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Here is one of Elite’s newest theaters, which is under construction in Palm Beach, Florida. The Matrix is one of my favorite films so I had to include this theater (sorry about the quality of the images).
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. As for the Emperor, he is pure evil and needs to destroy any remnants of old Republic before setting up his own Empire. In the first three chapters, the Republic collapses due to bureaucratic inertia and corruption.
Gurchan Das, the author of India Unbound, noted that Democracy is better served by modest men and woman who understand his or her own  limitation.  Luke’s is consistently reminded by his friends and Yoda that modesty is an important quality for a Jedi Knight.
Fanboys and girls all over the world sensed a disturbance in the force on Tuesday when shocking news spread that Lucasfilm had been bought by Disney Studios.
Reactions varied, but the consensus was a relief that we would, once again, get our Star Wars addiction satisfied. We have been corresponding with Disney about the Lucasfilm acquisition, even before the purchase was final. So, we present to you, without approval by Disney and its stakeholders, the new, top-secret titles of the upcoming Star Wars films under Disney management! This will be the tale of a 300-year-old boy named Yoda who is scooped up by the Empire from his home of Dagobah, amongst the plants, and how his father must brave the farthest reaches of space to find him.
Follow Sheriff Wookiee and Buzz Lightsaber as they travel through space to make sure Andy Wan Kenobi still loves them. Before we get a BAJILLION comments saying the plasma of a lightsaber could never be held or sustained within any known stone, just think of this: WHAT IF THE STONE WAS MADE OF ADMANTIUM? Thank you so so so so much for just suggesting that great idea and not prefacing it with “Oh!!!

They should do a Force-us Pocus: An epic tale of a FORCEfully enslaved and oppressed race, long accepted by modern society as simply slaves, that then a single being of this race develops the ability to tap into the world of magic and the Force! BTW, this protagonist (let’s call him Einrich) will have left hand magic and right hand Force.
And now, Will we see characters like chewbacca, C3PO, or Obi-Wan singing as they do in all Disney movies?
As long as they choose better actors than Hayden Christianson, they can do as they please… Loved this!
This one has a steeper price tag of $2 million and is currently being built for a lucky family in Connecticut. You can also opt to press the “Red Alert” button on the Crestron TPMC-10 controller to turn all of the LEDs bright red and flashing.
Sure, it’s not as great as the one above, but this will put other do-it-yourself theaters to shame.
From the time he was a young boy and seen as the possible messiah to the fulfillment of a prophecy to the final conclusion, Vader’s exemplifies how absolute power corrupts absolutely. He destroyed the Jedi Knights, the enforcer of the Republican,  to ensure justice and he sought to convert Luke to do his evil bidding as he did his father. Longer lasting Empire allowed semblance of liberty or minimum oppression when contrasted shorter longer Empire. The more modest a candidate or a public official, the more reliable he will be in supporting limitation on his own power. There are dozens of books that have followed since Return of the Jedi and the Republic does indeed return but currently, it’s got a military dictator running the show. Yoda’s father teams up with Dory Dory Binks, a useless, idiotic character who barely says anything intelligible, but has an affable quality that most of the audience find annoying by the end of the film. Though this will be a sequel to the wildly popular original Pirates of the Empire, there will be a host of new enemies and special effects.

And that’s because this film is going to be shot in the very same forests of Marin County to to look identical to the home of the Ewoks. The early reports on this film show Vader returning to his roots to escape an evil priestess, where he stumbles upon seven sandpeople who take him in. I was hoping someone would mention cortosis…otherwise it would have been my Jedi duty to do so myself.
The system also features “one of the largest Kaleidescape hard-drive based storage systems” ever created, amassing eight servers with 3,816 DVDs.
All that is good must be destroyed and any semblance of good is like an antibody, that can in the end, destroy the disease of  evil. The Roman Empire lasted a thousand year but the Soviet Empire did not last a half century.  The Empire in George Lucas saga lasted maybe forty years, give or take a decade. This film already has director Ben Affleck attached, and Meryl Streep set to play Cruella De Vader. He quickly realizes the crime he has committed was wrong, and the true power of friendship. His goal: To free his oppressed race and seek justice on society for becoming numb to their plight. I’ve rounded up some of the coolest and most elaborate home theaters out there for your viewing pleasure below.

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