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As of today, there are seven locations around the Greater Toronto Area and one location in Edmonton, Alberta. Before my first visit to The Burger’s Priest with my friend Jacqui, I followed the advice of everyone that recommended it to me.
Armed with my secret menu item choice in mind Jacqui and I are off to The Burger’s Priest. Marc Smith is a single, 45-year-old, gay urbanite, living in high-rise heaven in Vancouver’s chic Yaletown neighbourhood. Barrie, ON gets the newest location for The Burger's Priest on April 30th in the Park Place Plaza. Borrowell interviewed The Burger’s Priest, aka Shant Mardirosian, on a bunch of money-related topics.
Toronto’s entertainment district is prepped for the newest Burger's Priest location to open on June 12, 2015.
Toronto has marquee-name chefs, inventive up-and-comers, all kinds of shining examples of international cuisines. Burger King has their own version of a western bacon cheeseburger that’s packed with flavor. We like to add a slice of cheese to ours, but what you want on your Rodeo Burger is completely up to you! Note: other condiments (including lettuce, tomato, spread, and onions) are not included unless you request them.
Lemon fries : you can make your own lemon fries—just grab a lemon slice from next to the ice tea machine, and squeeze it on your fries. Lemonade : take your water cup, squeeze several free lemon wedges in, add a few free packets of sugar, stir well to blend.

A homemaker who is trying to fill up her free time blabberring about things she finds exciting through blogging! Most Burger King locations sell the Triple Stacker, they may know this as a "Quad Stacker" if you're lucky. What would the BK Secret Menu be if it didn't have a giant burger loaded with beef and cheese? Be sure to check out the Burger King Secret Menu as well as visiting our home page to check out the complete list of All the Secret Menus from all your favorite restaurants! If you’re feeling especially famished, or are just up for a challenge then the BK Suicide Burger is for you! While I love a light and summery salad or a hearty roast beef or lip-smacking ribs, one of my biggest guilty pleasures is a burger. After a ten-year career as one of Vancouver’s pre-eminent event planners, he decided it was time for a change and posted on his Facebook page “I am ready for a change. Directly off of the 400 highway, this location is perfect for a quick stop on your way North.
Some kids from Coxwell helped touch the world,” says the street-hardened voice, over an old-school beat. But the longest lines are at poutine shops, raucous bars with deep-fried snack menus or the almighty Burger's Priest. Edmonton AM food reviewer Twyla Campbell has made pilgrimages to not one — but two — locations of new chain The Burger's Priest. If they don't know what that is, then order a burger with 4 Patties, 4 slices of Cheese, and Bacon with their special sauce. One of the busiest intersections in Toronto and also a very easy one to get to thanks to the Subway and the Street Cars of the TTC.

All the way back to Jacqui’s place we talked about how good the burger was and how I wanted another one a few hours later. Any burger on the menu can be made with The Option, so good news we can be friends after all.
If you are adventurous go for the secret menu items but grab a lot of napkins before you start to eat.
Four beef patties, four slices of cheese, bacon, and special sauce all jammed inbetween two sesame seed buns.
This time round I ordered another secret menu item, the Blue Steel Burger with a side of fries and an Orange Creamsicle Milkshake. So if you like to live dangerously, this is your chance to experience some have only dreamed of trying.
I never argue with such overwhelming  feedback so off I go on my pilgrimage to eat the best burger in Toronto. The Suicide Burger may have two names, but it's the FOUR patties that make this Quad Stacker a stand-out on the Burger King secret menu.
So why not give the Suicide Burger from the secret menu the chance that it deserves, but you may want to bring a friend for back-up!

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