-linearly.
The facts contained in the Sirius documentary disclose various layers of information pertaining to the cover up. This is an interesting science story, environmental story, political story and human story.
As I conclude this segment of the story, what impresses me the most is Steven’s solidarity.
IkkanDok is a set of knowledge that puts online and provides various topics and featuring the scariest video the strangest and most surprising of science, science fiction, history, the world of animeaux. The documentary film PlantPure Nation tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time.
In the 1990s, people began to notice that the contrails normally emitted by aircraft were lingering in the sky, forming cloud cover and blocking out the sun. From these tests people have become aware that they are being sprayed – but this gives rise to more questions than it answers.

To try and answer the how, we can look at the list of patents that are related to this sort of technology, and from doing so can conclude that this is entirely possible. People investigating have been monitoring aircraft to try and identify those that are carrying out the spraying. Here is a small selection of existing videos and photos showing chemtrails as they are being sprayed and the effect of doing so.
From these photos and videos I think you’d have to agree that these are not regular contrails but are in actual fact chemtrails. Just as a reminder, a normal contrail is caused by water vapour freezing in certain atmospheric conditions.
Kristen Meghan, a former member of the United States Air Force where she was an environmental engineer, has come forward to attest to chemtrail programmes being operated out of bases she worked at.
Allan Buckman, who worked for the US Air Force as a weather observer has also come forward to say that chemtrails are real. This is but a small selection of insiders who have come forward to help expose chemtrail programmes.
But not only have whistle-blowers come forward to give us information about these programmes.
The German Air Force were caught spraying over Germany which appeared on the national news in Germany. National Geographic recently published the following article about geo-engineering, admitting that it is already in use and arguing that it won’t work forever. The globalist think tank, the Council of Foreign Relations, has advocated for geo-engineering programmes to fight global warming along with a ‘global’ administrative body to run the said programmes. Climate scientists have proposed using this exact method of dumping millions of tonnes in the atmosphere to “fight global warming.” See climate scientist David Keith advocate its use on the 20th Feb 2010 at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in San Diego at this link.
I haven’t explained to you why they are doing this and who is doing it, my aim was solely to convince you that this is a real programme for which there are plenty of facts and hard evidence to support its existence. Once again the Red Alarm had been long wailed in the Security Desk of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The original cyber attack against NASA was not initially planned by AnonSec Members, but the attack went insidious soon after the Gozi Virus Spread that affected millions of systems a year ago.
They also claimed to infiltrate successfully into the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Glenn Research Center, and the Dryden Research Center. This hacking attempt had happened due to the trivial routine of drone operators of uploading the drone flight paths for the next fly, soon after a drone session ends. After this final episode, AnonSec lost their control over the compromised NASA servers and everything was set to normal by NASA engineers as before. This marked the attack’s magnitude at a steep height by infecting into other pipelines of NASA, leading to this nasty situation.
However, in a statement emailed to Forbes, NASA has denied alleged hacking incident, says leaked information could be part of freely available datasets, and there is no proof that a drone was hijacked.
Cloud seeding: A weather alteration method that uses silver iodide to create precipitation in clouds which results to cause more rainfall to fight carbon emission which ultimately manipulates the nature. Geoengineering: Geoengineering aims to tackle climate change by removing CO2 from the air or limiting the sunlight reaching the planet. Similar projects are running on behalf of the US Government such as Operation Icebridge [OIB], Aerosol-Cloud-Ecosystem (ACE) which are dedicated to climate modeling. This security breach would be a black label for the Security Advisory Team of NASA and became a warning bell to beef up the security.
Members of the AnonSec hacking group have released more than 276GB of data after allegedly spending months inside NASA’s internal network.
