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A  A  ~Teenie989 Become a member and get special looks behind the scenes! Christine Davis portrays Amy Samuels, the main character of the YouTube Series, Secret Life of a Mermaid.
She was also the one who came up with the idea for the show in the first place, and wanted to do a series for it. The series became bigger, and in the later years, one of the biggest mermaid YouTube shows in the world. It's very likely that Christine wants be an actress and maybe even a singer, since she does sing on the show.
Christine has her own personal YouTube account, teenieturn, on which she posts videos from her vacations and homemade music videos for various songs. Tess calls her Doctor-Rose Hulu- to tell her everything that she said(about mermaids not being real) was a lie and that they really exist. In Season 5 Episode 5, "Red Tide", Tess comes back for a two-week break from boarding school. Although Tess comes across as mean to Amy throughout the series, in the series finale, she says, 'I'm so sorry, Amy." This leaves the status of their relationship a mystery.

Emma Patricia Dunne portrays Kelsey Cork in the mermaid YouTube series, Secret Life of A Mermaid.
Emma is a Youtube actress and singer, and has a Youtube account of her own, where she covers songs.
In Secret Life of A Mermaid, her role is somewhat similar to Emma Gilbert from the other popular TV show H2O: Just Add Water. Her role Amy is like the other roles, similar to someone from H2O: Just Add Water, and in this case, it is Cleo Sertori. In the Season 4 finale, Tess finds out the truth about Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey; they are mermaids. It is then that she tells Amy that she will be coming home for her senior year of high school.
She first appeared in the second season as a minor character and former best friend of Amy, but was made a main character officially in the third season. She is not a fan of the show, according to her recent YouTube video "My Life," as she did not state it as her favorite TV show. Both Amy and Cleo share the same powers, but with a few differences when it comes to personality.

After trying to ruin the girls' mermaid lives, Tess ended up goes to boarding school for a while. After seeing Kelsey sick from the Red Tide, she helps out and Kelsey eventually gets better. Emma is extremely intelligent, though recently stated in her "My Life" video, she gets straight B's and C's in Language Arts, which she claims is her favorite because it helps her with her songwriting.
She also was not on the original cast of SLM, and was apparently asked if she would join the show, hence the "Secret Life of a Mermaid" website. Last of all, she does not mention or say anything about SLM or mermaids, for that matter on her personal YouTube account. But at the end of the episode, she sends a picture of Kelsey's tail to a marine biologist named Ronan Ennis along with a package of a sample of what seems to be mermaid DNA.

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