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Once again, we’re treated to a rehash of Serena returning from the brothel without vibrating souvenirs and other events from the pilot. Eleanor tells Blair to opt for the low-fat yogurt instead of the croissant, as Blair obviously needs to lose weight. Sebastian Stan’s Carter Baizen enters, looking like “Matthew McConaughey between movies” (thanks, Chuck). Carter has been cleaning up Katrina, volunteering on Machu Picchu, pretty much living the life Alex Supertramp would have enjoyed had he made it out of Alaska. Chuck offers up twins, but Nate would whether stay with Carter, fueling Chuck’s jealousy. S proves she knows about moving her hips when she shows Blair and Not Mean Girls how to model. Nate tries to stop a pissing contest between Chuck and Carter, mainly cause he’s not into water sports. Chuck shows up to save the day, saying if Nate can go with him, he won’t call the cops about Carter taking his baseball. Nate calls to find out what’s up and finds out it was his FATHER playing futuristic apps on his Razr. CW: Let’s promote Josh Safran to executive producer when Josh Schwartz gets busy with Chuck, Hart of Dixie, The Carrie Diaries and playing Candy Crush Saga and starts treating Gossip Girl like an ugly redheaded stepchild! This entry was posted in All Gossip Girl episodes, Gossip Girl Season 1 and tagged Blair dreams, Carter, Eleanor, headbands, homoerotic undertones, purple, teenage drinking by senorbrightside. Megan & Liz take a break from their promo tour to talk with Tommy2 about their new single and first headlining tour. Today, we’ve got a brand new interview with Kara and Katelyn Pacitto of ABC’s new comedy, Suburgatory! Get ready for the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Radio Rebel with this new music video co-produced by Debby Ryan.
This ballad recorded by the two last summer has turned up at a video sharing site in Japan and is worth checking out.

With Season 5 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager just around the corner, the cast have been receiving their new scripts.
Jane’s job becomes a nightmare when she is assigned to keep tabs on an uncontrollable young model.
Dylan and Cole Sprouse snap a pic with football star Kurt Warner in this behind-the-scenes still from The Suite Life on Deck. After impressing the boys with her knowledge of football, London unveils her secret weapon — Kurt Warner himself, who plays a friendly game of football with the boys. Hey guys sorry I’m posting this video a little late the last week has been crazy for me but here it is!!
Hey Guys this is another great video of Dylan and Cole at Variety’s Power of Youth Event Red Carpet on Dec 5 2009 in Paramount Studios in L.A California enjoy the boys talking a little about snowboarding, skateborading and surfing!
Hi again everyone check this out it’s The Suite Life On Deck’s Christmas Promo for Disney Channel Hungary i hope you like it feel free to comment this short but great video! Andrea is the daughter of Judith Bendewald and Mervin Bendewald, both of New York, and the sister of Mason Bendewald. I’d think the CW is worried that people might forget exactly why Gossip Girl cares about Serena or something? He says “the real world is who you are, not what you own”, implying that the Upper East Side is not the Real World. Nate wants to do an Alex Supertramp and live like Carter now and Chuck wants to blow money on women and drugs. Find out what they’ve got planned for Valentines Day in addition to the latest on the show, including details about their roles in tomorrows episode, The Body.
They’ve also got a few interview clips with Taylor about her first look at the music video and The Hunger Games. However, it appears as if there’s one small problem with the one received by Allen Evangelista.
Moseby (Phill Lewis) forbids football on the Sky Deck, the boys decide to play fantasy football instead.

Dylan just posted another important pinned message and the information he’s providing to all of you might be really helpful if you’re wondering where to send Dylan and Cole a Christmas Card!! Bendewald (born 4 March 1970) is an American actress best known for her role as Maddy Piper on Suddenly Susan. No longer going for the Tea Delgaldo from One Life to Live and General Hospital look, Eleanor has opted for a Margo from As The World Turns look.
Honestly, Blair needs to lose two pounds as much as Jenny Humphrey needs bangs (IE, not at all). What’s next, he explains that Serena once confused “Hop On Pop” as a guide to score a sugar daddy? Who doesn’t love a five-finger discount, especially if one of those fingers is the middle one? Pictured above at the event: NFL Player Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos, Actress Estella Warren, Actress Roselyn Sanchez, and Directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh. Cody (Cole) enlists Kirby (Windell Middlebrooks) to teach him about football, and London (Brenda Song) talks her way into having a team in the fantasy football league. I guess Chuck feels he has to resort to paying for them after being unable to score with Jenny.
Just like I thought Nate really had tripped and was just having a hard time getting it out of me!” And you wonder why blondes have such a bad rep.
Andrea met her husband, Mitch Rouse, during October 1998 on the set of The Secret Lives of Men. Andrea also dated comedian Harland Williams with whom she costarred in the short-lived sitcom Simon.

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