The collection of files, provided to Infowars by AnonSec admin Default Virusa prior to being made public Sunday, include 631 videos from aircraft and weather radars, 2,143 flight logs as well as the names, email addresses and phone numbers of 2,414 NASA employees. After purchasing an “initial foothold” from a hacker with knowledge of NASA servers over two years ago, the group says it began testing how many machines it could “break into” and “root” – a term referring to an account with complete control over a computer or network. Brute forcing an administrator’s SSH password, which reportedly only took “0.32” seconds due to the credentials being left as default, AnonSec gained further access inside – allowing them to grab even more login data with a hidden packet sniffer (tcpdump). The hackers say while some members mapped the network, others analyzed the “different missions, airbases and aircraft” listed by the agency. After sniffing a password belonging to the system administrator, the hackers say they were eventually able to gain full root access to three network-attached storage (NAS) devices tasked with compiling backups of aircraft flight logs. According to the group, the traffic consisted of “pre-planned route option” files which allow NASA to upload specific flight paths prior to take off. After protest from several hackers, the group says it decided to carry out a man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attack several months later that replaced the drone route file with one of their own in an attempt to crash the aircraft into the ocean. A screenshot from the hackers shows their intended flight path, which they say was cut short after drone pilots on the ground likely noticed the aircraft’s unusual behavior, forcing NASA to restore manual control.
Soon after the alleged drone episode, the group says it was completely shut out from NASA’s networks. Despite NASA’s ability to boot the hackers by changing passwords and patching critical vulnerabilities, vast amounts of information had already been exfiltrated. The 631 videos siphoned out, filmed during 2012 and 2013, feature footage of weather radar readings as well as both manned and unmanned aircraft in multiple stages of flight. One 59-minute video from May of 2012 shows one such drone taking off from a NASA runway before cutting out 30 minutes into its mission. Other videos appear to be above large bodies of ice, likely related to the agency’s climate studies. Flight logs which seem to coincide with some of the video files include the location of take off, aircraft model, mission name, sensor readings and GPS coordinates.
A screenshot showing a small portion of one log file, possibly from 2014, details the flight of a DC-8 involved in the public “Alternative-Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise EmiSSions” project. After examining the list of 2,414 employee names, emails and phone numbers, Infowars was able to confirm the legitimacy of several entries. Although no calls were answered, names mentioned on each answering machine matched those listed in the hack. At the time of publishing, Infowars did not receive calls back from any employees on the list or representatives at the Glenn Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center, Dryden Flight Research Center and the NASA Media Room.
Infowars briefly spoke to NASA’s IT Security Division but did not receive a call back for comment. AnonSec’s zine specifically cites climate engineering methods such as cloud seeding and geoengineering as the main driver behind the hack. Cloud seeding, a weather modification method that uses silver iodide to create precipitation in clouds, was most famously used by the U.S. Geoengineering, according to NASA’s Erik Conway, involves “injecting sulfate particles into the upper atmosphere – essentially mimicking a large volcanic eruption,” in an attempt to reflect sunlight away from the planet.
The hackers link to several mainstream reports and patents as evidence of current weather modification programs. A 2013 article from Slate entitled, “Climate Intelligence Agency: The CIA is now funding research into manipulating the climate,” examines a 21-month, $630,000 project carried out by The National Academy of Sciences.
AnonSec’s Default Virusa, who spoke with Infowars over encrypted communications, stated that no one involved in the NASA breach has been apprehended by law enforcement.
Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it.
Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution, is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry, and is a primary driver of rainforest destruction, species extinction, habitat loss, topsoil erosion, ocean “dead zones,” and virtually every other environmental ill.
As Andersen approaches leaders in the environmental movement, he increasingly uncovers what appears to be an intentional refusal to discuss the issue of animal agriculture, while industry whistleblowers and watchdogs warn him of the risks to his freedom and even his life if he dares to persist. As eye-opening as Blackfish and as inspiring as An Inconvenient Truth, this shocking yet humorous documentary reveals the absolutely devastating environmental impact large-scale factory farming has on our planet, and offers a path to global sustainability for a growing population. The Stars from 'The Secret' return with "The Masters Gathering" packed with even more life changing, enlightening ways to live fully and consciously ! We know you’ll discover that joining us will delight and surprise you with a windfall of continuous abundance and prosperity.
