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Shockingly, Natalie splashes Samantha while they're at the beach, making her pop a tail in public. 03:52 My Secret Mermaid Life season 1 episode 14 Tail, powers,water and Natalie What Next? After Natalie's clumsiness gets Samantha wet again, the mermaid decides that what her friend needs is powers of her own, so she shows her a spell to do it. Following instructions which she can't even fully read, Samantha puts her ring out in the sunlight, then puts it on. Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Christine Davis portrays Amy Samuels, the main character of the YouTube Series, Secret Life of a Mermaid.
She was also the one who came up with the idea for the show in the first place, and wanted to do a series for it. The series became bigger, and in the later years, one of the biggest mermaid YouTube shows in the world. It's very likely that Christine wants be an actress and maybe even a singer, since she does sing on the show. Christine has her own personal YouTube account, teenieturn, on which she posts videos from her vacations and homemade music videos for various songs. Amy begins using her new heat powers to their full potential, discovering another ability on the way. Since it's been a month since her transformation, Amy decides to visit the cave where she became a mermaid. Amy and Brenna were just hanging out like normal, when Amy is abruptly reminded that she and Kelsey have a science project to do.
Since Brenna can't swim because of her broken foot, she has to wait at the dock while Amy takes a dip. Kelsey's had been having nightmares about Amy being a mermaid, but can't really remember if it was real or not. Kelsey has decided to make a scrapbook as a nice present to give to Amy and Brenna, to show her friendship. Emma Patricia Dunne portrays Kelsey Cork in the mermaid YouTube series, Secret Life of A Mermaid.
Emma is a Youtube actress and singer, and has a Youtube account of her own, where she covers songs. In Secret Life of A Mermaid, her role is somewhat similar to Emma Gilbert from the other popular TV show H2O: Just Add Water. Memories Dinner Theatera€™s production of From Door to Door runs May 3 - 18 on 1077 Lake Drive in Port Washington.
Cream City Theatera€™s production of Same Time Next Year runs May 13 - 22 at Inspiration Studios on 1500 S. The dramatic comedy makes its way to Milwaukee by way of a local production being staged by Lights! One of my favorite villains is a fantasy character who fell in love with the lady of death and thenA  decided to seduce her by killing as many people as possible. Based on the story from the a€™30s that had been used on stage and screen, this 2011 musical theatre adaptation tells the story of Death suspending work for a couple of days to experience the joy of life.
Two guys in their 30s meet-up at a cafe to discuss music, poetry and such in an alley behind a coffee shop in Vermont. A casual social play like this that is allegedly has a lot of awkward pauses written into the script should work brilliantly in the cozy space of the Alchemist Theatre.A  Grab a beer and hang out with a couple of guy in Bay View who used to be in The Aliens.
Playwright Mark Wyss played with the concept in a comedy making its premiere next month as SandMark Productions presents A Disappearing.
The cast includes a host of very experienced actors who have been featured in nearly every major theatre company in Milwaukee.
Quasimondo Physical Theatre has rather rapidly built a very solid reputation on engaging new material based on classic and nearly classic tropes. In addition to having been featured numerous times on the Broadway stage, Sarah Pfisterer is co-founder of a theater arts academy for young people on the east coast. The Greendale High School Marching Band is raising funds for the trip to the 2016 Macya€™s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
The benefit concert will take place on May 1 at the Henry Ross Auditorium of the Reiman Family Fine Arts Wing at Greendale High School, 6801 Southway in Greendale. Next month (May 20 - 21) Broadminded brings the show to ComedySportza€™s Farina Arena on 420 S.
The play investigates the link between individuals as 9 actors play 4 dozen characters breathing through parallel stories and linked histories.
The production is billed as the Southeastern Wisconsin Premiere of the play, which debuted in Philadelphia in 2006. Kohla€™s Wild Theater has established a solidly respectable history of putting together some really remarkable educational shorts for kids. This coming January, KWT will present a show that ita€™s been working with the Aldo Leopold Foundation. Aldo Leopold and the Ghost of Sand County will be performed free of charge for schools in and around southeastern Wisconsin starting in January of 2017. Way back in 1978, playwright Terrance McNally wrote a comedy about a group of actors and others hanging out with a playwright and producer as they await opening night reviews of a new Broadway show. Dale Gutzman directs the Midwest debut of the show, which features a rather nicely-assembled cast including Randall Anderson, Marilyn White, Laura Monagle,A  Patrick McCann, Jeremy C. Ita€™s one of those plays that feels every bit as much a concert of dialogue as it is a narrative comedy. Some time ago, the Milwaukee Repa€™s Jonathan Gillard Daly recounted personal family history with the story of his own grandfathera€™s life during World War II with his musical The Daly News.A  This month, another man recounts the life of his gradnfather during World War II onstage at the Marcus Center as Patrick Dewane performs The Accidental Hero. This month, West closes-out his one-year tour as Pfister narrator with a performance the Pfister that includes visits from local actors, musicians and such.
