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BBC2’s Horizon show put 50 cats under 24-hour surveillance for a week, and came up with some shocking facts.
Christian Agrillo, an Italian comparative psychologist, claims that even fish, monkeys and birds have been very cooperative during various experiments.
One cat-behaviour expert came to a puzzling conclusion that cats don’t understand humans in the same way dogs do. As you can see, there are a lot of things that are still unexplored when it comes to these beautiful animals.
A portfolio of drawings, watercolours and humourous whimsical original Illustrations and prints delivered to clients worldwide. This entry was posted in Cats, Gift Books, My Books on March 12, 2013 by Rowan Barnes-Murphy. These adorable creatures have been a part of the history since the ancient Egyptians, who perceived them as sacred animals. Their activity was shown to the audience, featuring the hedges of back gardens as battle grounds. Watching groups of cats in order to see how they interact with each other largely contributed to deducing their social structure. No matter what, we can surely understand why they are so popular all over the globe, gaining fame 10,000 years ago.

I don’t know that I agree that cats see us as their equals, my cat at least thinks she is far more superior. However, most of the cats tend to avoid direct fight by marking where they have been by using scents from their cheeks and paws. Besides freaking out when their owners brought them in the laboratory, they weren’t interested in participating and walked in the wrong direction. Dogs perceive us as being different than themselves, whereas cats treat us in the same way they treat other cats.
Domestic cats love refined canned food, whereas wild ones, such as lions, do not mind eating out the whole gazelle. Cats are very intelligent creatures that deserve love and affection, despite the fact that they treat their owners.
Adam Miklosi, a Hungarian scientist, also agreed that it was almost impossible to get cats to cooperate in the laboratory.
Rubbing around our legs, sitting besides us and grooming us are just some of the activities which show that felines see humans as their equals. However, you should know some interesting and quite surprising things about these lovely animals that you weren’t aware of. One of the most surprising things was the fact that cats actually often go into each other’s houses in order to steal food.

They obviously know that we are bigger than them, but that doesn’t bother them much, since they do not adapt their social behaviour. Besides that, a useful trail camera helped many observers and researchers to come to conclusion that wild cats, as well as pet cats, love a good sleep – on average, they spend between 16 and 20 hours sleeping every day. A research that included both cats and dogs was conducted, and it showed that dogs are relying on their owners whenever they found themselves in a dead-end situation.
Also, both of these are nocturnal by nature – lions and other ones love hunting during night, and you can be sure that your pet will be more active when you are sound asleep. On the other hand, cats have shown no connection to their owners – but we can’t blame them for that. Dogs have lived with us much longer than cats, which is why they are more likely to cooperate.

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