A lot of people will not understand what mind power can do to one's success Begin directing the awesome power of your mind and subconscious mind to produce the existence you would like with our Mind Power training program. I will definately put a post on our blog referring anyone who missed the show here so they can watch it here.
So follow my advise and rule the world.Increase your concentration by doing breathing exercises and then visualise with great energy.
Think Good, Feel Good, Think Well, Do Well, Think Wise, Do Wise, Think Ahead, Plan Ahead, Anticipate, Innovate and Excel at each and every step of each endeavor constructively with meaningful and constructive steps and actions. The intensity of the belief platform must not have the questioning (Questioning with Reason, Prudent Acumen, Sound Judgement, Logic, Practical Values and Observance of the Protocol of ensuring that one’s actions do not have conflict or would in any way create any kind or type of hindrance to any one whosoever since the intention must to create Happiness, Joy, Peace, Progress and Prosperity for The Benefit of Our Universe and its Wonderful People always, Create Value and have a strong belief in miraculous moments of Life, but of course nothing comes about just by thinking and believing alone, since to compliment the above, concrete, firm, constructive and meaningful action would have to be taken at each and every step of the way, once again I repeat with sound judgement, rationalization, justified reasoning, observance of ethical principles and moral values that encapsulate the tenets of every moment creating value and benefit for our Universe and its Wonderful People always. By appreciating life, we are achieving excellence; we are truly reciprocating the excellent virtues that we have been endowed with and utilizing these for the benefit and progress of our wonderful universe and its wonderful people. There I found the brand new book, The Science Behind the Secret: Decoding the Law of Attraction, by Travis S. He can trace it all the way back to Jainism in ancient India, about four thousand years ago. Taylor, who prefers the quantum brain theory of everything, you can create a new reality for yourself by imagining it’s already fulfilled.
As you act on the ideas and opportunities that come to you, after you place this focused intention into the world, you tend to attract what you desire into your reality. You may not use them without written permission but you may link to the posts or give out a link to the posts.If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him hisall-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate.
I just ordered my own copy of The Science Behind The Secret: Decoding the Law of Attraction. They don’t know, or can’t get, the idea that they have the powers of create worlds, joy, experience, healthy, freedom and happiness. This is a nice blog you have and I like the recommendations for books and positive thought. All the great creations we see are all started as a thought impulse, in nature they are from the great universal mind, they are then individualised by our consciousness as thoughts from our personal minds.
Taylor is offering his theory, based upon his own studies, but not upon empirical evidence. By definition, a skeptic refrains from accepting an hypothesis until there exists clear data to support its premise.
But at your recommendation, I did go back and read it again, just to be sure I didn’t miss something.
We are bombarded with news on the television of just how bad the economy is and how there are fewer and fewer opportunities to make more money, yet this is not the case for everyone. It reminds me of a story about Albert Einstein when his assistant found a letter from Edington that Dr. According to Brad, during this air show, he and other VIPs were provided with exclusive access to a special hangar with areas blocked off by big black curtains. Charge creates an envelope of Zero-G, zero-mass which craft floats in direction of positive charges are achieved by varying charge level in the 48 capacitor sections.
The central column may contain a counter rotating mercury liquid or vapor zero point reactor.
If so it would seem that a black project has some understanding of the Kinetic Engine (One aspect of it also serve as a Magnetic Field Disruptor) from the recovered Zeta Reticulian saucer from the Plains of San Agustin and the recovery near Aztec New Mexico. The MFD generates a magnetic vortex field, which disrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass with in proximity, by 89 percent. This causes the effect of making the vehicle extremely light and able to outperform and outmaneuver any craft yet constructed. Steven Greer – an emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques.

Steven Greer, founder of the Center for Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) established in 1990. A man in search of truth who aims to share what he’s found even when it comes at great personal expense.
When I saw this extraterrestrial, it was crystal clear that it was a seamless disk that was under intelligent control and it literally appeared and then disappeared.
