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He’s 23-year-old Canadian-born actor Beau Mirchoff who currently plays the role of Matty McKibben on the MTV series Awkward. Beau was previously best known for starring as Danny Bolen on the sixth season of ABC’s Desperate Housewives.
This past weekend (also known as one of the biggest shopping weekends in the country) – I was invited to check out one of the largest accessory superstores in the tri-state area.
After combing each aisle and countless trips to the dressing room, I was able to score a couple of accessories and get stylish for the XSREgirl casting call of the day!
Wearing a peek-a-boo maxi dress coupled with a brown leather jacket, riding boots and a leopard print hat – I was ready to have some photogenic fun!

He has also had roles in such films as Scary Movie 4, The Grudge 3, Secret Life of Dorks and I Am Number Four.
Check out some of the fun I had during my shoot below and find out how you can enter the XSRE Girl casting call at the XSRE nearest you!
XSRE will have a stylist and professional photographer in the store taking photos of anyone who wants to try out. He appeared in The Secret Lives of Dorks last year, but doesn't have any roles currently lined up.
The moment I arrived to the Paramus, NJ location my face lit up with excitement as I feast my eyes upon the XSRE accessory super store taking up over 20,000 square feet with more fashion goodies than I could’ve ever imagined.

One girl (per store) will be named an XSRE girl & will be awarded a 6-month modeling contract and a monthly $100 giftcard to XSRE.

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