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I have been a TV Addict most of my life, I think my very first TV addiction was Knots Landing.
I watch that much TV that to keep my head on which shows I watch and what episode I am up to I have a excel spreadsheet so my shows are all organized .. But I thought it was time I start recommending more than just what’s on Free To Air TV in Australia.
Not that long ago I learnt to download TV shows over the net, now this is not so I don’t buy the DVD’s,  I still do that, but its so I don’t have to wait for Australian TV to finally put shows on and sometimes they don’t ever put the TV I like on here. Shows like Dancing With The Stars USA and many other shows we never get to see here in Australia so I DL them, I am now not limited anymore..
Recently I have noticed many of my friends have been asking me what is my fave new show to watch or what am I downloading .. I think I was meant to be a American Teenager as you will notice most of the shows I recommend are of that demographic, but occasionally you will see some other fab shows tossed in there too ! So its OFF TV season in the USA but I am still finding more than my fair share of TV to watch .. Already renewed for S2 this show starts Jennifer Love Hewitt and it about a sweet young wife and due to her slacko Hubby leaving her she takes a job as a Massage Therapist that gives ‘happy endings’  !
A talent show with the Twist that the 4 Stars sing with each contestant thus the title Duets.
The 4 Stars are Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Robin Thicke and the chick from the countryband Sugarland .. Another  ABC Family Drama, this stars Molly Ringwald and Shai Woodley who recently did that amazing movie with George Clooney The Descendants.
Season 2 of this show is darker and heavier than its 1st season, Tyler Posey is sexier than ever and somehow I am starting to think his sidekick Stiles is cute too.
My new fave Drama show Starring Sigourney Weaver and set in the political mine field of Washington DC this show is Fabulous.
Its ratings fell a little bit after the first episode of «The Secret Life of the American Teenager» show airing. The reputable EW resource confirms Julie Plec, the producer, who has been working on famous «The Vampire Diaries» storyline, to plan the continuation of «Kyle XY» for Season 4. The fans of the series were repeatedly asking the rightsholders about the possible continuation of the show.
Eric Jr I totally agree but, I really don’t see much more we can do I mean alot of the stars from the show are older and have shows they are already working on so maybe its not just abc or the creators of the show. Claire Gillis I love kyle xy, i enjoy watching it, i wish the season 4 & 5 of Kyle xy wasnt canceled. Becca I never even saw the show when it was on the air, i just binge watched it on netflix and i loved it.

Allan Thats to bad,guess they made a bad decision kylexy was just greet plus they left us hanging. Tanner I picked the series up On Netflix out of boredom sense then I’ve got all my friends hooked on it and my family I believe if you made another season the ratings would sky rocket.
Eric Jr If the creators want to ignore everyone and not even try to save a show better then all these corny shows we have now and days.
Trinity I love Kyle xy it is a really good show it should come back on and you should put it back on Netflix to.
Shelley Bunn This is one show that you should have renewed for it is a great show for the whole family to watch.
This is one show that I along with quit a lot of other folks feel like it needed to be renewed and carried on for the next few seasons. So please reconcider your action of discontinnuing the show and bring it back so it can carry on.The next generation should be able to see this show also. Mason I’m a 16 year old boy and I literally fell in love with this show everything is perfect about it. Jordan The creaters need to renew the show i have to know if Kyle ends up with Jesse. Katelyn Netflix should buy the series and finish out the show In a more satisfying manner the final episode of Kyle xy was a total disappointment. Yeah, she’s definitely processing some heavy feelings and I think these shows are giving her a lot of food for thought. I tell my child that if parents can love multiple children; children can love multiple parents. Subscribe to the mailing list and get exclusive stories and printable resources all to your email inbox.
Mackye Gruber had the highest ratings on ABC Family channel from June 2006 till summer 2008. In Season 3 the number of its fans amounted only to 1.5 million, which is a third less than at the beginning of Season 2. The release date for the «new episode 1» isn’t topical any more, despite the representatives of ABC Family statements in 2009 to renew the show. Lively Watched first 3 seasons on Netflix and would l love to see more seasons. I live in Denmark and we have since seen season 4 why write all that they have only seen season 1 to 3?
I know that it lost some viewers when season 3 came out, but the thing is that the show has gotten so big and popular off of things like Netflix that it’s ratings would improve by a lot.
Maybe Netflix could do some low budget advertising than a viewers poll and if enough viewers want it back they should definitely bring it back.

Allen to Guest Star in Season Four of ABC Family's Hit Comedy "Baby Daddy"She'll recur as Robyn, a funny, smart, athletic, corporate lawyer who works at Riley's (Chelsea Kane) law firm. Alex," Casts Ratings Spell With Nearly 6 Million Total ViewersDisney Channel spins the numbers for Friday, March 15. My 17 year old biological daughter loves it but knows to keep it on the down low because of her two younger twin siblings who were adopted from foster care. She is originally from Mob Wives but this is her own spin off show..  Trust me she makes me look feminine ! Many experts believe that exactly the fall in the rating influenced the rightsholders’ decision to close the show after Season 3.
Despite the remarks of the show crew, which were as a unit to the DVD-disks of Season 3, there was also a special booklet, where Julie Plec described the plot, planned for the future Seasons. I really wish the show would have kept airing at least one more season so we could get a better ending but, If they ignore us about the cancellation for 4 years they can obviously do it for 4 more.
I have longed for it to be on again, and I know so many that were so upset when it went off air.. I would buy the seasons if they became available because it really hooked me and my family. The ratings would have all the people that watched it before and would also now have a bigger then ever fan rating because of how big it is. ABC Delivers "Bet on Your Baby" Saturday, April 13, Hosted by Melissa PetermanThe Alphabet formally announces the show's new launch date. Maybe offer up that you know how badly they hurt her but if she has positive memories, she can share those as well. I just hope they would at least hear us out to at least consider getting everyone together and making one more season. It was left at a cliffhanger and would love to know what is going to happen, make a movie or please finish the series..
I think a mistake was made and if they reverse this decision it needs to be done soon so they actors will still be able to pull off their roles and ages.
It would be awesome if it could be renewed or at least be tested for like 2 or 3 episodes to make sure that it is doing good.
It does not really matter if the story will not continue, I just want to see their families and friends together and happy. I am confused about the comment that folks in Denmark actually saw the season four if so make it available in the states for purchase at least!!!!

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