It gave me the experience that made me realize that the mind and conscious reality are infinite. It is a term that confuses even the most acclaimed and knowledgeable of scientists because it is so intimately linked to our belief system. Greer delved into the multiple layers of cover up pertaining to UFOs, he began to realize that it had little or nothing to do with any threat posed by these global neighboring citizens; it had to do with us learning the advanced technologies they could share with us.
Steven Greer began organizing what was then called Project Starlight, now being released in the Clinton library. Among other things: one, we are not alone in the universe, and two, this aspect comes with new science and technology.
And so my human irony is that I left medicine because I saw the world in a terrible emergency both geopolitically and geophysical and felt that someone needed to lead up an effort to bring this information out.
He displays an upbeat spirit in spite of having lost not one, but two very close friends to cancer during this project. Previous to his death he had been on tour across the United States speaking out about various subjects including his involvement with building a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico for the military. Colin Campbell gives a stirring speech on the floor of the Kentucky House of Representatives, his son, Nelson, and Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner work together to propose a pilot program documenting the health benefits of a plant-based diet. They used cloud seeding technology to prolong the monsoon season to disrupt the Vietnamese supply lines. Some of these people could see that they were being sprayed with some substance, so in order to understand what it was, they had their rainwater and soil independently tested. By using flight radar and other computer applications that identify commercial aircraft, investigators are able to determine if the aircraft passing overhead is civilian or not. These normally dissipate after a few seconds, but some may linger for up to a minute or two in the right temperatures. I’d like to hear feedback from other flight mechanics about the feasibility of this testimony. Griffith an ex-US government employee has also come forward to give an insider’s view on chemtrail programmes.
Other people have come spoken out, including Swedish politician Pernilla Hagberg who openly admitted that chemtrail programmes exist.
Despite claiming that it is untested and that its impact upon human health is unknown, David Keith still is in favour of these programmes. It is my hope that I have inspired you enough to continue your own research into this assault upon the Earth and humanity. I have included a number of links for you to begin to look at, at the bottom of this article. In fact the original breach into NASA systems wasn’t even planned, it was caught up in a gozi virus spread,” the hackers write, referring to an infamous Trojan that has infected more than 1 million computers to date. Public missions like “OIB – Operation Ice Bridge” and drones such as the “Global Hawk“ were among those mentioned. After seeing the film, he began to recycle religiously, turn off lights constantly, shower infrequently, and ride a bike instead of driving. Get the Totally free Mp3, E-Course and CD these days and commence directing the power of your respective mind and subconscious mind to build the existence you want - in 7-simple steps. I would like The the 1st show and the follow-up show I had seen the show and had access to the on oline video however when I went back to the site it was no longer available? This creates an energy field that gets launched into the Universe, on a mission to find whatever it needs to become your new reality.
The curious thing is the same thing that says a scientist is the same thing that Angels tells me all the time. When they are mixed with faith and feeling they become powerful to create any objective intended. Thankfully, history has been blessed by many skeptics, who were willing to resist going along with ideas that ran contrary to common sense and provable science. Ms McTaggart is a journalist but she has met with and interviewed many scientist whose work suggests that all of this is very real.
You might be discovered to be a criminal in the future, or have a mental illness, or any number of possible outcomes; does that mean we shouldn’t listen to you today?
Also they seem to be using mercury electrified into a plasma which was used in the Nazi Bell and ancient India Vimana. The TR-3Bs propulsion is provided by 3 multimode thrusters mounted at each bottom corner of the triangular platform. Humans have also developed these systems but those in power have suppressed them in order to keep us at the mercy of fossil fuels. His desire to ensure we all understand that we have it in us to change the course of our conditions both externally as well as internally is both humbling and inspiring. I asked Steven to give me a summary and say more about his motivation to pursue his interest in extraterrestrial activities. It did not move like a normal aircraft in broad daylight.My parents thought I was making things up, as parents sometimes do. Brilliant minds such as Nickola Tesla had already developed these technologies in the early 1900s but they were suppressed and never shared with the public. It is a series of briefings by senior government officials about evidence related to UFOs, which led to the Disclosure Project event in 2001 spilling over into the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, an event that took place in Washington April 29 to May 3, 2013 discussing the material contained in the documentary Sirius. In my naivete during my thirties I thought that if we put together for the president and for members of congress this information, which is an amazing amount of data with proof and evidence then they would do the right thing in the interest of humanity.
