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Those vehicles were top secret during the Soviet era, but they are more easily accessed now.
What you going to see here was top secret just a few years ago, you might be one of the first Westerner ever watching this unique photos! Putin, prezident of 140 million people who lives in RF, when RF have some many different nations, religion and other, without killing each other citizens are nazi? The homemade anechoic chamber for testing the radar shown needs some professional analysis. Western standards are not necessarily better or higher or take into account Russian weather and other operational conditions.
I will also KISS them when they come to holland, and I know a lot of very special things the WONDERCHILDREN get for absolutely FREE. UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Two Military Jets Escorting UFO To Secret Base, Alien Tech In Military Hands?
Here is an amazing catch by someone hiking in the hill and happens to have their video cam on. In collaboration with Studio Frank Havermans, our friends of Rietveld Landscape recently launched a new structure that gives new life to a former military airbase near the Dutch village of Soesterberg. The designers built a mobile structure in the form of a huge black spider that functions as a traveling meeting space. Developed in complete silence, the mobile room, that goes under the name of The Secret Operation 610, uses caterpillar tracks to move forward. It connects a shelter (Shelter 610) with a three-kilometer long landing track. The black spider, that will remind some of a Cold War Stealth Bomber and others of Star Wars, will be rented out as a workshop space or meeting room for up to twelve people. In the coming years the structure will be used as working environment for researchers, which goes hand-in-hand with the plans to turn this abandoned area into a place for innovative research programs that would otherwise not be possible here. The old runway is the perfect test site for state-of-the art aviation experiments.

Since January, eight former prostitution spaces in the west part of downtown Amsterdam are temporary transformed into working and living spaces for international artists.
During our explorations in fresh developments in architecture we already found plenty of nifty projects, ideas and concepts that have the potential to totally reframe the production of the physical environment. Photo of a giant cat trick super confidential files of Aeronautics, people want to know where they hid this hunk so cute! Lately, a few Russian top level military equipment producers are trying to allow more publicity.
An escort of two military jets so close means the UFO is being flown by one of their pilots. The mobile room on caterpillar tracks forms a major attraction in a wider spatial strategy that aims to revitalize the abandoned airbase and enables people to experience the landscape in a new way. According to the makers, the mobile sculpture and shelter 610 are perfect spaces for research, experiment and innovation for groups coming from various disciplines.
Brazilian architect Alan Chu must have thought the same when he designed this remarkable secret shop for a local tea brand in a shopping center in Sao Paulo.
Designers are studying scenarios for the 10th Avenue Spur, with the objective to make it one of the major gathering spaces at the park.
Think of the facade printer, an invention that enables graphic designers to become architects.
These are some photos taken in such previously hard to get to places as the newest MIG-35 assembly lines, power engines for the heavy military IL 76 transport planes, Tula high precision weaponry (like the Pantsir-Greyhound we had yesterday) and more.
The aliens call themselves the "W56," because in the base 56 different space faring species can be found. We all have been given a choice in our human existence please think with an open heart for God, as it is God that holds the key to all.

With this project Havermans and the Rietveld brothers exactly nail our ideas about temporary use and implementing flexibility in a useful and inspiring way. The unconventional combination of nature and Cold War history offers an exciting environment for the development of knowledge about nature, technology and aviation. Care for each other and try living by the commandments as written as ye shall be judged not for knowledge one has gained in this life but how it is used, thurst for God should out weigh everything else as God has given but everything to us even his only begotten son. It may sound like i am a preacher of some kind when in fact i am not, i have no personal agenda apart from maintaining and up holding the brightest star that shines upon and through each and everyone of us.If that light is dimmed because of greed or false belief than the consequences for ones actions shall yield an equal response.
We are all rewarded only by what we are and what we do,not by what we wish to become based upon self greed. I am not Catholic, Anglican, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Hindi,or a number of other denominations. I am of Christ,I am of God I am of the One that wants everyone to rise above selfishness, to give of what can be given to those who are in need. Ignore it, or accept it with an open heart of love and forgiveness and find our God waiting for you.Please share this information with your friends and loved ones as time like sand through the hour glass is pasing and what we all choose to do is more important than anything else in our existence therefore we can only begin to understand our purpose by taking the right path that will lead us home.
If Jesus actually did return then he would certainly come as a magician for instance so he would be accepted, not crazy.

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