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This beautifully shot film is also jam packed with heart-warming stories of cats who  take care of their owners, who save lives and who have survived against the odds. My research team has used this technology to develop some very specialised wildlife tracking tags and collars. Each of the collars also had a small radio transmitter, so if the collar did fall off we could track it down.
Being on site enabled us to examine the data as soon as it came off the collars, and to work closely with behaviour specialists Dr Sarah Ellis, of the University of Lincoln, and Dr John Bradshaw, of Bristol University, to interpret early results and decide how the study should progress. The project was fascinating for us as we were able to learn so much about cats and their human interactions. More on this story Secret life of the cat: What do our feline companions get up to?
Ted Cruz gives up his campaign for the US Republican presidential nomination, clearing the way for Donald Trump to claim his party's crown.
An animal rescue centre where equipment and toys were destroyed in flash floods last week has been inundated with parcels from well-wishers.
More than 100 packages have been delivered to replace what was lost and a fundraising website has received A?10,000 in donations. A delivery van containing 107 parcels of toys arrived on Monday morning and many other people came in off the street to donate gifts. The rehoming centre started a Just Giving page with the aim of raising A?1,500 but by Tuesday morning it had raised more than A?10,000.
Scientists are debating whether it's possible to harness the power of gravity for interstellar space travel.
The four-year-old boy who has become the centre of a controversy between India and Pakistan - and between his father and mother.
Why, almost 60 years after he first appeared in the Daily Mirror, is a layabout lout from north-east England still so loved around the world?
Notes: The 10 cats above are a selection of 50 studied in the Surrey Hills over a number of weeks.

Read more about the science and technology behind the study from Alan Wilson of the Royal Veterinary College. Researchers in the US copy bird and bat wings to build a drone that can rebound and recover from mid-air collisions.
John Foxx was the original founder of the popular 70’s band, Ultravox and has a career which has spanned for nearly fifty years. This Valentine's Day take a break from the supermarket roses and make a grand Lancastrian romantic gesture. As we witness the astonishing transformation a new-born kitten makes when growing into a fully-grown cat, we discover the amazing, secret life of cats..
No matter whether your cat’s the latest pedigree breed or common-or-garden household moggy, brand new filming techniques uncover the awe-inspiring qualities each and every one of them possesses. Yet, despite our domestic cats playing a big role in our lives, we know surprisingly little about what they get up to. They use a combination of high-accuracy GPS and electronic sensors to record the activity and movement of animals ranging from pigeons to big cats. Perhaps we think we know about them because they are so familiar to us - living in our homes and being part of our families.
Luckily we only lost a couple, so we were able to collect a very complete data set from all the cats we tracked.So, with our equipment developed and our village of cats ready for action, my research team moved with their computers into Shamley Green Village Hall for the main week of the study in April this year. For example, the collar data helped us to decide where to place fixed cameras by identifying activity hotspots. Often our findings would contradict what owners believed their cats were getting up to.We were particularly surprised by how small the ranges of most of the cats were, and how few of them went into the surrounding countryside.
I spoke to John about his time growing up in Chorley where he was born and his involvement in the adaptation of the E.M. A research project by BBC2's Horizon and the Royal Veterinary College set out to find out more.
In fact, we know less about some aspects of their behaviour than we do about many wild cats.

The data also told us how active each cat was, which helped us choose which cats to fit with "cat cam" collars. Armed with GPS tracking devices and micro-cameras, a team from BBC Two's Horizon programme in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College set off to a Surrey village to find out.
So the Horizon programme and the study in our chosen village - Shamley Green in Surrey - was a fantastic opportunity to find out some of this missing information.
One theory is that their roaming is dictated by the hunt for food - something more easily done in the village. All equipment was checked by animal welfare experts to ensure it was the right size and weight for cats to wear safely. Studying animals in the wild without disturbing their natural behaviour has never been easy, but over the past few years a lot of new technology has come along to help us. We have also discovered how often they hunt, how often they make a kill and new information about their athletic capabilities. The biggest challenge for the team was to make the tracking equipment - the GPS and activity sensor tags - small and light enough for domestic cats to wear around their necks on safety-release collars. The maps of the routes of the 10 cats above are not all from the same 24-hour period or necessarily from the same day the cat cam footage was recorded. It was also interesting to see how much variation there was in the cats' activity patterns through the day.
GPS tracking data was filtered to discard obvious false readings, however some smaller inaccuracies may remain. This was influenced by many factors, such as the weather, temperature, feeding times and owner's timetables.

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