18th century pirate Anne Bonny continues to be quite popular hundreds of years after she is said to have sailed under the Jolly Roger. The historical figure made her first appearance in Captain Charles Johnsona€™s seminal 1724 book A General History of the Pyrates.
Until then, wea€™ve got an entirely different world premiere play opening this weekend that may feature some reference to swashbuckling adventure as St. Theya€™re looking for a variety of men and women ages 18 - 80.A  Auditions consist of readings from this yeara€™s scripts.
Not too long ago, I saw a production of Edward Albeea€™s Zoo Story that had been staged at Marqeutte Universitya€™s Engineering Hall Visualization Lab. This coming weekend Marquette brings theatre back to the lab again with an abbreviated staging of Romeo & Juliet.
Solitary confinement might have changed over the years, but ita€™s still a very brutal form of punishment. Youa€™re going to hang out with a couple of guys in a squalid place for about an hour, but chances are that youa€™re going to like it.
A couple of years ago, Jan Maher and Nikki Nojima Louis put together a script which told the story of the womena€™s peace movement through documentary drama, music and movement. Ita€™s hard to believe that Augusto Pinochet could have been in power as recently as the 1980s. I love the fusion here: college students performing a narrative about being college-aged people in a university space.
Sean Oa€™Caseya€™s The Plough and the Stars had an intense audience reaction when it was originally staged in Dublin in 1926. Childhood has rightly become a matter of overwhelming importance over the course of the past 100 years. Charitable organizations saw to it that orphaned and abandoned children from the east coast were put on trains west to meet-up with adoptive families largely in the rural midwest. Next week a newly-devised theatre piece will be staged at UWM that is drawn from real stories of fourteen individuals who were passengers on those trains.
The author of contemporary stage works Rabbit Hole and Kimberly Akimbo also recently debuted Good People in New York. So ita€™s not exactly cheery, but it IS a very earthbound comedy about real people dealing with real problems. Locally, therea€™s an outdoor production of the original stage play that will be brought to life courtesy of SummerStage of Delafield.
Every now and then a show gets pretty big on Broadway without being physically big, though.
This coming July, Hartford Players will be staging a production of Disneya€™s Beauty and the Beast. Ita€™s interesting how social media is changing the way we understand the histories of individuals. The first Friday of every month finds Dead Mana€™s Carnival coming to haunt the east sidea€™s Miramar Theatre.
Catina Cole has commissioned a group of 5 Black women playwrights to develop a set of shorts for MPower Theater. The playwrights include Jocelyn Bioh, Chisa Hutchinson, Lenelle MoA?se, Nikkole Salter, and Cori Thomas. Ita€™s presented in part by Caste of Killers Comedy Collective, but it isna€™t just comedy. Hosted by Andrea Guzzetta and Carly Malison, Objective Open Mic takes place the third Saturday of every month, which means that therea€™s another one coming-up this upcoming Saturday.
Her role Amy is like the other roles, similar to someone from H2O: Just Add Water, and in this case, it is Cleo Sertori. Amy hides Brenna upstairs, trying to conceal the fact that she's forgotten about the project, and Brenna makes some discoveries of her own.
Lured in by the mystic water and blue moon bubbles, and a change in the tail, Amy forgets about Brenna, who eventually goes home. From Brenna's tail changing to their tails magically appearing, Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey are in for a wild ride. She first appeared in the second season as a minor character and former best friend of Amy, but was made a main character officially in the third season. She is not a fan of the show, according to her recent YouTube video "My Life," as she did not state it as her favorite TV show.
It finds a cozy and appropriate Bay View home this coming May as Jake Brockman directs a staging of the play at the Alchemist Theatre.
