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If you were severely disappointed by the lack of teeth-brushing scenes in The Dark Knight films, you’re not alone. Please place your order by the 21st of December for UK orders and by the 3rd of December for international orders if you would like your order to arrive in time for Christmas.
French fanboy Gregoire Guillemin has produced these awesome Secret Life of Superheroes prints; letting us look beyond the mask and superpowers to see our heroes in all their (super)humanity.

Luckily here comes artistA Greg Guillemin, skipping along into our lives with the cure for what ails us.
Even Superman produces a bit of mucus to prevent himself suffering from super coughs and colds. His prints, The Secret Life of Superheroes, showcase Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman doing some pretty mundane stuff.

So I've been trying a new diet, cut out gluten and dairy completely and just eat lots of fruit and veg.

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