But there is documentary evidence for the existence of chemtrails which is overwhelming and inescapably conclusive, and here’s just a taster for some of it. The tests consistently found exceedingly high levels of aluminium, barium and strontium in areas affected by spraying.
With these types of applications, you are able to see the flight number, airline operator and other flight details. Although in reality these programmes have already been ongoing for over 10 years before this conference took place. As you will no doubt agree, spraying aluminium into the atmosphere on an industrial scale is bad and must be stopped.
Andersen believed he was doing everything he could to help the planet by following the guidelines of national and international environmental organizations, but his life took a different direction when he found out animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental destruction. Taylor continues his historic overview right through the 1980s, with books by Jerry and Esther Hicks.
His entire book is a respected scientist’s view of how the Law of Attraction (law, maxim, or adage) actually works. Were it not for skeptics, we might still believe that the Earth is at the center of the universe, and that virtually any disease could be remedied by the proper application of leeches.
They are pioneers in many ways and the shift has yet to occur among mainstream science, but I feel it is happening. Detailed information on the history, physics and technological mechanisms regarding faster-than-light travel, anti-gravity, and zero-point energy is also covered in detail. The TR-3B is a sub-Mach 9 vehicle until reaches altitudes above 120,000 feet-then God knows how fast it can go ! Greer also spearheaded the Disclosure Project, a research initiative working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and classified advanced energy propulsion systems. I was not a religious person at all, my parents in fact were atheist and we were raised without any such beliefs. Undeterred, Nelson decides to try his own pilot project in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina. One notable example was in Britain from the late 50s through to the 70s, when large parts of the country were sprayed with chemicals for germ warfare experiments. More recently the Chinese government publicly used cloud busting technology during the Olympics to ensure that the skies remained clear. These tests have now been carried out in many countries around the world with the same results. From mixing it in the jet fuel, through to dedicated spray nozzles with specially designed feeder tanks. This has enabled investigators to identify many airlines that are involved in the spraying.
The 3 multimode rocket engines mounted under each corner of the craft use hydrogen or methane and oxygen as a propellant. But what happened to me after that is that I began to realize that consciousness and mind are actually the final frontier, not space.
It is compelling to watch his determination forging ahead in spite of such odds and the insurmountable body of evidence he has stacked, which threatens his own safety, all in exchange of serving humanity. This information was locked away in Government archives and has only recently been released to the public as 50 years have now passed. I cite these examples as evidence of weather manipulation technology that has been in use for many years. Some of the countries in which tests have been done include the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, France and many others.
From the patent record, we can also see that this technology has been around since before World War 2.
It is powerful- it gives me chill bumps just thinking of all the love I have inside of me and want to share it with others. After he saw the movie The Secret, he began exploring the history and evidence for the Law of Attraction. The MFD creates a disruption of the Earth’s gravitational field upon the mass with in circular accelerator. He was a physician and former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina.
Many people have had children with birth defects because of this government sponsored aerosol spraying campaign. Although the chemtrail programme is slightly different, it is based upon the same technology that we know has been deployed historically. It is also evident that some very sophisticated technologies have been developed over the years. Also by using modern cameras with high powered lenses, many excellent videos and photos exist and have been used to help identify those aircraft that are spraying.
The more advanced space vehicles are for exploration and have been kept well away from the public. The nuclear thermal rocket engine use a hydrogen propellant, augmented with oxygen for additional thrust. So much so, that now it is possible to adapt nearly all types of jet aircraft to this type of use.
I can understand how it must be difficult for some scientists etc to come out and boldly declare that the Law of Attraction is real and works, but I am convinced that we bring about our own reality. The reactor heats the liquid hydrogen and injects liquid oxygen in the supersonic nozzle, so that the hydrogen burns concurrently in the liquid oxygen afterburner.

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