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Ricky meets George at Geoff's where George reveals that he'd planned to elope with Kathleen, but her mother showed up, preventing their plans. Amy runs in to Grace in the hallway and notices that she has some very interesting jewelry on her left hand. Ethan is angry when Kathy reveals that she will be coaching a male student for a spelling bee. Megan & Liz take a break from their promo tour to talk with Tommy2 about their new single and first headlining tour. This Tuesday, The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Volume Six (3-disc set), will be available to own for the first time, so fans can revisit the drama again and again of the season’s first 12 episodes. Disney will be releasing a Shake It Up soundtrack on July 12th and will go by the title Shake It Up: Break It Down.

Join Honor Society, Action Item and Katelyn Tarver at the Pinkberry on Sunset and Fuller in LA for tons of fun. Ricky tells George that he and Amy have decided to get married the day after she graduates at Reverend Stone's church, and that he is invited. Ethan says that this guy is using Kathy and that he can't believe she's making this mistake again. The band battles a power outage at their show before taking to the streets for an acoustic performance on the Charles Bridge. A new concert date has popped up this summer featuring Miranda Cosgrove, Cody Simpson and Shane Harper. George is put off by the fact that Amy didn't tell him herself, and asks Ricky why she didn't, but Ricky claims not to know, other than Amy was at school.

Grace says that they haven't set a date yet, but that they won't get married before Amy and Ricky. In anger, he walks off, even though he and Kathy have algebra next, and always walk together.
She even comments how interesting it would be if Amy and Ricky, and Adrian and Omar all ended up in New York together.

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