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Have you ever wondered how your dog actually drinks?  Watch it in slow motion (1000 frames per second). SELECTION: From the 1 billion videos uploaded to YouTube daily, Flixxy editors selects only 3-5 videos to be added to the site daily. CONCISE CAPTION AND DESCRIPTION: We know your time is valuable, so we distill the information down to what you need to know.
Whatever your zany and unique situation may be tonight, we have the solution to your problem: The Ultimate The Secret Life of the American Teenager Drinking Game. Ashley says something so incredibly deadpan into the camera that you believe she’s trying to tell the audience something in code. Ben: Yes, I would like very much to know why you were upset with me today in the school hallway.
Clever set of rules, but if that YouTube clip is any indication – everyone will be sick of the show long before they’ve gotten buzzed!

Greg has been working with pop and comics imagery for a while and his website features some great graphic design works of pop icons in unusual situations. Wow, A dog drinking seems like the simplest thing in the world – and then someone decided to record it and put it in ultra slow-mo. What’s so amazing is that even though I’ve had dogs my entire life, I never knew they actually did this! For example Lauren overhears an entire conversation in the school hallway marginally related to her and immediately calls Madison and relays the entire conversation.
The colors and graphics are exactly like the real characters but the situations they are in are quite different from their established image.
The sneak-peak into the secret life of superheroes not makes for a great and entertaining visual series but also asks some great questions.
What if superheroes had to do the same routines like all of us – like shaving and drinking coffee every day?

Whether you play with someone else in the room or you videochat throughout the episode, make sure someone else is drinking alongside you.
That said, please do NOT go out and buy a bottle and a pack of smokes — Dorothy is obviously from another planet. If you follow the rules and watch the entire episode, you’ll still end the episode with a nice buzz.

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