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Then I took a white and a neon yellow nail polish and made the pretty insides of the flowers. Each time I think I’ve seen your most gorgeous nail design ever, you surprise me with yet another.
The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. I have been involved in almost all aspects of “dogdom” for 20 years.  Grooming, training, vet teching; I have done it all in my career and loved it all too! I have learned a few tricks of the trade over the years that makes my life with dogs more enjoyable and I would occasionally like to share those tricks with you to make your life with your dog a little more simple.
First and foremost I am going to suggest that you join us in the  Dog Training Secret’s Video Vault. because in the video vault I did a tutorial video showing you how to trim your dog’s nails, from young puppies to older dogs.
It is much easier to learn watching a video than it is reading an article; however I know that some of you will take any help that you can get so here it goes, my tricks for nail trimming.
Some dogs take nail trimming very seriously and will bite you if you try to trim their nails.  If in doubt, don’t do it or use a muzzle to make sure you are safe!   Sometimes a muzzle is a good tool simply because it distracts the dog and gives him something else to think about long enough to get his nails trimmed! Or take your dog to your vet for a nail trim.  Your dog may try to take advantage of you by growling, screaming or flailing, but he may not be so bad at the vet and usually there are several people there to help trim his nails. Super long toe nails can cause your dog’s foot to curl up and his toes to hurt because they can no longer stretch out and touch the ground they way they are genetically intended.
In severe cases, I have even seen the toe nails curl and begin to grow into the dog’s paw pad; this can be especially painful and can cause infection and bleeding when the nail has be trimmed and removed. When I begin teaching my new puppies about nail trimming and the trimmers, I carry them around all the time.
I even pet my dogs with the nail trimmers.  If you are going to use a dremel tool (to grind the nails down) this is a good time to turn it on click and give treats, and then touch your dog with it, click and give treats etc. I recommend wearing your dog out first.  He is much less likely to fight you if he is already sleepy, so I take my dogs for a long hike or walk first and then I wait for him to get comfortable and ready to take a nap. Don’t think that you only have a second to get the work done, especially if your dog’s nails are relatively long.
Most people make the mistake of cutting too close and making the dog’s nail bleed.  Instead move slowly and methodically and whittle his nails down shorter and shorter.

Whittling is the key!  Work back and forth and take tiny bits off each nail tip, don’t take huge chunks! I also make sure to closely inspect each nail as I am trimming and watch it from underneath.  Sometimes you can see the hollow toe nail as you are trimming. There is no reason to trim quickly.  Go slow and inspect each toe nail as you are trimming.
If you happen to make your dog bleed, be sure to have some “quick stop” available to stop the bleeding.  In a pinch you can also use cinnamon or flour packed onto the nail to stop the bleeding. I think of toe nail trimming as an art, that I just have to take part in about every three weeks!  But I owe it to my dog’s to keep their feet happy and healthy!
Great post, it is important to remember not to call your dog to come and then put them through a tramatic experience like getting their nails trimmmed by someone who hasn’t read your informative post. If you are inexperienced, or unsure of how much to clip, you can buy a clipper with a nail stop. Your timing was great: first the article on restraining the pet and on the same day, the subject on nail trimming. Grab a tea bag wet it and hold it on the nail something in the tea helps to stop the bleeding usually within a couple of minutes. Please keep up all of your good work I read something on your website a couple of times a week. My nearly 14 year old pap has very trubled rear feet, one claw at the moment is turning upwards and it looks as if others will follow, I have just asked my vet to contact a specialist to find some treatment but am very anxious have you heard of this before. First off, I missed Nail Monday yesterday :( but for a good reason :) I was at a Nail Tech Networking Day and took a gel class at night! I am so excited about today’s blog post, because I just made another mani inspired by a pattern. This is absolutely GORGEOUS and is the perfect example of a hibiscus, (not in my region), the Midwest United States, but we do have some beautiful varieties.
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On my own I took him for a bath, nail trim (thry were curling) and a shave to remove all the matt but I just noticed one of his nails is curling up to the sky.

It was a lot of fun and I took a bunch of pictures so there will be a whole post on that later this week. If you didn't check out last weeks or don't know what Nail Tech Tuesday is check out this post.
They always remind me of something tropical  and I think they are one of the most beautiful flowers ever!
Days ago i paint my nails with hibiscus coz they are very pretty flowers and remind me the summer. I have lived with fur people (DOGS, CATS, ETC)all of my life, and I still use this type of clipper.
I just love pinning all the inspirational pictures there, and then when I can’t decide on my mani, I browse though the board and pick a design to recreate. I hope one day I get to see those gorgeous flowers in real life ;) The little yellow dots are very tiny in real life, so I used the tip of my thin nail art brush to dot them over. On my way to work one morning, I witnessed a truck a good distance ahead of me, stop in the middle of the road. Today’s tropical nails are inspired by a beautiful pink and purple pattern with palm leaves and tropical flowers. I painted the leaves with a thin nail art brush and let it dry before making the hibiscus flowers. Then I took a dark pink from a brand called Max to make the insides of the  hibiscus flowers. Then I added a bit of purple shading with the same KIKO shade as the base and finally made the very insides black.
She refuses to let me touch her feet and if one of us (humans) lifts our feet within 5 feet of her, she goes berserk.
I have never disciplined her other than showing her what she did wrong and telling her in a normal voice that she did bad.

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