When that staged reading happens to be staged by Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, that means a cast of big-name local actors. James Pickering, Robert Spencer, Deborah Staples and Jonathan Wainwright comprise much of the cast. Scenes take place in a gay bathhouse in 1975, a Harlem night club in 1932, the Stonewall in Greenwich village in 1969, an AIDS hospital in 1989, an internet chatroom and more.

Solana Ramirez-Garciaa€™s Platonic is a romantic drama set amongst college students on the east side of Milwaukee. As the play opens, she meets a stranger working as a janitor (Senior BFA student Indalecio De Jesus Valentin.) Theya€™re just meeting for the first time, but hea€™s seen her rehearse a million times onstage so hea€™s already got a connection with her that she doesna€™t know about.
Kate (sophomore vocal performance student Keri Marie Salscheider) is the girl Sam had been romantically involved with in high school. Too often with theater (and musical theatre in particular) romance is framed in neat, little narrative boxes. The two maneuver through engrossing rendering all those little subtle hints at familiarity that two former lovers have when theya€™re trying to be friends. I was walking my daughter home from school last week when she told me about the importance of turning the lights out when exiting a room. The perfect mix of entertainment and education have been put in the service of some extremely noble conservationist messages. Estella Leopold, the last surviving child of Wisconsin conservationist Aldo Leopold is working with KWTa€™s Dave McLellan on Aldo Leopold and the Ghost of Sand County--a new musical which will focus on educating about Wisconsina€™s conservationist history. On the last day of the month, Sunset Playhouse will be holding auditions for Rising Stars at the Sunset Playhouse. He could not have known back then when he wrapped-up initial work on the script for Ita€™s Only a Play, that he would still be working on it over 35 years later. Even the most straightforward sentence carries a million different connotations that could completely derail any sense of true meaning.
When he died, there was a small library of artifacts from the time of his service including typewritten accounts, photos and film footage.
I think of it as a broad socio-political satire, but when you see it all laid-out like that ita€™s really pretty remarkable how much the dystopian musical manages to cram-into a single musical theater package. 23 and 30 at the Wisconsin Lutheran College Center for Arts and Performance on the campus of WLC.
Thomas More High School presents the premiere of a brand new play based on the life and imagination of Peter Pan creator J.M. Even college students playing high school students onstage can feel weird and awkward at best. The Wisconsin Playwrights Original One Act Play Festival will be staged this coming summer. It was an interesting experiment: a play about a couple of guys meeting in a park was staged against a projected backdrop of a park that was made to simulate an actual park. The Engineering Hall Visualization Lab has produced the digital backdrop of fair Verona for a few performances of Shakespearea€™s classic. Somewhere along the line in the prison tour, visitors are shown what solitary confinement was like.
As people who consume mass media, we like to think that we know what it is, but one cana€™t really know unless one has actually experienced it.
The two gentlemen in question are a couple of guys with a couple of guns who are waiting around to hear about what it is that theya€™re supposed to do.
A single hour of realtime conversation between a couple of British hitmen can go wrong so many ways.
The one hour length pairs well with other activity that might be going on later in the evening. Of course, if the man were to actually show-up for his own surprise birthday party, it might be even more of a surprise for everyone who shows-up. The Chilean president had, even at the most conservative estimate, put over a thousand people to death and forcibly interned and tortured up to 30,000 others. Recently they wrapped-up a very satisfying production of Bachelorette at the Alchemist Theatre. 8 and 22 at the Skylight Bar & Bistro on the second floor of the Broadway Theatre Center on 158 N.
Hea€™s performed for people who have never seen live performance before and probably never will again. The late companya€™s most reliable show every year was its one-act festival, which had featured the works of many different playwrights over the years.
There is very little that seems more important than the welfare of children--even to passing strangers in this busy, busy world we have come to live in. As far back as the 1850s there were some 30,000 orphaned kids living in abandoned conditions in New York City alone. Robin Mello and UWM Theatre students have assembled the stories from diaries, photographs, interviews, newspaper reports, letters, and oral histories. The set by Scenic Designer Burt Gross is simple and elegant with functional pieces that suggest the skyline of a major city.
Hea€™s passing out flyers to strangers on the street looking for a deeper connection with a city. The show makes its way into a local production next month as Over Our Head Players present the play Apr.
Ita€™s one of the single most successful comic premises to come out of the 20th century with a movie, a few TV series and countless productions to its credit. Two mismatched bachelors try to negotiate living together onstage outdoors in Lapham Peak State Park this summer. The Marcus Centera€™s 2,305 seat-capacity Uihlein Hall is perfect for the big feeling of immensity in a big, big touring broadway show with huge sets and ridiculous numbers of dancers and things.
