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It has been a long few months since Jack Pappas was beaten by a community college pimp and fell into a coma, but a Christmas miracle changed everything last night on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.Although we assumed that we would have to wait until the spring premiere for the news, but during “Hedy’s Happy Holiday House,” Jack suddenly awoke from his coma!
There is no mistletoe in sight in this Secret Life of the American Teenager spoiler clip from tonight’s holiday episode, but Amy and Ricky can’t keep their hands off each other! After news broke that The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s spring season would be its last, we were shocked. So basically, you graduated college, and now you can go.Now it's time for the real world.What can you say about the spring? From The Facts of Life to Secret Life: Molly Ringwald’s Career Highlights!From The Facts of Life to Secret Life: Molly Ringwald’s Career Highlights!
Molly’s breakout role was as Sam Baker, an angst-ridden teen who wants nothing more than lose her V-card to the hottest stud in school! Who could forget Molly as stuck up Claire Standish (aka “The Princess”) in this brat pack classic? Molly plays Andie, the working-class gal in this ‘80s rom-com about teenage love, dramz, and pop-punk angst. We all know Molly Ringwald as Anne Juergens on ABC Family’s Secret Life of the American Teenager, but did you know that she has more than 30 years of acting experience under her belt?

That’s right, y’all — the footballer is back and better than ever!Of course, we had to wait the entire episode to find out — and first, his comatose body was decked out in tinsel and dragged through the hospital by his girlfriend, Grace — but all is well in Secret Life land now!Are you surprised that Jack is alive and well?
Even though things have been rocky for the past few episodes with our favorite couple, the two have an affectionate Christmas Eve in this clip (courtesy of TV Guide), snuggling on the couch while watching John play with his toys.
Are you able to tie what needs to be tied together before the show ends?I mean, we could have done a better job at it, but we only had three weeks to do it.
Her week goes from bad to worse when her parents forget her birthday, her sex-quiz gets leaked, and some geeky nerds steal her used panties. Claire gets stuck in detention for an afternoon and bonds with a few fellow classmates over their mutual angst.
Of course she falls for the rich kid, Blane McDonough, and a heart-wrenching forbidden love connection ensues.
Shocker!Although most people know about her "Brat Pack" films, you may have missed a few projects before and after the '80s. So I think for the time that we had, it ended the way it should.In broad strokes, can you tease what some of the last season’s arcs are going to be?For the last episode, you’re basically are going to see how our lives are going to end up.
Sadly, Molly was written off the show after just one season, but don’t worry — she went on to do bigger and better things!

I'm still kind of waiting for someone to text me my call time.Was there a wrap party?We always have a lunch.
We don’t know what was worse, the fact that home girl (aka Betsy) wore a top hat to her wedding, or the fact that she was in this terrible movie. It was really sad because the last shot of the day was the last shot of the series, and it was with Daren [Kagasoff]. Mess up every time so it never ends."What was your reaction to finding out that you weren't coming back?We found out the day before it came out in the press.
Then what I like about the last episode is it's a montage of our lives throughout the last five years.Are you excited about Secret Life’s final season?
I feel like I've grown so much as an actress from that show that now I'm excited to see what else I can do because they've challenged me with everything on [Secret Life].

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