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In the meantime, Ricky grows increasingly nervous about preparing his valedictorian speech, which is full of heartache as well as surprises. But with the girls urging him to tell, he finally spilled the beans.It was revealed that Thomas was suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Once graduation has commenced, the Grant High students embark on what is to be the night of their lives. Just as the party is in full swing, Grace is stunned to see Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, while Lauren refuses to hook up with Jesse.

It was reported that Natalie, played by Jessica Meraz, decided that she wanted to leave her family. As stated by TV Fanatic, Natalie was the most hurt by the news because she was at the bottom of the family tree. The previous episodes mentioned that she was at first kept a secret because her father did not want to know that he cheated on their mother. Therefore, the news that her father faked his death, in order to help the Carvers, and not her, made her upset.It was confirmed that the upcoming episode titled "First Person" will explore how April and Brenna took the news and how they go forward with it.

April will also attempt to get her book published, as well as take a visit to Camp Hendrie.The synopsis reads, "Eager to get her book published, April meets with a literary agent who gives her advice she is reluctant to accept. It's not until she meets a young friend at Camp Hendrie, who helps put things in perspective.

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