These are people who are getting paid lots and lots of money to perform thanks to people paying lots and lots of money to see them get intimate on some of the largest stages in the country. As a society we dona€™t seem to notice all that much because of how quickly life moves and how distracted we all are by strange minutia. After this if you want to see a show spotlighting women being men onstage in a major venue in Milwaukee, youa€™ve got two months to wait.
There is a remarkable amount of documentation amongst individuals that there hadna€™t been even ten years ago.
Both Amy and Cleo share the same powers, but with a few differences when it comes to personality.
Emma is extremely intelligent, though recently stated in her "My Life" video, she gets straight B's and C's in Language Arts, which she claims is her favorite because it helps her with her songwriting. She also was not on the original cast of SLM, and was apparently asked if she would join the show, hence the "Secret Life of a Mermaid" website.
Of course, this type of relationship is going to be complicated by all the life that happens the rest of the year. A community reacts to the sudden arrival in poetry and dynamic storytelling as each character responds to the surreal event.
The intimate, little theatre with its own bar should work quite well as an alley on the east coast half a decade ago that might as well be now. Ita€™s a contemporary drama about a couple of women who had been romantically involved in high school. The imperfect connection there when the two first meet is echoed and reflected through every other relationship in the story.
We see people meet and fall in love and then experience conflicts and remain in love or fall out of love or somebody dies or something. Ita€™s really touching to see that on a small stage with all of the action in such close proximity. Nearly everything thata€™s performed feels like ita€™s coming directly from the emotional end of the story. The right hands may well have come to grasp Ionescoa€™s script as the Boulevard Theatre presents a staging of the absurdist comedy. From the press release: "The dramatic comedy looks at the resiliency of people to create community even amidst the ruins," Watson says. Jonathan West has, most recently been serving as resident story for the historic Pfister Hotel.
Directing the show is helmed by special guest director Mary MacDonald Kerr, who is a local theater veteran having been reliably brilliant in a steady series of productions over the years. From the press release, a€?In this fictional tale of her life, Anne Bonny sails the seas chasing adventure, treasure, and notoriety with her partner in piracy, Mary Reade, at her side. Next week, Inspiration Studios in Wauwatosa will be hosting auditions for the festival, which runs Jun. Marquette is welcoming a number of local performance groups to perform a heavily truncated version of the script in the Unrehearsed Shakespeare format.
In the pre-recorded tour audio, a former inmate talks of being locked in solitary confinement in total darkness with a single shaft of light and nothing else to do.
The challenge with Pintera€™s work is to make it one, long, continuous build-up of dramatic tension between a couple of guys that detonates at the end emotionally. Pinter paints the silences in a live theatre in a way that makes silence in the world beyond the theater that much more interesting.
The latest version will be staged at Marquette later-on this month as Debra Krajiec directs Most Dangerous Women. Of course, the Surprise Birthday Party for William Shakespeare is being hosted by Optimist Theatre, so anything could happen. Hea€™s been bringing the story of civil rights activist Cesar Chavez to audiences of many different kinds.
The kids were sent on trains in some cases in the hope that luck alone would find them families. There are specific references in the script that firmly set the show in New York City, but therea€™s so little reference to it in production design that the setting scarcely seems to matter.
Jason and Claire are genuinely excited to be journeying into a life together, but Jason feels a distance and Claire feels perhaps a bit afraid. Under the right circumstances, people can really connect-up with it the way theya€™ve connected-up with Once.
Best-known for Our Town, Thornton Wilder won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1943 for a look at the tenuous nature of human life in The Skin of Our Teeth. According to the official announcement, the program looks to, a€?dig deeper into the national conversation around Black womanhood and social perceptions of Black femininity, providing Black women a creative platform to personalize these issues.a€? New voices given a chance onstage? A quick perusal of the list includes black, white, biracial, Asian and middle-eastern roles. This company has been through a few major local theatre epochs and mass extinctions and things. If Objective wasna€™t such a cool multi-layered word, they could refer to this as the Such As Open Mic.
This week Racine Childrena€™s Theatre presents a story that illustrates the often deceptive nature of the world around us with A Pale Pink Dragon. Last of all, she does not mention or say anything about SLM or mermaids, for that matter on her personal YouTube account. Her daughter Deborah is encouraging her to move on with her independence the way so many baby boomers will be forced encouraged toA  do in the years to come.

