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Ever since Prime Minster Stanley Baldwin promised a land of cheap and abundant electricity in 1926, we have grown ever more dependent on free-flowing power.
In Britain's laissez-faire environment a huge range of systems were in operation, and, for many, electricity was prohibitively expensive.
Keeping just five bulbs going for a day would cost a week's wages for the average person - and in 1920 only 6% of British homes were connected. But by the mid 1950s over half of consumers had sockets too and the biggest driver for fitting plug points had been the electric iron.
In a chaotic week of power cuts, the army was mobilized to send emergency generators to hospitals.
Premier League chief Richard Scudamore says Leicester's title triumph "made mugs of all of us" and is a "fantastic feeling".

Journey into the world of dogs like never before to uncover how our favorite animal sees, smells and experiences life.
Awesome show,it good to see an uplifting show about mans best friend,with all the violent and material shows out these days it’s great to see a show that plays homage to dogs and the true spirit of these awesome creatures. I saw the program but can’t remember how to tell if you have a right or left pawed dog, and what each one means. Bouts of shop-lifting erupted in darkened department stores and the country was brought to a standstill.
Follow a puppy from birth to motherhood and discover how its relationship with humans is the most remarkable factor in its success. WIRING THE NATIONBefore the National Grid was set up, electricity was generated and supplied by a hotch-potch of private companies and municipal councils.

This compelling and visually stunning film combines the best of natural history filmmaking with unique scientific insight, highlighting incredible stories of dogs that have saved lives, rebuilt marriages and even detected diseases.
Now, Nat Geo WILD takes an intimate look at our faithful friends with fresh eyes and renewed appreciation; from their super senses to their unquestioning loyalty. The scene was set for the miners' disputes and power cuts of the 1970s that culminated in the three day week and Edward Heath's election defeat in 1974.

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