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Amy Samuels is one of main characters who became a mermaid in the YouTube series, Secret Life of a Mermaid. In "Flip-Flop", Amy was going for a swim, when suddenly, a storm picked up, and she took refuge in a cave, where a waterfall appeared at sunset.
In "Heat Wave, Amy went to visit her aunt, who offered her wet strawberries while she went to the ladies' room, which made Amy transform.
In "Fishy Trouble", Amy is freed from the net by her new neighbor, Brenna, who was at the pier looking for her.
In "Double Trouble", Amy goes for a swim, and Brenna, who was at the pier, took pictures of her. Amy is very confident, she has the talent to pick up fights with her friends and wants to be right about almost everything. In Seasons 1-2, Amy and Brenna's powers are very similar to the mermaids' in the series H2O: Just Add Water. Emma Patricia Dunne portrays Kelsey Cork in the mermaid YouTube series, Secret Life of A Mermaid.

Emma is a Youtube actress and singer, and has a Youtube account of her own, where she covers songs. In Secret Life of A Mermaid, her role is somewhat similar to Emma Gilbert from the other popular TV show H2O: Just Add Water.
Right before her aunt returned, Amy panicked and closed her hands into fists, which made her tail disappear. The pool cleaning guy, who almost caught her in the pool (which fortunately had the door locked), and her mean sister, Tess, who entered the bathroom while she was taking a bath. Later in the episode, Amy goes for a swim, but accidentally gets trapped in the net of a fisherman, who excitedly leaves to tell the others what he saw.
But the next day, she gets horribly, strangely sick, and is left at the care of her brother, Stephen. She first appeared in the second season as a minor character and former best friend of Amy, but was made a main character officially in the third season. She is not a fan of the show, according to her recent YouTube video "My Life," as she did not state it as her favorite TV show.

At the end, when Brenna came, Amy panicked when she recognize her, and nervously took her outside the door. She later has a dream of Tess and Stephen seeing her as a mermaid, and exposing her secret. Emma is extremely intelligent, though recently stated in her "My Life" video, she gets straight B's and C's in Language Arts, which she claims is her favorite because it helps her with her songwriting.
She also was not on the original cast of SLM, and was apparently asked if she would join the show, hence the "Secret Life of a Mermaid" website. Last of all, she does not mention or say anything about SLM or mermaids, for that matter on her personal YouTube account. She seems to have a good relationship with her parents, though in some episodes of Season 1, she feels they don't give her much attention, and gets upset when they leave constantly.

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