Of course, the fact that both of the people are married is what makes it all so much infinitely more complicated.
Therea€™s a spring production of the romantic comedy this month courtesy of Cream City Theatre. One of the most recent figures to create an established modern Christian movement is given an intimate staging at the Skylight Bar & Bistro in the Broadway Theatre Center on 158 N.
Thata€™s very rare in musical theatre, which so often rushes off to various distractions from the central emotion of the plot. A few years later a revised version of the play bearing the current title opened off-off Broadway. Starring a young cast including Hugh Blewett, JJ Gatesman, Hannah Klapperich Mueller, Zoe Schwartz, Sasha Katherine Sigel, and Mitch Weindorf the play is staged an intimate space at Plymouth Church.
But Watson concedes that despite the community's steadfastness, the people who should be served by urban renewal are more often displaced. Featuring a cast of swashbuckling women.a€? Sounds like fun, particularly as it will be directed by Christopher Elst, who has developed a reputation for doing some really great fight choreography. This comes more or less exactly one year after Cooperative Performance Milwaukee staged a brand new play based on Peter Pan and JM Barrie in Nightmares and Lullabies. Next week, the Sunset Playhouse stages a show that features adults playing children that actually works. Sunset audiences will remember him best as Uncle Fester from its recent production of The Addams Family. The dramatist corresponded with a woman named Mariposa who spent nearly three years in solitary confinement. With all the pauses and tangents and things that Pinter throws in the path of a moving drama, it can be really difficult to keep the whole thing from getting derailed.
Pinter doesna€™t exactly give the actor a whole lot to work with here as far as delivering a background to the character. Ita€™s fun to climb out into a social evening after Pinter, especially when ita€™s done as well as it is here. Elena De Costa explores the tragic story of mothers of those who had disappeared during the rule of Pinochet. In the intimate space of the Soulstice Theatre, professional actors perform bits that were prepared only earlier on in the day.
This coming month, the two talents will be switching to full cabaret-mode for a trio of performances in which the exchange witty banter and bits of wisdom in between classy, little show tunes. He brings his self-written one-man biographical show to local audiences this coming month as he presents The Stories of Cesar Chavez at the UW-Parkside Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for Arts. The stories resonate through song, storytelling and improvisation in what should be a fascinating look at a shadowy and ultimately triumphant corner of US history. The generations that existed just prior to the explosion of social media might be seen as something of a mystery existing in the shadow of a major movement in personal expression through digital media. Ita€™s a mishmash of turn-of-the-century Vaudeville with contemporary DIY underground punk aesthetics. The company continues its saga early next week as it hosts its 2016-2017 Season Preview Party. Directed by Katherine Beeson, the show stars emerging local talents Nicholas Callan Haubner and Jennifer Lofy. Could be a casual conversation anywhere, but ita€™s called The Aliens and onstage and ita€™s written by Annie Baker. Whata€™s beautiful about what Ramirez-Garcia has done here is the fact that ita€™s not neat and tidy. Therea€™s a delightfully messy purity about everything springing right out of the hearts of the characters. Between MPS and PBSa€™ Nature Cat TV show, little Amalia has been exposed to a lot of thought about caring for the natural world before ever setting foot in K5.
Ita€™s a casual conversation that gradually becomes quite casually disjointed until finally devolving into a series of non-sequiturs before a blackout and then starting all over again with roles reversed. From the press release: a€?I have loved big, fat musicals since I was very young, but never really got to be in one,a€? she said. Others appearing as children are Maddison Underberg, Kayla Atadero, Shawn Schmidt, Ava Thomann and Benjamin Johnson (who also plays Jesus Christ. The character needs to have a very complicated unspoken background in order for his half of the play to work at all, though. Based on the Judy Dworin Performance Project, the production is a Capstone Project directed by Andrea Klohn. Monologues will be performed as compromised by, a€?The Wheel of Distraction.a€? There will be Shakespeare drinking games and more. Must have been a very surreal moment of anger, but one might expect that with a topical play concerning certain political events from only ten years prior to the showa€™s opening. Kennedy, Maggie Ferol McGwin, Nate Press, Jocelyn Ridgeley, Liz Shipe and David Rothrock re joined by several others.
More than anything else, though, this is the story of those four people trying to connect-up with each other and the world around them. Leinss has an admirable ability to find definition between the charactera€™s joy and insecurity.
