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The 26-year-old general, ugly, graceless and inexperienced with women, was totally intoxicated.
At 16, she was packed off to an aunt in Paris for an arranged marriage with a young aristocrat, Alexandre de Beauharnais.
Then, on the day before her trial, the government was deposed, and the new men in charge immediately halted the executions. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. He loathed her, calling her plump and unsophisticated, and the birth of a son and daughter did not win him over a€“ she was barely 20 when he told her the marriage was over and sent her and the children to live in a convent.
She had more ladies-in-waiting than Marie Antoinette; more jewels than any queen has ever possessed, before or since.
Napoleon Bonaparte, a gauche young general, arrives at a gala dinner at a palace once occupied by Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. One gown was covered entirely in rose petals, another in hundreds of diamond-tipped toucan feathers. She tended her garden and watched her husband marry Marie Louise of Austria and have a longed-for son. As I read her letters, I was fascinated by how different she was from the popular image of a subservient, decorative featherbrain. Mistress to Paul Barras, Francea€™s most powerful politician, she was a style icon and post-revolutionary heroine, having narrowly avoided the guillotine. In fact, she presented herself as excessively feminine to trick people into underestimating her, and it was a successful strategy.

She painted her face with white make-up, daubed her cheeks with rouge and painted the lids of her exotic amber eyes with dusky coal powder. He sat down to dinner with her and told her he must divorce her in order to have a son with another wife.
She was highly intelligent and ambitious for power, an aspiration she gained through the most transformative experience of her life a€“ her period in prison.
When Alexandre finally bowed to family pressure and let her out after just over a year, she had become a truly beautiful woman. At her best in the candlelight, her low-cut gown clinging to her, she slipped into a chair next to Napoleon, fluttering her eyelashes as she asked about his military victories. Her husband remained immune to her charms, but other men flocked to pay her bills, and she lived off their favours. The dictator who had terrorised Europe was vulnerable, and by early 1814, the British and Russians were marching on Paris. She had kept up an image of gentility on a few pennies, sold her virtue to the highest bidder, fought to survive a€“ all behind a mask of charming serenity.
But in 1794, the revolutionary mob who had executed Louis and Marie Antoinette were still rounding up aristocrats under the Terror. Everyone wanted to attend the Bals des Victimes where women wore red ribbons around their necks as a symbol of the guillotine. The new fashion was the a€?prison looka€™: short hair and, in tribute to the prisonersa€™ underdresses, tiny, white,A  diaphanous gowns.
Women waited in their flimsy linen underdresses for the guillotine, their hair cut short in expectation of the blade.

Without Napoleon, she had no spirit to live.I have scoured archives, read thousands of letters, and investigated the cruel diaries of her enemies.
She was beautiful, glamorous, eager to praise him a€“ and she had access to the most influential people in France.
She wanted to shock and win fame, and after the horrors of Les Carmes, she did not care what people thought. Most of all, he was impressed by how she had, from inauspicious beginnings, transformed herself into the darling of Paris.
Barras gave her a magnificent home and loved her for her grace, skills as a hostess and indulgence of his debauched desires; for his political dinners turned into orgies when the clock struck 12.
He bounded up the stairs, four hours late because he had been planning his invasion of Italy (he made it up to her by knocking four years off her age on the marriage certificate). In the ten years that followed their marriage, Napoleon tricked and manoeuvred, ousting Barras and making himself consul and then, in 1804, emperor of France. Marie JosA?phe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie was born in 1763 into a poor plantation family in Martinique, the first of three daughters for her gambling-addict father. Where he was gruff and often aggressive, she was gentle, smoothing over situations at court and lulling the elite into believing he would protect them.

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