She pressures an old high school boyfriend (who is now a doctor) into inviting her to a birthday party. Featured on the show are Panic Dragshaux, Sugar St Clair, Faye Tahl, Miles Long, Anna Stetic, Miranda Irene, Randy Feller and ScorpiErotic. The crowd interacts with a program featuring, a€?unusual displays that would otherwise have no place to bloom.a€? Interaction, improvisation ,magic, juggling, fire performance striptease, circus stunts, novelty acts and maybe the crowd goes wild. Ita€™s a unique challenge to try to pull together an intermittent relationshipA  that plays out over 25 years in a single evening onstage.
All-In Productions will be holding auditions for Andrew Lippaa€™s The Wild Party midway through next month. Easily the best song in the whole show has Kate and Sam trying to keep a distance from each other even as they both long to be intimate in casual moments. Thomas Morea€™s Journeys to Neverland is likely to be substantially less dark than last yeara€™s new April play inspired by Peter Pan.
Ita€™s kind of a weird musical.) Carrie Gray, Nick Zulker and Cohl Carter-Wright play the adults. Hang out at the bar and imagine that one or two of the strangers there might well be hit men like Gus or Ben who have come in to join the crowd .
The 1916 Easter Rebellion that had Irish republicans looking to throw-off the yoke of British rule. Krager has a charismatic excitement in the role that is tempered by frustration at the emotional distance that serves as the central conflict between them. Taylor has really clever comic instincts in the role of a very witty person lost in her own momentum. She hopes to meet a potential employer at the party, but her friends try to suggest that she should tell the doctor that her daughter is also his.
SummerStage is looking for its outdoor Felix and Oscar early this coming month as it hosts auditions Apr. The group stages a program of songs from mega-popular musicals like Wicked, Rent, West Side Story, Grease--all performed in its own distinctive style for a really unique night out in early spring.
Ita€™s nice to see Alvaro Saar Rios working to help preserve the stories of those who may otherwise pass into the tapestry of Milwaukee history. Audiences are encouraged to go, see whata€™s coming up and possibly pick-up a ticket package for the coming season. The stage magician trying to get your attention with a poorly-warped obfuscation is an interesting metaphor. The Broadway premiere of the play didna€™t happen until just a couple of years ago in 2014. If therea€™s little plot or action, ita€™s because thata€™s what life is like for those trying to make it between the folds of society. Matt Zembrowski directs the largest cast hea€™s ever worked with at the school in what should be aA  fun show on the big, classic proscenium of St. Hea€™s distracted, but more than that hea€™s trying to keep himself distracted as he waits for the orders he knows are coming. Therea€™s never any telling what sounds are going to be wafting-in from the surrounding area.
Suffice it to say, if youa€™re looking to launch an Irish revolution on a stage in Milwaukee, this is the cast that you want behind you. Theya€™ve got a couple of kids and a maid, so it feels very classic sitcom until George decides to invent the alphabet and the family goes the the Ice Age, The Great Flood, war and so on. A show like this is an opportunity to do some really in-depth character work between only two characters.
From shady salesman to politicians to just about anyone else looking to mutate reality in one way or the other, the bad magician is kind of a fun analog for a lot of things.
The Nautical Tragedy of Dick III will feature clowns in a mash-up between Moby Dick and Richard III. At its best, the all-woman sketch comedy group is some of the most sophisticated humor ever brought to stage.
The character knows shea€™s got something to sing, so she tells the band to start-up so that she can get into it. Parrone renders the characters nervousness in a serious of nervous actions and silences that brilliantly shadow the script.
As an audience, we assume that characters onstage are supposed to have lives beyond the play, but as an audience we are usually doing most of the conceptual work in making that world onstage beyond the set seem real. It would have been far too easy to balance out two pairings with two romances, but Gwon is going for something far deeper here and All-In under the direction of J.T. In the months to come, Broadminded will celebrate the best of that comedy with a special 10 year show. One of Parronea€™s biggest accomplishments here is simply letting his stage presence be roughly half the character.
Therea€™s a kind of restless exhaustion that Parrone is able to harness in a way that makes him crushingly vulnerable. People are trying to understand what other people mean to them even as theya€™re trying to understand themselves. He occasionally looks to his associate with the kind of soulful eyes one might expect out of a wounded puppy. Those who cana€™t make physical auditions on that day can audition online in what appears to be a very cleverly streamlined online audition engine.

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